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What Information Should be Redacted?

This article lists down the type of information that needs to be redacted such as PHI, PII and confidential information and more.

With the advancements in technology, protecting privacy over the internet is not as easy. Information systems have gone beyond imaginations across the globe. People can share data and information in various formats like audio, videos and documents in the form of text. At times, your digital content might contain sensitive information that needs to be secured, as it cannot be revealed or accessed by unauthorized sources. 

If we talk about some specific use cases, then law enforcement agencies around the world have great concerns about preventing one's personal information from being revealed without his or her consent. 

Any digital evidence collected at the crime scene may not be tampered or leaked at any cost. In this case, primary concern is to maintain integrity at all levels before sharing with another officer or presenting digital evidence into the court of justice.  

Are you curious to know what sort of information should be redacted in video/Audio? Whether it is for ensuring compliance or to fulfil one’s moral obligation to protect others’ privacy, this is important. 

Let's find out....... 

Information That Should be Redacted 

The information that you should redact includes: 

Personal Identifiable Information (PII): 

PII refers to the data that relates to specific individuals. It includes: 

  • Names, phone numbers, ID card/ passport numbers, license numbers, alien registration numbers etc. 
  • Biometric information, unique physical characteristics e.g., fingerprints, voiceprints, photographs etc. 
  • Any political affiliations 

For example, at a crime scene, name, ID card no. of police officer collecting the evidence should be hidden to ensure his privacy concerns. 

Protected Health Information (PHI): 

PHI is a type of sensitive information that identifies the medical records of an individual. It includes: 

  • Past Medical history, Physical/Mental health-related conditions. 
  • Lab test results, appointments, and prescriptions. 
  • Health plan beneficiary numbers, certificate no etc. 
  • Full face photographs or photos of identifying characteristics. 

For example, if a doctor wants to educate his trainees regarding HIV testing procedures via video. If the patient is clearly visible in the video along with his medical information, then before sharing, it must be concealed as per privacy rules of HIPPA compliance. 

Business Information: 

  • Intellectual property  
  • Trade secrets or business plans 
  • Contracts with third parties. 
  • Financial documents 

For example, it could be dangerous for the company if business-related confidential information fell into a competitor’s hands. If any video being disclosed in court, such information should be redacted. 

Attorney–Client Privileged Information: 

Communication, including oral and documentary between an attorney and a client, must be kept private. Personal sensitive information cannot be disclosed without the client’s consent. If such information is shared, then redaction is necessary. 


Now we know what needs to be redacted. However, redacting sensitive information efficiently is not an easy task without choosing the right tool. 

Here is the solution.... 

VIDIZMO: Reliable Audio/Video Redaction Software


VIDIZMO provides efficient Video/Audio redaction software for law enforcement agencies and other organizations. It allows you to: 

  • Detect and track faces, bodies, and automatically redact them by using artificial intelligence. 
  • Mute audio clips containing personal information. 
  • Quickly hide the sensitive information popping up in the form of objects such as symbols, numbers, license plates. 
  • Redact multiple files simultaneously. 
  • Automatic redaction but with manual redaction options for accuracy. 
  • Secure management of content does not end at redaction, and hence VIDIZMO also provides an IDC recognized Digital Evidence Management System with a chain of custody, transcription, translation, secure sharing attributes and much more. 

Want to know more? See all features offered in VIDIZMO video redaction software. 

Want to purchase VIDIZMO’s Audio and Video Redaction Software? 

You can do so in three different ways: 

Standalone Redaction Tool: You can choose our standalone redaction tool from where you can upload digital files, redact, and download them. 

Video Content Management System: We have a YouTube-like Video platform for enterprises with various features. You can upload videos and manage them securely here. Learn more about EnterpriseTube 

Digital Evidence Management System: Or you can choose to buy our IDC recognized Digital Evidence Management System for storing, managing, and sharing digital evidence securely.  

All these three options are available as SaaS, or you can deploy in Azure Commercial/Government cloud or on-premises. 


Understanding what information needs to be redacted in just one aspect of the topic. We recommend reading our detailed guide on redaction for more.

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