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Limit Video Audience - Define Who Can (or Cannot) View

Only want specific users to view your videos? Share by generating multiple links or have multiple autonomous portals in a platform with custom security policies.
by Nisma Arif Updated on January 16, 2024

Wondering how you can restrict access to your videos in terms of sharing? Only want to share your videos within a particular unit or team? Want to limit other departments in your organization from viewing your videos?

Luckily, you are on the right site!

This blog will help you understand how you can limit access to your videos and why you should go with a video platform with access management. We will discuss two examples for better understanding.


Who Can View It and Who Can’t?

Let's start with a fun example of a popular show; Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Each Sergeant, Detective, and Captain must be leading different cases, and they must have their own respective digital evidence files in the form of videos, audios & images of each case.

So, if Jake and Amy are involved in figuring out one case and they just want Captain Holt to see the videos of that case – for that they need a private video management solution – one that allows them to define who can see a video and who can’t.

In various other criminal cases which include footage of crime scenes that need strict surveillance and higher authorities' involvement as well, there are chances of videos being shared among different offices/districts which should be protected from unauthorized access & changes.

Content Access Management comes in handy in this regard. Just like sometimes, a social channel gets blocked in a certain region and the population there can’t view or use that channel. It is exactly the same thing! i.e., limiting departments in an organization to view or access each other's videos.


Benefits of Content Access Management

Content Access Management not just makes corporate life easier, it also does a lot more like:

  • Increases Security Measures 
  • Improves Data Security 
  • Minimizes Risks of Data Breaches 
  • Ensures Compliance 
  • Provides Easy Distribution of Security Policies

Share Videos with Whom You Want to Share - Have That Liberty With VIDIZMO 

VIDZMO offers a video sharing platform like YouTube, but one that is secure and private. Users can restrict content to be only viewed after logging in, even restrict videos further to certain users or groups.  

This way, no unauthorized viewer will get access to your videos. Users can define access settings for each video or set of videos while meeting all the compliance requirements. The access can be defined as either: 

  • Anonymous – anyone with the public URL  
  • Users – specific people 
  • Groups – specific set of people 
  • Departments – users in the department portal 
  • Whole Organization – All users, but no outsiders 
  • Only Those With a Link

    specific users1

Share Your Content In 3 Ways

  • Generate Multiple Links 

Users can share videos with multiple recipients; keep them password-protected and put a time limit on them.


  • Limited Sharing Inside the Organization 

Users can limit views to recipients and define the time duration.



  • Invite Outsiders

Enter recipients’ email addresses to share the videos outside the organization.




If we talk about educational institutions, let's say an Engineering University, they have multiple departments like Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical etc. and they have their own online videos of their respective courses. Having a single video portal won’t actually work in this case since each department (considering it as a portal) will have different security needs and this will impact the time of users as well since they would be bombarded with the content they have no concern with. 

A video platform with multiple autonomous YouTube-like portals serves a great purpose here! You can make the most of the video with VIDIZMO as it not only streams live and on-demand videos but efficiently manages them by segregating them into various separate portals with their own particular audience and custom security policies.

EnterpriseTube Video Content Management

So, Professor Sam from the Computer Science Department won’t be able to even view other portals and it is the same for Professor Arif from the Electronics Department – all this is happening on the higher level. Being able to view and not view can be assigned on lower levels as well in terms of different courses, different sections etc. 

See this is why VIDIZMO is the great option here!



No one knows video like VIDIZMO does – in terms of sharing and accessing especially. VIDIZMO allows users to basically create their own private YouTube, where user licenses can be assigned to people in your organization. They can only view content after logging in and the public won’t get access.  

VIDIZMO offers enterprise-grade security with advanced features like tokenized link sharing and multiple links per video which allows users to revoke access for any shared content if necessary. Users can even securely share videos externally for a limited time and views. Other notable features include sharing to a specific IP address only, limited views to recipients, and ability to block downloads. 

In simpler words, VIDIZMO offers several features where users can restrict viewers to access content through configuring user groups, security policies, role-based access content and domain restrictions.

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Posted by Nisma Arif

Nisma Arif is a Technology Content Strategist at VIDIZMO and is an expert in video streaming technologies.

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