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Access Management in Enterprise Video Content Management System

A video platform like VIDIZMO with user-level management and restriction allows you to define access for each video content and individual.

In this ever-changing world, work dynamics have revolutionized drastically and organizations have switched over to the internet. Online tools and solutions are increasing, and one of such tools that companies worldwide are heavily relying on are video platforms: be it for video calls or presentations, marketing videos, internal trainings and much more. But content access management is important: making sure only your intended audiences are able to access your content, and no other.

As the usage of video increases, organizations tend to ingest these videos on to video platforms such as Microsoft Stream, Panopto, Kaltura, Vimeo etc. However, the underlying limitations of such platforms causes hindrances.

One of the most common problems users face is customizing and limiting access of content to a specific audience. Not every video is supposed to be seen by everyone.

Therefore, it has become essential for organizations to choose video platforms that have capabilities for user management and restriction. This is essentially mapping your video viewing rights on to your organizational chart.

Before moving forward, let's understand why user management and department wise viewing restriction are essential for video platforms. Let's suppose the following scenario:

You want to share your next product campaign videos, which are quite long, with your marketing department only. How will you share them? Will you upload them on a drive (e.g., Google Drive) and generate a sharable link? This option is not secure because you will not know how many people could have accessed them (People could share the link with whomever they wish). Alternatively, you can upload these on a video platform? But the issue still remains as most video platforms allow the entire organization to view videos and every department will to have access to the content.

How can you restrict access to your videos? How can you share videos or files within your department only? Why look for a platform with secure sharing, user management and viewing restrictions?

This article answers all these questions, explaining the importance and need for video platform user management in an organization.

Advantages of Video Platform User Management

Before we mention the different platforms that allow you to manage users and create restrictions for video use, let’s first look at why you need to do this in the first place.

1. Restrict Viewing Based on Level of Access

Most organizations store information into categories distinguished by the nature of their confidentiality. The data is either entirely public, restricted to a department (or group of people) or is available only to specific personnel. Video platform user management allows you to create this distinction in access to data.

2. Control Information

When working in an organization, a lot of data is exchanged daily. The user management tool allows you to control data, enabling you to restrict specific information from being printed or copied. It even allows you to restrict individual files being emailed outside of the organization or specific people. It reduces the information from getting out.

3. Reduce Clutter

Organizations are overwhelmed with videos, and it gets challenging for individual departments. If the marketing department can see recorded meetings of all the other departments, they’ll get lost in the clutter and won’t be able to easily find their own recorded meetings. Video platform user management enables users to organize their videos accordingly.

4. Meet Compliance Requirements

Video platform user management enables users to meet various compliances related to security, data and privacy.

For example: The European Union has to follow GDPR law for handling data collected by organizations. Under this law, organizations are strictly prohibited from sharing the data with anyone without that user's permission (person who is in that video) or without a probable cause. Here, video platform user management helps businesses keep all the data secure and safe, limiting access to irrelevant and unauthorized people.

Read more in our blog on GDPR data segregation.

HIPPA (Health Insurance Profitability and Accountability Act) demands organizations to handle and protect patients' health information and make sure that a patient's medical history or reports do not end up with irrelevant people. Organizations have to ensure that patient's data only stays between the doctor (which is operating) and the relevant nurses.

Here, video platform user management allows organizations to restrict and limit access to personal data contained within this videos.

VIDIZMO - Empowering Users with Video Platform User Management


VIDIZMO understands that not every video is meant to be public or has to be seen by everyone; it just has to reach the relevant people!

We offer a robust video platform with hierarchy-based user management where various departments will have a single platform but will operate separately. Users can share videos or files with their departments while restricting access for irrelevant people.

For instance, If a HR employee needs to share a video meant for colleagues within their own department; then he can restrict access to the HR department. The employee can even time-bound viewing the file (e.g.:, Allow viewing only between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.)

VIDIZMO consists of many roles such as administrator, contributor, etc., each with its own set of assigned rights. When uploading a video, a contributor can fully control its viewership access, which can not be bypassed by the admin as well. Users can even limit the videos to individuals too.

VIDIZMO also enables organizations to integrate with single sign-on (SSO) providers such as Azure AD, Okta and much more. This smoothens the user experience and ensures security.


Can I share videos and files with my department only? Can I restrict the access of videos while uploading? The answer is yes! If you are using VIDIZMO.

The benefits of using VIDIZMO as a video platform are clear. VIDIZMO offers user management and restriction capabilities to ensure compliance, security and eases the management’s pains. Thus, ensuring that employees and organizations are empowered with robust security controls and streamlined authentication procedures to enhance productivity.

User management and restriction is just one aspect of video platforms, and these come with much more features. You can read or download our detailed guide on video platforms to learn more.

Contact us, To learn more about how VIDIZMO can help you in video platform user management. 

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