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Using Bodycam Footage for Police Training with Video CMS

Body Camera Footage for Police Training has been a blessing! Thanks to them, law enforcers can learn what to do and avoid by consulting real-life scenarios

Did you know that 80% of large police departments and 47% of general-purpose small law enforcement agencies use body-worn cameras? This creates an opportunity to use body camera footage for police training.

Besides ensuring officer and community safety, these exceptional recording devices are also part of performance audits, public and media record requests, reviews, and investigations.

So, it goes without saying that footage from body-worn cameras helps train recruits on the dos and don'ts of law enforcement.

Based on their recordings, viewers get an idea of how to make better, more promising decisions in the future and engage with citizens. Plus, they can learn from other officers known and loved for their spectacular service.

To provide a comprehensive learning experience, specific parts of these recordings can be added to pieces of training, which can be uploaded on an Enterprise Video Platform. Those authorized can access them to learn and grow.

Let's explore how to use body camera footage for police training, and if you want to learn about an Enterprise Video Platform – click below:

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What is a Body Camera?

Body cameras are small cameras with a forward-facing viewable area worn on an officer's uniform. When switched on, it records all interactions, and the audio and video are stored and accessed when required.

These interactions are used to document statements, observations, behaviors, and any incidents that the officer is a witness to.

What are Body Cameras used for?

The videos collected by body cameras are precious training materials because they can be used for investigations, performance audits, training appraisals, and report writing.

How can Body Camera Footage be used for Police Training?

There's no doubt that body camera footage can be used for evidence collection, but one crucial aspect that cannot be missed is its use in police training.

Body camera footage investigates the real-life scenarios officers face that cannot be replicated in training simulations. It lets trainees observe the appropriate policy complaint responses as well as officers' mistakes, providing them with a guideline for decelerating dangerous situations while following procedures.

Here are four ways body camera footage can be used for Police training:

1. Legal and Ethical Learning

A recorded footage of an officer's performance makes him accountable for his behaviors. It ensures that he follows procedures and does not abuse his authority.

Since the interactions are recorded, supervisors can provide insights about how to go about while staying within the legal boundaries.

2. Scenario Based Training

Utilizing body camera footage for police training is a powerful tool, for it communicates the tension, stress, and unpredictability of any situation and allows viewers to experience those emotions as if they were right there. This increases the realism of the training, helping the officers learn better.

3. Performance Review

One of the major uses of body camera footage in police training is that it eases the process of analyzing an officer's performance.

Trainers can easily view the footage and give their opinions and advice on handling a situation, providing a dynamic learning experience for officers.

4. Appropriate Use of Force

Body cam footage provides real-world examples, letting trainers judge the appropriate use of force acceptable in any situation. This leads to officers making well-informed decisions.

VIDIZMO's EnterpriseTube's Role in Police Training

VIDIZMO's EnterpriseTube provides the perfect platform to be used during police training.

It can store all the videos captured from the body cameras on its portal and recall them within seconds. VIDIZMO lets you categorize the content according to your preference and stores it in a library for easy access.

This plethora of videos can be safely stored on our software, and you can pick the ones that serve as the best training material. Using AI search, you can find any video based on tags, names of officers, objects, and so on.

This narrows the search, and you can access a wide range of videos meeting your criteria. As these videos contain sensitive information, our software provides secure deployment methods, the ability to redact faces and objects, as well as restricting access to our portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use a body-worn camera?

A Body-worn camera is attached to an officer's uniform and captures all interactions between the officer and the community. They help ensure office and community safety, and the footage collected can be used as evidence for training and learning purposes.

What are the benefits of body-worn cameras?

These cameras let you review the actual incident without relying solely on interviews. It stores hours of footage that can be used in investigations.

What is the best body camera?

The best body cameras as of 2023 include:

  • BOBLOV KJ21.
  • CammPro I826 1296P HD.
  • Cammpro-Body Premium Camera

What are the benefits of body cameras for police?

A few benefits for the police include reviewing performance, documentation, and storing evidence. Besides that, small and large police departments can use body camera footage for police training.

Is it legal to wear a body camera in the UK and US?

Yes, body cameras are legally allowed to be worn by law enforcement in the UK. However, the Information Commissioner and the Surveillance Camera Commissioner have created guidelines to view before using a body-worn camera. Besides that, check out Biden’s new laws on body-worn camera mandate.


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