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Comparing Alternatives: VIDIZMO vs Dacast

By Zohaib Khan
VIDIZMO and Dacast

Video is the most effective medium for communication today. This rise in the popularity has also created the need for video platforms like VIDIZMO and Dacast that help organizations effectively stream and manage their videos.

However, while the two platforms both provide basic live & on-demand streaming capabilities and may seem similar, there are several important factors that differentiate the two. VIDIZMO is a much more detailed platform that focuses on providing a complete video streaming and content management system where you can both manage and stream high-quality videos. The platform provides tools for managing users and groups, control access and share media with multiple users with a few clicks, and edit videos.

Dacast, on the other hand, is more focused towards the monetization of videos and lacks several functionalities for video management, including the features mentioned above. This limits how organizations can leverage video for use cases that have requirements other than monetization, such as corporate communication, training & learning, knowledge transfer, etc. For instance, Zoom or other recorded meetings have increased in volume since the COVID-19 pandemic, and managing large amounts of these meetings is a challenge. How do you search for the right recorded meetings amongst thousands? How do you securely share them? These are the areas where Dacast lacks and you'll need a much detailed alternative, like VIDIZMO.

Learn More About VIDIZMO

A Complete Enterprise-Oriented Video Platform


Organizations need more than just video streaming for their corporate video use cases. Video management is very important for organizations to utilize their corporate videos properly and efficiently. VIDIZMO focuses on video streaming and providing complete video management with extensive features and functionalities necessary to meet each organization's personal needs or use cases. Some of these features include powerful user and groups management, enterprise-level platform branding, video editing and interactivity, integration with other business tools and applications and deployment on the organization's choice of cloud, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure. In contrast, Dacast provides minimal features and functionalities for video management, and focuses mainly on video streaming and monetization. 

Let's take for example, the HR department in an organization that wants to share a training video with all the employees in an organization and the marketing department wants to share their private meeting within their department while publishing a new product or service advertisement to potential customers. What they need is a video platform for leveraging their video assets effectively and efficiently. With a corporate video streaming and content management platform, they can create user groups to control who can see what so all employees can view the training video while only the marketing department can view their internal meeting, and everyone including external viewers, like customers, can view the advertisement. HR can use quizzes to conduct knowledge checks and evaluate performance through reports. Similarly, the marketing team can edit their meeting to remove casual and off-topic conversations from the meeting and use surveys to gain feedback from potential customers viewing their advertisements on their products and services.

Here is a review of how Dacast wasn't the best to solve challenges faced by larger organizations.

VIDIZMO is designed to fulfill all corporate and enterprise needs for streaming and managing videos, such as corporate communication, training & learning, virtual events, remote working, knowledge transfer and other use cases. With extensive configurability, flexibility, and a large number of available features & functionalities, VIDIZMO provides complete solutions tailored for each organization operating in different industries such as enterprise, healthcare, finance, insurance, government, and more.

Let's take a look at what differentiates VIDIZMO from Dacast.


User Groups for Simplified Management and Sharing


Organizations use video for several different reasons and use cases. From having internal video conference meetings in the marketing department to sharing corporate policy videos with all the employees, product demos with customers, etc. For these reasons, user and group management is important to make sure that only the relevant people can watch and access the relevant video, and unauthorized people cannot see or access the content not meant for them.

VIDIZMO allows you to manage all users and create groups to manage access and segregate users on the platform. You can manage multiple users simultaneously, control access and permissions and share content with multiple users at the same time. Additionally, VIDIZMO provides user roles to control access and permissions across all users on the platform independently of groups so users with similar roles, but different groups can access content restricted from others. For example, all the managers grouped in different departments can access a video meant only for the managers.

On Dacast, other than distinction between internal or external users, there is no way to make any differentiation between users. Each internal user has access to all content and the same permissions to do what they like on the platform. Similarly, all external users have the same rights and permissions. There is no functionality to create groups and no user roles exist. As such, the platform is not reliable for internal corporate needs and limited in its ability to support different use cases.


Total Platform-Level Branding 

For any business, branding is an essential component for showing professionalism and promoting the business. As such, it's important to have a flexible solution that allows you to customize and Total-Platform-Level-Brandingconfigure the platform to reflect your brand image as much as possible.

VIDIZMO provides businesses with a white-label platform to incorporate their logos, themes, and colors to represent their brand. This includes branding for video players, portals, layout, etc. Businesses can even substitute terms used across the platform with words and logos used by their organization.


Dacast only provides you with a few limited options to brand your player; other than choosing colors and adding a logo to your video player, the platform as a whole lacks the ability to reflect your brand image.


A Completely Configurable Video Player

For any video streaming platform, the features and functionalities available on the video player are very important. Other than quality and compatibility, features such as button customization A-Completely-Configurable-Video-Playerand configurable playback behavior are vital for controlling a viewer's experience and how they engage with the video.

VIDIZMO provides extensive configurability to control the features and behavior of the video player. In addition to controlling aspects for the player's behavior like auto-play, beginning at mute, and looping, you can also choose to give your viewers a degree of control over their viewing experience, such as enabling fast-forwarding or back, changing the speed or quality for a video, activating closed captions, viewing the media in full screen or window, and more.

While Dacast does provide certain features that allow you to control the player's behavior, not provide you with the flexibility to control the individual features, allowing you only to enable or disable access completely to the player bar for viewers. For example, suppose you want to disable viewers from being able to change the speed of a video. In that case, you'll have to disable access to the entire bar, which means viewers can't change the quality for the video or view the video in full screen either.


