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Explore how organizations can benefit from AI/ML-based redaction solutions to safeguard sensitive information and meet compliance.

In today's fast-changing world, the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has been nothing short of revolutionary. One such revolution has been witnessed in the paradigm of PHI and PII redaction. 

More than 60% of consumers feel companies are not transparent about the use of their data. This raises many concerns regarding data privacy in today's privacy-aware world.

One of the biggest concerns for organizations is protecting sensitive information like personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). This is crucial because they want to keep this information private, prevent it from being stolen, and follow the rules regarding data privacy. 

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In this blog, we will explore how AI- and ML-based PHI and PII redaction are helping organizations ensure data privacy. These tools aren't just cool technology; they are a guiding light for organizations that want to protect their data, stay compliant, and make processes more efficient.  

Before we dive right into the AI- and ML-based PHI and PII redaction in the business landscape, let us understand what redaction is. 

What is Redaction?

Redaction involves removing or obscuring confidential information from data such as videos, audio recordings, images, and documents. 

Redaction, once a traditional practice of editing documents to prepare them for publication, has evolved significantly in the digital age. Today, when we mention redaction, we primarily refer to electronic data redaction, a concept motivated by the critical need to protect sensitive information. 

However, the core objective remains the same: safeguarding data from prying eyes and potential misuse. However, the methods have changed greatly because of the amazing advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. 


Before we discuss the importance of PHI and PII redaction, let's understand the distinction between personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). 

  • Protected Health Information (PHI): PHI includes any health-related information that can be linked to a specific individual. Under HIPAA, PHI encompasses medical records, billing information, health insurance details, and more. 
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII): PII refers to any data that can be used to identify an individual indirectly or directly. This might include names, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. 
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Importance of PHI and PII Redaction 

The importance of redacting PHI and PII extends far beyond safeguarding sensitive data; it encompasses both legal requirements and ethical responsibilities. 

Under laws and regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, to name a few, organizations are legally obligated to protect individuals' privacy by redacting PII and PHI. Failure to do so can result in severe financial penalties and legal consequences.

Beyond the legal aspect, there is an ethical responsibility to ensure data privacy and security. Redaction not only prevents identity theft, financial harm, and medical record breaches but also upholds individuals' trust in organizations. It demonstrates a commitment to respecting privacy.

Understanding the Challenges of PHI and PII Redaction

Businesses face several significant challenges when it comes to redacting PHI and PII. These challenges can be quite complex and demanding

The challenges faced by businesses regarding PHI and PII redaction are discussed as follows:

Large Data Types

A vast amount of data is created daily that contains PII and PHI. A survey shows that over 3.3 trillion hours of video footage is captured daily. Similarly, businesses often deal with massive datasets containing a mix of text, images, audio, and video files

Redacting PHI and PII from such large volumes of data requires powerful and efficient tools to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Data Deluge

This challenge is connected to the previous one. As discussed above, organizations deal with a variety of data comprising videos, audio recordings, images, and documents. 

Hence, the need for bulk redaction arises when businesses have to redact sensitive information from multiple documents or files simultaneously. Manually redacting each item individually is impractical and time-consuming, to say the least.

PHI and PII Identification

Identifying PII and PHI accurately within documents and other files is crucial. Manually finding this sensitive information takes time, and there is a higher chance of error in identifying the relevant information to redact.

Data Security & Compliance

Ensuring the security of redacted data and compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA is also very important. Mishandling sensitive information during redaction can lead to data breaches and legal consequences. 

Power of AI and ML in PHI and PII Redaction

Managing and safeguarding substantial amounts of sensitive data, including PHI and PII, is getting tougher for organizations. A possible answer to this challenge is using AI and ML-powered solutions for redacting PHI and PII. 

How it Works

Automated redaction with AI and ML at the core increases the accuracy of redaction and saves time to a significant extent. The AI and ML models target information within files to find sensitive information. It can be PHI, PII, or any other information.  

This information is first detected and then redacted either automatically or manually, depending on the redaction software. Furthermore, this technology generates transcripts and clearly labels sensitive information. 

By using AI and ML for redaction, organizations can make sure their sensitive information stays hidden and safe, all thanks to these smart technologies. 

Benefits of AI- and ML-based PHI and PII Redaction for Organizations

If we have not emphasized it enough, handling and safeguarding data having PHI and PII can be both challenging and costly.

Fortunately, AI- and ML-based redaction solutions have emerged as powerful allies in addressing these challenges. Here's how AI/ML-based redaction solutions benefit businesses: 

Enhanced Data Security

AI and ML excel in identifying and redacting sensitive information from various data types, including documents, images, audio, and video. This capability significantly reduces the risk of data breaches, ensuring that confidential information remains protected.

Efficient Redaction

Unlike manual redaction, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors, AI/ML-based solutions automate the process. They quickly detect and redact sensitive data, saving valuable time and reducing the time costs associated with manual efforts.

Cost Savings

Manual redaction can be expensive, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. AI/ML-based solutions offer a cost-effective alternative, automating redaction tasks and reducing the need for extensive human resources.

Compliance Assurance

Following the rules is crucial for businesses, especially when it comes to data privacy laws like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA. AI/ML-based redaction solutions make sure organizations stay compliant by preventing accidental exposure of sensitive data. This helps them avoid legal troubles and fines.

AI and ML-Powered Redaction Solution: VIDIZMO Redactor

VIDIZMO Redactor is an AI and ML-powered, User-friendly solution that empowers organizations to easily redact PII and PHI for videos, audio, images, and documents. With its robust AI capabilities and compliance-driven features, VIDIZMO Redactor ensures data privacy while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Let's explore the cutting-edge AI features of VIDIZMO Redactor:

Automatic Tracking

VIDIZMO Redactor can automatically detect and track sensitive information such as faces, people, license plates, insurance numbers, and other information within videos.

AI-Powered Redaction

VIDIZMO Redactor employs advanced algorithms to automatically identify and redact faces, license plates, guns, names, zip codes, credit card information, and more from videos, audio, images, and documents.

Bulk Redaction

VIDIZMO Redactor allows you to redact multiple files ranging in millions in a single go. Sit back and relax with secure, automated workflows doing the job for you.

Automatic Transcription and Translation

VIDIZMO Redactor automatically generates transcripts of spoken words within video and audio content and translates them into 40+ languages.

OCR-Based Redaction

VIDIZMO Redactor allows you to redact sensitive information from scanned documents and handwritten notes with optical character recognition (OCR).

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In a world where personal and health data is growing rapidly, organizations really need AI-powered redaction software to protect this sensitive information.

VIDIZMO Redactor is the perfect choice for organizations. It helps them keep this data safe and ensures they meet compliance requirements. Why wait? Take the opportunity to sign up for a free trial and witness AI and ML in action firsthand!

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Posted by Rafey Iqbal Rahman and Naeem Ullah Baig

Rafey and Naeem are Associate Product Marketing Analysts at VIDIZMO. Both are actively engaged in researching the data privacy and compliance landscape, spanning across regions. For any queries, feel free to reach us out at

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