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Why Police Need Evidence Software to Store Surveillance Video Evidence

Surveillance video evidence provides useful information in legal cases. Here is how surveillance video can be used to support legal proceedings.

With a recent boom in video surveillance and the widespread use of surveillance cameras all around, more crimes are being recorded on video and used as digital evidence in court.

Surveillance video evidence is an essential tool for criminal justice field officers, providing a valuable resource in the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.

In the USA, there is a heavy reliance on high-tech surveillance of public places, carpeting major metropolitan cities like New York City, Chicago, Atlanta and Houston.

Sprawling surveillance camera networks also extend to private entities, such as small businesses striving to maintain heightened security across their premises.

Let's explore how surveillance videos can be used as digital evidence and the challenges that can be encountered during this entire process of the criminal case journey!

Importance of Surveillance Video Evidence

Extracting useful insights from surveillance videos is the most helpful and essential way of solving crimes, as it provides the strongest video evidence required to identify criminals.

The following are some of the benefits of using video evidence extracted from surveillance videos to handle cases efficiently:

Objectivity and Unbiased Record of Events

One of the primary benefits of surveillance video evidence is its ability to provide an objective and unbiased record of events. Unlike witness testimonies, which can be subjective and influenced by personal biases or faulty memory, video evidence captures events as they occurred.

This can be especially valuable in cases where there is conflicting witness testimony or where the credibility of witnesses is in question.

The context for Criminal Investigations

In addition to its objectivity, surveillance video evidence can also provide valuable context for criminal investigations. For example, it can show the movements and actions of individuals leading up to and following the commission of a crime.

This information can help investigators piece together a timeline of events, identify potential accomplices or witnesses, and track the movements of suspects.

Corroborating or Refuting Other Forms of Evidence

Moreover, surveillance video evidence can also be used to corroborate or refute other forms of evidence. For instance, if a suspect denies involvement in a crime but is captured on video committing the offense, the video evidence can help prosecutors establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Limitations of Surveillance Video Evidence

With considerable benefits, it is important to note that surveillance video evidence can also have its limitations. Poor camera placement or lighting conditions can result in low-quality footage, making it difficult to identify suspects or collect relevant information.

Additionally, video evidence is only useful if it has been collected and preserved properly and if it is admissible in court.

For this reason, it is critical that law enforcement officers receive adequate training in the collection and preservation of surveillance video evidence. Officers must understand how to properly handle, store, and analyze video footage, as well as how to present it effectively in court.

You can read more about How to Make your Video Evidence Admissible in Court.

Surely, surveillance videos are an important tool for ensuring the safety and security of individuals and communities.

However, with the increasing prevalence of surveillance cameras, the volume of video footage being generated can be overwhelming.

Managing and analyzing this massive volume of video data can be a daunting task for any organization, particularly those in the criminal justice and security fields.

That's where VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) comes in.

Manage Massive Volumes of Surveillance Videos with VIDIZMO DEMS

Whether you're in law enforcement, security, or any other industry that relies on surveillance videos, VIDIZMO DEMS can help you take control of your video data and use it to drive better outcomes.

With 20 years of experience in the video content management industry, VIDIZMO provides an IDC-MarketScape Recognized Digital Evidence Management System to streamline the process of digital evidence collection, storage, management and its secure disclosure while fulfilling major compliance requirements such as HIPAA, FOIA, CJIS and more.


VIDIZMO DEMS is a centralized platform that can help organizations manage and analyze massive volumes of surveillance videos quickly and efficiently. Here's how:

  • Store all of your organization's surveillance videos and ensure that videos are easily accessible by authorized personnel while maintaining the highest level of security and confidentiality.

  • Advanced search capabilities quickly and easily locate specific video footage within massive volumes of video data.

  • With features like face detection and license plate detection, you can quickly identify individuals and vehicles of interest.

  • Easy to collaborate and share video evidence with other members of your organization or external stakeholders to enable organizations better coordinate their efforts and work more efficiently towards a common goal.

  • It is customizable and scalable and is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of your organization.

  • Flexible deployment options including Azure/AWS Government Cloud, Commercial Cloud, On-Premises or in the hybrid infrastructure.

  • Automatic redaction of faces, people, license plates, vehicles, weapons and other confidential information shown within videos to comply with legal compliances such as FOIA, HIPAA etc.

Explore all features of VIDIZMO DEMS!

Here is our detailed guide on VIDIZMO DEMS...

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