Effective Energy Training Via Video – An Overview

Learn how video can be effective for energy training and how VIDIZMO's YouTube-like platform can help in training for systems, solar or wind.

Just like any other sector such as manufacturing, construction etc. people in the energy sector also require training. The global energy sector provides you with the basic need such as electricity, heat and fuel to power our automobiles.

Do you know? China is the largest primary consumer of energy, according to Statista, using around 145.46 exajoules in 2020.

Mainly, the energy sector is concerned with the production and sale of energy, including manufacturing, extraction, refining, and distribution of energy sources. Maintaining the operations, handling of chemicals and machines can be difficult as the sector strives to match the rising energy demand worldwide. We can have systems to efficiently manage all of the processes but there comes the need for energy system training.

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In this blog, we’ll see what energy system training is? The benefits of energy training with examples. Moreover, we’ll see how we can make energy training effective with video and VIDIZMO.

What is Energy System Training?

Energy System Training is a training methodology by which people do various work levels to increase the overall productivity in completing the work. Energy System Training has proven to be useful in building individuals' ability to continue to deliver output over a longer period of time via repeatable intervals.

You must be thinking, what does that have to do with energy training? Well, since the energy sector also requires refining, oil and gas drilling, it is important to have a proper energy system.

Energy systems are becoming more intertwined with systems that focus primarily on other services, such as information and communications technology (ICT) networks, food production, transportation networks, and financial systems. These energy systems also interact with large and complex ecological systems, such as water supplies, air basins, ecosystems, even the global climate system.

Benefits of Energy Training

  • Quality training from industry experts of energy
  • Uniformity in workflows
  • Learning and understanding of machines and operations
  • Increases knowledge and teaches the mechanics of using new systems
  • Boost collaboration and make corporate communication effective between different departments of energy sectors
  • Interdisciplinary skills development

Areas Where Training Can Help in the Energy Sector

The energy sector can be broadly categorized into renewable and nonrenewable resources, with the example varying. Consider an employee that works on fossil fuels which is a nonrenewable source and has an old-school method of doing so. Now as your organization is switching to renewable resources with new systems deployed. How will the old worker catch up? Knowledge sharing and training is the key here. Let us elaborate by taking examples.

  • Wind Energy Training

The wind energy sector has many complexities in order to produce electricity. For example, a worker should know how those turbines work? Surely it won’t be as easy as flicking the switch on. In which direction should the blades spin, keeping in mind the wind flow and speed? How is the generator attached to the wind turbine operated, and what are the mechanics of turning wind into electricity? Such questions can be answered through proper training for the wind energy sector.

wind mills

  • Solar Energy Training

Solar energy is another example. It has gained traction and investment dollars over the years and is likely to grow more. To keep up with the processes, working machinery and the mechanics requires knowledge sharing. Examples of things that an employee should know are how voltaic cells work? How can solar panels absorb heat, different components that make up the whole process, the operation of those components, and much more? An effective solar energy training course can train employees regarding this domain.

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How about a solar or wind energy online training through video?

Have you ever thought of an internal YouTube-like platform for energy training?

Make Your Training Effective with A Video Platform

If not, then this is the time to do so. You can create separate courses and segregate content into portals for different sectors in a YouTube-like platform, VIDIZMO! This content management system lets you stream training videos live and on-demand. Document each and everything visually and make it engaging by adding interactivity such as quizzes and surveys. These videos can be shared with specific audiences through link-sharing or email or with the public through social media.

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When you need to sort content, you can create an online content library and organize your videos in a playlist, collection and even category. Furthermore, you can integrate it with LMS, CMS and other existing IT systems. You can even ingest your Zoom cloud recordings into the YouTube-like library. Pretty cool, Huh?

VIDIZMO is not only for training and learning but for every other end-to-end video use case. 

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