How AI Has Revolutionized Redaction Technology?

A blog that mentions primitive redaction tech and explains how AI has led to a brand new frontier in redaction, especially for video.

As one of the pinnacles of the 4th industrial revolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has played a great role in changing our lives for the better. AI has fueled the development and automation of several existing and new technologies, in ways that could only be imagined 20 years ago. Among all these developments is that of AI redaction, a growing need and eventual necessity for many departments, particularly law enforcement.

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What is AI Redaction?

AI redaction is the process of redaction automated through the power of AI. Diving deeper, we learn that this is done using the computer vision technology known as face detection. Face detection allows for automatic detection of human faces present in any digital medium of information, such as videos and images.

Similarly, the AI can also be trained to detect specific objects or elements such as license plates. Once detected, elements can automatically be redacted through the press of a button or a single command.

The Perks of Using AI for Redaction

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The benefits that AI redaction has provided are quite notable. One of the foremost benefits is how fast the process has become. Having an individual dedicated to searching through an entire video file, tagging faces wherever detection, is a slow and tedious task.

AI Redaction saves time and cuts down the expenses of multiple individuals employed to do the tasks of detection and redaction, by replacing it with one tool to do all the tasks collectively. The user gets a head start as the software does half the work for them.

This is highly beneficial when working with massive incoming streams of data, which would take years to redact manually.

VIDIZMO’s AI Redaction Tool

VIDIZMO’s Redaction Tool is packed with the capabilities to provide the user with both automatic and manual redaction. The automatic redaction being powered by AI makes the task more efficient with face detection on-demand upon video upload.

However, VIDIZMO’s Redaction Tool is not limited to what has been mentioned above. Here are some more features that the tool has to offer:

  • The Redaction Tool can work for videos, audio and imagery.
  • The tool is integrated into VIDIZMO’s complete video content management systems and as a standalone product.
  • Available to use as a browser-based application, it has a very easy-to-use user interface.
  • In automatic redaction, the software can automatically track a detected face, person, or weapons including pistols & rifles, custom objects, or license plates, and redact it throughout the video.
  • For redaction, the elements can either be blurred out, pixelated or masked with a solid box.
  • The tool allows for the labeling of redacted elements for smart search capabilities.
  • VIDIZMO’s products can be deployed over SaaS, Azure or AWS cloud (Government and Commercial) as well as on-premises in a datacenter of your choice.
  • The Redaction Tool gives you the option to retain the original file or overwrite it.
  • The manual redaction option goes alongside automatic to allow for added accuracy and other elements.
  • The software can be integrated into your existing RMS, CMS and other systems through widgets and API integration.
  • Multiple file ingestion and simultaneous redaction options are available.
  • VIDIZMO is FEDRamp compliant through its partners.

To learn more about VIDIZMO’s products and their diverse features, contact us here.


AI-based tools are just one part of a broader topic. We recommend checking our detailed guide on redaction for more information.

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