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Setting Up an Enterprise Video Platform to Provide Telehealth Services

Learn how you can set up a telehealth video platform, where you can upload patient education videos, conduct webinars, and reach out to remote audiences.
by VIDIZMO Team Updated on March 5, 2021

Telehealth is a modern way of delivering healthcare services to patients. The Health Resources Services Administration describes telehealth as the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health, and health administration. According to a report, the telehealth market will reach around $20 billion by 2026. 

Due to the rise in the market sizenew telehealth technologies are continuously evolving. Since the beginning of the Age of the Internet and the widespread use of smartphones, telehealth technology has changed dramatically. Some of the underlying telehealth technologies available include video conferencing, store-and-forward imaging, streaming media, and wireless communication.

Telehealth Through a YouTube-like Video Platform

Through VIDIZMO, you can set up a YouTube-like portal with authenticated access or public access, and allow your healthcare staff to upload telehealth videos, which your audience can then watch from anywhere on, any device, at any time and in a language of their choice. 


Since telehealth involves private patient health information, VIDIZMO offers a secure telehealth video platform that protects PHI (Personal Health Information) and complies with the highest medical compliance such as HIPAA.

But before we talk about how to set up a telehealth platform, it's important to understand how such a platform would benefit you and the community. 

The 4 benefits of setting up a video platform for telehealth services

How Setting Up a Video Platform for Telehealth Can Help? 

Education and Training Services for Patients and Healthcare Providers

In a field that rivals any for jargon, text, and illustrations, miscommunication is easily possible — especially since physicians and staff are pressed to share more information more quickly. Videos quickly show more detail than could ever be described in the text, in a format that’s easy to review and follow on-demand. Videos act as a powerful supplement to medical professional's efforts to educate a patient by providing guidance on medical procedures, chronic condition management, and disease prevention. Videos also promote active patient participation in treatment decisions while saving physicians time associated with individual counseling. VIDIZMO’s video platform allows medical practitioners to record high-quality patient education videos and host those recordings for in-facility streaming or on a professional public website. 

Healthcare training videos help medical professionals keep up-to-date with the latest practices, methods, and information. VIDIZMO allows easy recording of courses for healthcare compliance training videos, eLearning, patient simulations, and much more. These videos are automatically stored for later VOD viewing and made easily searchable through VIDIZMO’s powerful video library and inside-video search.

Patient’s Portal for Comprehensive Aftercare 

VIDIZMO allows for collaboration between patients, and care teams where hospital care staff can either manually assign specific videos to patients or the patient portal can automatically assign media based on patient’s healthcare records in EHR, PHR (Patient Health Records) & other medical reports, while also adjusting periodic changes over time. Following this, the patient can view assigned media or presentations from a consolidated ‘viewing plan’ within the portal. A patient’s viewing activity then generates instant reports that can be monitored by care teams, and a patient’s progress can initiate automatic workflows for further action. Patients and their families are granted external stakeholder access to the portal, which could contain video for recovery and aftercare, preventative care, and even precautionary care for high-risk conditions. The portal can also send alerts or push notifications to patients as reminders to view any pending unwatched videos that were assigned.

Bring Experts to Remote Areas and Remote Patient Monitoring with Video Conferencing

There are times when people need medical assistance at remote or distant locations, where it is difficult for healthcare professionals to be physically present. Also, in cases where the patients suffer from chronic conditions like heart failure, diabetes, the ability to monitor patients remotely not only enhances the quality of care but also improves clinical efficiency. Video conferencing allows healthcare professionals to connect and provide support over vast distances and monitor patients remotely.

Through video conferencing, medical and healthcare professionals can address the needs of patients, reach patients at remote or distant locations, guide patients and healthcare professionals in near real-time. VIDZMO provides a more efficient way for doctors and patients to share information and connect without the travel and the travel costs associated with an in-person visit. Through integration with video conference providers such as Zoom, VIDIZMO allows healthcare professionals to take full advantage of telehealth services and capabilities by providing an enterprise video management system that enables the ingestion, storage, sharing, and managing of video conference recordings as VOD.

Sharing Intelligence, Insights, Latest News and Communicate Through Live Streaming

As public entities, most hospitals, medical schools, and other healthcare providers have a vested interest in sharing some of their latest news, intelligence, and insights with the outside world. Whether sharing a video of the opening of a state-of-the-art facility, advertising new hospital treatments and programs, or promoting the results of recent research, VIDIZMO provides the most flexible and cost-effective live broadcasting solution for healthcare providers.

VIDIZMO simplifies video streaming and video content management experience for health care providers with its familiar YouTube-like user interface. VIDIZMO's customers gain from security features designed for challenging enterprise environments and provide excellent viewing experiences via an easy to use video portal. Using VIDIZMO, healthcare providers can live-stream press conferences, events, and presentations securely to particular audiences or across the internet to thousands of viewers around the world.

Every organization relies on productive communications with its employees, staff, and other internal stakeholders. This is, however, a challenge in the healthcare industry, where healthcare providers are not seated in front of their email inbox all day. Videos provide the most powerful medium for corporate communication – it can be live-streamed or distributed on-demand to thousands of employees around the world and helps improve retention and understanding of crucial messages. The success of a video can be measured through analytics such as Media Analytics and Quality of Experience (QoE). Through VIDIZMO, you get an all-in-one platform for live streaming of medical procedures to record and share information and providing a secure video platform where employees and other stakeholders stay informed.

To know more about how VIDIZMO can offer benefits of telehealth to healthcare professionals and patients, contact us today or visit our website for details.

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We at VIDIZMO are experts in secure and compliant video streaming and digital evidence management. Our aim is to help educate such that you can better utilize your video data.

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