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6 Ways to Use Video in Employee Training and Make it Effective

6 ways to make corporate video training effective; this blog explains how to utilize video in training sessions in an organization.

Have you ever thought if a customer inquires about your product, what would happen if your employees do not have the required information on their finger tips? Do you ever feel that because of their busy schedule or workload, your employees don’t have the time to communicate interdepartmentally and are not exactly aware of what other departments are doing? These types of issues can occur due to the lack of an effective employee training program. 

We understand that training is one of the things that majority people don't enjoy. Especially, when it involves lengthy boring material that's so broad that it does not even answer all your questions right. However, the fact remains, that it still needs to be done. But it should be done in a right way!

An engaging training program – powered by great content – can help you educate and develop employees' skills, boost employee retention, attract the right qualified prospects and even enhance interdepartmental productivity!

And that's where employee training videos come. Training conducted through videos are more effective in managing, delivering, and even tracking training progression.

How will this happen exactly? How can you use video in a training program? Well, that's what we will discuss in this article.

Ways to Use Video for Training

1. Onboard Training:

Do you remember how your first day at the job was? Too much information, documents, names, processes, right?

Using onboard video will give new hires a good start. It educates new recruits, which leads to a more effective and efficient workflow.

There are numerous ways of using video that you can utilize for this goal.

  • Organization Culture:  You can teach new hires everything about your company such as mission, values, core product, founder, story, guiding principles, all while also maintaining a sense of belonging for new employees.

  • Organization Policies:You can make a short video clearly explaining all your company's policies making it more understandable through video instead of giving new hires a bunch of documents to read. 

  • Basic Skills:Every organization has its set of ways to carry out things. Giving new employees a basic guideline of "know-how" video can be useful; it can include several things such as how to schedule a meeting, ways to contact different departments or any tip that will help them set up their work-related system.

  • Role-Specific Knowledge:At some point, new employees might need detailed information about their position. You can break down difficult, complicated topics that require in-depth information in videos to educate them efficiently.

2. Compliance Training:

One of the essential employee trainings that should be mandatory for every person in an organization. An effective compliance training program that will address all the sensitive issues to educate employees, that may include laws, harassment, bullying, ethics, and company regulations. Here, corporate training videos can help give each employee information, steps and details needed to that are required to take action.

3. Customer Service and Sales teams Training:

These people are the face of the company. And since they are in a front-facing position, it is essential to provide them a complete package of "Do" and "Don'ts" tips on how to communicate, convey your message clearly and in a precise way. There is no better way than video.


4. Cross-Departmental Training:

With the demand for an open culture within organizations, employees wish to know how their colleagues are working. Many times, a barrier gets created if adequate information is not shared amongst peers.

The simplest solution to this is cross-departmental training. Employees can easily be communicated about how various parts of the business operate, what their colleagues are doing, company achievements, etc. Videos can play an integral role in making it efficient and cost-effective.

5. Conducting Demonstrations:

Customers now demand to have hands-on experience with the products and services. Many times, a verbal explanation is not enough to satisfy the demands of clients. With the help of a video sharing platform, product demonstrations can be conducted in an enriching and interactive manner.

Moreover, by updating videos often, employees get well versed with the product and make it easier to communicate.

Things to Remember Before Making a Training Video

Whether it's an educational video or corporate training video, there are some basic things that you need to consider before making these types of videos.

  • Who is the Target Audience? First, ask yourself, who is the video for? Is it for the new employees' training video or old employees who need an update with the latest techniques? And make a video according to the viewer's skill level, knowledge, experience. Also, add some sort of job-motivation lines, then use that information to develop better-targeted content.
  • Clear Goals: This is important as it involves the goals and objectives that you want to achieve from your video. It should be made in a way that the objectives should come across clearly. Having a clear goal will make it easier to make a video.
  • Cutdown Information: One of the most effective ways to train employees is to breakdown information into small videos. It's always better to have a couple of short videos than a long video that bores the viewers.

In all the ways mentioned above, VIDIZMO offers a video hosting platform that makes it easier for you to upload videos and deliver it to your employees. With VIDIZMO, you can conduct effective interactive training sessions to engage new and existing employees.


Moreover, VIDIZMO allows integration with other systems such as LMS, CMS, SSO, etc.,. In addition, VIDIZMO provides various features such as detailed analytics, live and on-demand streaming, video library, search inside video, AI, automatic ingestion off Zoom meetings and much more.

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