Enabling Interactive Experiences

Whether it's a marketing video to promote your product or an educational video for training your employee, it's important to make sure you provide an engaging experience for your viewers. Enabling-Interactive-ExperiencesInteractive videos not only make your videos more engaging, but are also a great way to gain direct feedback from your viewers. For example, you can insert a quiz in your training videos to conduct knowledge checks or a survey in marketing videos to learn which products are the most popular with your customers. Similarly, features such as likes, comments, and sharing are basic interactivity features that help gauge viewer reaction, and enable them to share and collaborate on your content.

VIDIZMO allows you to create and insert quizzes, polls and surveys within your videos. You can also insert related media such as documents, presentations and even another video inside of a video for viewers to download a view offline. VIDIZMO also provides options that enable viewers to like or bookmark a video, share it on social media or via email with other viewers, embed the video on external sites, report inappropriate content, leave comments (including clickable timestamps that fast forward viewers to that point in the video) and insert small notes at any point within a video. What's more, VIDIZMO's playback screen allows you to recommend your other related content to the viewer.

Streaming with Dacast, however, only enables sharing and embedding for a video. Other than that, it doesn't provide viewers with options to provide feedback or interact with the video other than monetization capabilities. Additionally, the platform does not provide a playback page for details and recommendations; the player simply expands wide across the screen, and you can't navigate away from the page other than by clicking the back button on the browser.


Providing Intelligent Innovations

Artificial intelligence technology is rapidly evolving. Contemporary organizations use AI to quickly process large amounts of data into actionable insights that would otherwise be a long and tediousProviding-Intelligent-Innovations task for humans and are likely to have several human errors. Most modern enterprises are adopting AI to streamline their everyday business operations and stay ahead of the competition.

VIDIZMO provides a number of cognitive services for audiovisual analysis. You can generate automatic transcriptions that allow you to search for a particular word and click on the transcription to instantly fast forward to the point where it occurs in the video. These transcripts can also be translated through AI into more than 12 different languages for greater accessibility. Similarly, VIDIZMO uses AI to extract insights from a video such as faces, objects, scenes, topics and other insights and allow you to fast forward to the relevant points in the video.

Despite the large and growing demand for AI among organizations however, Dacast does not offer any AI services. This is a huge drawback that limits organizations from modernization and improving their efficiency.


Online Video Editing & Clipping

It's common for organizations to edit certain videos in order to remove unwanted content from videos, such as off-topic conversations or confidential information in a recorded meeting, before sharing it Online-Video-Editing-&-Clippingwith others.

With an easy-to-use video editor, VIDIZMO let’s you trim your videos to remove unwanted content and concatenate recordings such as video conference meetings to make them more relevant.

Due to a lack of focus on video management, Dacast does not have any tools for editing, clipping or combining video content whatsoever. Organizations have to always edit their videos using other software before uploading or download them from the platform to edit and re-upload them again. Furthermore, using online video editors can pose a security risk for videos containing intellectual property and private content meant for only certain people.


Interoperability with Other IT Business Applications

Most businesses have multiple IT tools and systems for their business operations, such as video conferencing systems, CMS, LMS and CRM systems. For greater efficiency, it's important for these Interoperability-with-Other-IT-Business-Applicationssystems to be able to operate in a seamless manner that allows them to easily access and exchange content, and take advantage of the tools available on a video platform not available on other systems. For example, video conferencing systems like Zoom have a lot of recorded meetings that need a video platform to store and manage them since video platforms are generally not designed for on-demand video management. Similarly, a CMS or LMS is not designed for video streaming and lacks several features crucial for video streaming.

VIDIZMO seamlessly integrates with other IT business tools and applications, allowing organizations to store, stream, search, manage and share their videos located on other systems using a consolidated video platform. In addition to scalable storage and quality streaming, VIDIZMO provides tools such as a powerful search, video editor, transcription, quizzes, surveys and other tools for managing video content such as recorded meetings, training videos and more.

Dacast is limited in its ability to integrate with other tools and systems. The a lack of features for video management means it has little to offer to the integrated system other than video streaming. Since it's focused on monetizing videos, there is little the platform has to offer for when it comes to effectively use videos such as training videos, recorded meetings and other kinds of videos for use cases other than those requiring monetization.


Flexible Deployment Options 

While many organizations have adopted the cloud, on-premise deployment is still popular among many organizations that wish to keep their data entirely within their physical datacenters for Flexible-Deployment-Optionsreasons such as security.

VIDIZMO is deployable on the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid infrastructure. Customers can choose to deploy their platform in their existing private or public cloud, so they have full control over their data and storage. They can also opt for a VIDIZMO-managed cloud from a cloud provider of their choice, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or any other provider. They can also deploy the platform on their own data center, or in a hybrid combination of both cloud and on-premise data centers for leveraging cloud computing services while keeping certain data and infrastructures on their on-premise data center.

Dacast is only deployable on cloud and does not provide organizations with the option to manage their data or deployment. Furthermore, Dacast only allows its customers to deploy the platform on an AWS-provided cloud, meaning organizations that want to leverage the cloud from other providers don't have the option to do so.


Dive in Deeper

While Dacast streaming services are sufficient for video monetization, VIDIZMO is a more ideal solution for sharing, organizing and communicating through video. Both VIDIZMO and Dacast have free trials that you can avail.

Take a 30-day free trial to explore VIDIZMO's video streaming and content management system, or contact us today. 

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