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Level Up Video Use in Your Organization With Easy Video Capture

Discover how your organization can leverage an enterprise video content management system for easy ingestion, uploading, and sharing of video capture.

Every organization today understands the need to incorporate enterprise video in organizational communication, learning and collaboration. However, promoting video use in the workplace necessitates that your employees across the company can create, manage and share videos with ease and efficiency.  

Therefore, empowering your employees with a user-friendly enterprise video content management system (EVCM) that single-handedly manages video – from upload, processing, and streaming to storage, playback, and distribution - is the key to establishing a video-enabled organizational culture.

Simplifying video capture: Where to start 

Within the entire video management process, one of the greatest values of an EVCM is to empower your employees to create videos. The simpler the user experience of capturing, ingesting, and uploading videos, the easier it will be to boost video use across the organization.    

For this reason, VIDIZMO enterprise video content management system simplifies video capture and upload which also serves to facilitates the remainder of video management within the platform.  

Video capture in VIDIZMO video platform

  • Video capture from any recording device  
    With broad-ranging support for all industry-acclaimed video file formatsVIDIZMO supports video capture and ingestion from any video camera or recording device. All uploaded videos are encoded into multiple pre-configured formats (MPEG4, HLS, WebM and Microsoft Smooth Streaming) and resolutions (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p) to allow playback on various devices, browsers, and bandwidth conditions.  
  • Mobile video capture and upload 
    VIDIZMO application offers the same functionalities across all user devices, including desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablets, etc. Accordingly, VIDIZMO supports video ingest and upload from any device, with the user interface optimized for each device. Additionally, VIDIZMO mobile application for iOS and Android allows users to shoot, capture, and upload video directly from your mobile phones and tablets.  
  • Bulk ingest/ upload videos from third-party collaboration tools 
    VIDIZMO provides out-of-the-box integration with various online meeting or video conferencing tools, including Skype for Business, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Cisco TelePresencePolycom RealPresence, as well as collaboration systems like Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace, SharePoint, Sitecore, Jive, Yammer, etc. An essential part of this integration is to transfer video and other media files from the third-party systems into VIDIZMO for storage, transcription, search, and distribution across teams or organizational units and overall video content management. As a result, large volumes of files from integrated collaboration and meeting platforms are automatically transferred and uploaded to VIDIZMO ‘watch folder’ individually or in bulk.    
  • Screen capture video  
    For screen recording, VIDIZMO uses a range of third-party screencast or screen capture software, including Camtasia, OBS, Captivate, Articulate, CamStudio, etc. Screen capture tools like OBS and Camtasia also support talking head video presentations along with the screen capture video, which makes the screencasts (live or on-demand) more interactive and engaging. Screen capture videos are excellent for recording training sessions right off the computer screen, while also documenting transferrable skills from a company’s subject matter experts or for new hire training.  

After video capture: VIDIZMO media upload 

  • Upload all digital media, not just videos: VIDIZMO supports capture of all media types, including videos, audios, images, documents, slides, interactive graphics and SCORM.  
  • Upload single or bulk video/ media files: A user can upload various videos and digital media files in bulk, with the option to edit similar media types collectively. For instance, multiple concurrently uploaded videos can be assigned metadata and video publishing policies collectively, which is a significant time saver for those uploading large volumes of media at once.  
  • Upload from any device or browser: A user can simultaneously upload media from any device, be it desktops, smartphones or tablets using any browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Bing, etc 
  • Upload any file size: To promote a variety of video use case, we place no limits on video file size by granting the user flexibility to upload video files as big as 194 GB for as many videos as they need.  
  • Fast upload with a highly responsive interface: In a highly efficient video upload and processing system, VIDIZMO supports various video technologies such as multithreading and chunked file upload, which enables fast video upload, resumable uploads, and complete interface responsiveness across the platform during upload. During one or multiple file uploads, a user can continue to browse the platform without any obstructions to platform responsiveness.  
  • While uploading a video or media file, a user can also:

     Add/ upload multilingual transcripts or closed caption files

     Enabled auto-generated machine transcripts using AI-based automatic speech recognition (ASR)

     Add/ upload multi-audio tracks for multilingual audio files

     Enable auto-generated multi-audio tracks using AI-powered speech translation technology

     Select auto-generated thumbnail or choose a custom thumbnail from any point in the video

     Define video sharing and download settings

     Define video access and permissions for various user groups or portals

     Assign video metadata and add custom attributes

     Upload new video types such as 360 videos or virtual reality video

If you would like to know how VIDIZMO can help your organization solve its video challenges,  contact us today or visit our website for details about VIDIZMO video content management solution.  


Posted by Rabeea Tahir

Rabea Tahir is Technology Content Strategist at VIDIZMO which is a Gartner recognized enterprise video content management system, to stream live/on-demand media to both internal and external audiences, on-premise, Azure or AWS cloud. VIDIZMO solutions are used by enterprises, government, local, state government, healthcare, law enforcement agencies, justice, public safety, manufacturing, financial & banking industry.

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