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VIDIZMO offers a solution for cop training online, understanding how to create online training courses with this platform can reform police recruitment!

By finding Online Police Training solutions, we can break the norms and redesign how police recruitment works. It is a common practice to engage new police hirings into physical training which requires senior law enforcement officers, making it a never-ending process!  

According to the US Department of Justice, on average, US officers spend 21 weeks in training before they qualify for patrol.  

Here is when, a YouTube-Like brandable portal comes in place where cop training expands because they can retrieve videos and course content at their own pace without any assistance. Research has also proved that the concept of online training has boomed since the pandemic and video-based training is better than providing trainees with lengthy documents to read. 

Users perceive and retain more information via video versus text

Source: Forbes 

Moreover, providing such video training online as opposed to holding in-person classes, has its own set of benefits.

Different sectors in the US have adopted online training which includes executive development, management, IT systems, customer service, sales training, compliance training, engineering, etc. With online learning on the rise, it’s a good idea for the Police department to shift to online police training.   

Such training is not only good from a learners’ perspective, but it also benefits organizations like the police department.

Here are a few benefits of online video training for a police department!

  • Create cop training videos and upload them on a YouTube-Like portal for on-demand access from any device.  

  • Manage & share videos and create authorized access for each playlist.  

  • Helps to create a library of videos which can be accessed by the new recruits or the existing police officers.  

Online Police Video Training Infographic

Learn more about the benefits of using an online video-based training platform.

To enable you to conduct such video training online, we are here to help. You can opt for our solution VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, which allows you to create your own customizable YouTube-like video platform for cop training. 

Donuts and Online Video Training? Seems Like a Good Combination!
Baltimore PD Utilizes VIDIZMO to Upload and Securely Stream its Police Academy Sessions Online

Learn More About VIDIZMO Video Training Platform!


VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube for Online Police Training

A screenshot of VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a Gartner recognized enterprise video platform that allows you to create a YouTube-Like video portal, where you can conduct cop training with the following features: 

  • Upload training videos and officers can access them on-demand through a YouTube-like platform after signing in (which can be integrated with your SSO or IAM system).

  • You can also use the same system to conduct live training sessions and stream them to remote viewers, and record these sessions to make them available as on-demand videos for online police training. You can also capture feed from cameras in lecture rooms, record and publish them.

  • You can add interactive elements inside both live and on-demand (VOD) videos, such as quizzes, surveys, and handouts, and also interact with learners through means of timed comments, standard comments or live chat.

  • All videos are optimized for playback and play through the browser on any device. Playback is also supported on a range of varying bandwidth conditions through video transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming. 


A screenshot of video playback in VIDIZMO
  • Training Analytics also provides a detailed report which showcases video completions and insights on cop training. 

  • Benefit from AI-generated transcripts and closed captions in more than 80 languages.

  • You can categorize videos into courses by creating training videos and train your police officers in an easier and document-free way! 

    A screenshot of Courses in VIDIZMO
  • You have the option to integrate with an existing LMS as well, where you can have videos right next to your text-based learning.

  • If you have training material created in SCORM, you can import these onto VIDIZMO.

  • You can define access for videos or share them securely as well. For every video, you can assign as to who can view them, select officers or groups (these can be synced groups from your IAM system), or specific departments, or you can choose to make the video available to your entire organization or the public. Learn more about video sharing in VIDIZMO.

  • You can create separate autonomous video portals for separate departments, such that each has its own users and content separated from the others. Your police department can have one video portal for one district, the second for another and so on.

    VIDIZMO Multiple Portals Feature
  • You can quickly find videos using VIDIZMO’s AI-powered search, which can search inside videos using spoken words, faces, objects and on-screen text.

  • You can automatically ingest and publish recorded online meetings from Zoom and MS Teams into your on-demand library.

You can always sign-up for a free trial and try out the platform for online police training yourself. You can deploy the platform on your premises, in Azure or AWS cloud (Commercial or Government), to meet particular compliances or based on your organizational preferences.

Different Ways to Use Online Video in Training for Police

Your police department can use video in almost all of its training, except for the physical ones. Here are a few ways in which video can be utilized for online police training:


In 2021, about 67,100 offices joined the police force in USA alone. Your department does not need to train each new officer again and again.

Your organization can greatly benefit from a formalized onboarding process. This helps improve the performance of recruits, their ability to meet future milestones and also results in greater satisfaction for superiors. New recruits can be walked through the basic law enforcement training, rules and procedures etc.

Legal Training

“What the Police Don’t Know May Hurt Us” – Police officers can better perform their jobs if they are better aware of the legal implications of their actions.

There are various laws laid down for arrest, search, seizure etc. and minor mistakes can cause criminals to be wrongfully acquitted. Hence, it's important to make sure officers are aware of the law.

Delivering video training on the different laws and their implications can be a better method to create legal awareness amongst police officers as compared to handing them lengthy legal documents to read, which is time-consuming. 

A Law Enforcement Officer Reading a Suspect Her Legal Rights

Law Enforcement Technology Training

From Computer-Aided Dispatch Systems (CAD) to operating Evidence Management Systems, police officers work on a range of technologies and software.

Police officers can utilize the true potential of these technologies only if they are completely aware on how to operate them. Rather than making officers read lengthy documentation, explaining how to use these systems through interactive videos can be a much better option.

These interactive elements will also become a basis for adding quizzes and surveys and help you evaluate recruited police officers.   

Knowledge Base for the Police

VIDIZMO can be used not only as a video training platform but as a knowledge sharing platform as well. Expert and experienced police officers can conduct sessions with other police officers, record and make them available to new ones that join in.

Police office searching a video online

Emergency Response Training

A survey found that 76% of local US government agencies have responded to some form of natural disasters among which floods, blizzards and ice storms are the most common.

To respond effectively to such situations, it’s important for agencies including police departments to have a mitigation plan in place and for officers to be fully aware of it. Video training can be an effective way to deliver such training and keep your force prepared for unprecedented circumstances.

A police siren

Training for Handling Evidence

Police officers are also actively involved in assisting detectives, evidence technicians and investigators in collecting and processing evidence.

However, evidence files come with their own set of requirements such as maintaining a chain of custody or preventing it from tampering. A YouTube-like platform for online police training can help educate the force regarding various rules of evidence.

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These were only a few ways to use video in cop training or online police training. The beauty of VIDIZMO’s platform is that you can use it to conduct all sorts of training online – record videos of your training and share them with officers.

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