Video Art Platform: Don't Let the Borders Hold You Back

Arts and culture are suffering. 85000 museums have shut down. Video Art Platform is exactly what you need to overcome this loss. Read more to learn how.

Yes, you heard it right - Video Art Platform. No, we are not making this up. The world has already gone digital - art is no exception. It is also no longer restricted to a static form. Artists have now explored the world of video to bring movement as well as auditory experience to transform their art pieces.

With art being available digitally, it no longer has to be restricted within borders. It can be digitally made available worldwide for all those who seek it. This is where video art platforms come in to help you securely store, stream and manage digital art, especially video art, and new media art (for instance, interactive art or sound art). Such a platform enables you to cost-effectively provide instant access to your art to all the art lovers throughout the world.

The pandemic closed up borders and brought in social distancing measures putting all art gatherings on hold. It had a drastic impact on the consumption of art and cross-cultural exchange. A study by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) revealed that, unfortunately, 85,000 museums worldwide have shut down. Out of these, 13% might not ever open again.

This is where video art platforms came to the rescue providing an alternative medium to engage the isolated public at home as well as ensure cross-cultural dialogue with virtual art fairs and exhibitions held by galleries and museums. Not only this, you can pair each piece up with videos showcasing who the artist is and the making of the art piece, along with various live artist talks.

VIDIZMO | Video Platform For All Your Digital Art

VIDIZMO is one such platform - a white-label video platform built to handle all digital media types, especially video, of any size. You can live stream virtual interactive exhibitions or artist talks, record to automatically make these available for on-demand playback, or choose to directly stream your video art as on-demand videos alongside your still image art pieces.


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Imagine having all the pros of YouTube without the lack of security, intrusive adverts, loss of ownership and minimal administrative capabilities. That is exactly what VIDIZMO provides. You can also brand it to bring your unique look and feel to your video portal. Above all else, it supports optimized video playback with an interactive video player that provides adaptive bitrate streaming.

Benefits of a Video Art Platform

Sounds questionable? Worry not! Let us explore in-depth how a video art platform like VIDIZMO enables you to do all this:

High-Quality Buffering-Free Playback

What benefit would it be to display your video art online if the footage looks grainy? And nothing feels worse than having your video buffer every 3 seconds? Isn't art all about the clear visuals? VIDIZMO allows you to bring to viewers art that does justice to what the creator originally intended.

All this is made possible through the following capabilities:

Automatic Transcoding: Transcode your videos automatically to create multiple renditions (formats and resolution levels) to ensure playback on various devices and browsers.

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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Utilizing these multiple renditions, the adaptive bitrate streaming allows the video player to smartly adjust the video's resolution level based on the viewer's bandwidth conditions to ensure buffering-free playback.

Global Content Delivery – Even to Remote Areas

It is a shame that, even in the digital landscape, some viewers are left out of enjoying art due to fluctuating bandwidth conditions. VIDIZMO provides CDN support to have your videos be cached on edge servers placed globally. So, the next time a viewer tries to pull up a video art to admire, it can be delivered from the edge server nearest to their location.

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Art Has No Language – Transcribe & Translate To Remove Any Barriers

We have moved past the point where a mere language barrier could limit interaction between people from different cultures. Have your videos be automatically transcribed, and the transcription be translated into 80+ languages. Increase your reach by making your videos be more accessible.

Brand It The Way You Like It

Your video portal should do justice to the artist and art displayed. Remove all VIDIZMO branding and revamp it according to your unique style using custom CSS. You can even create multiple categories for different artists or showcases. More so, you can design unique player templates to adjust the interactive video player to your liking. Embed it onto your site or any other web page or application.

Keep It Public Or Make It Secure – The Choice Is Yours!

The unique advantage that VIDIZMO provides you is the flexibility of having multiple autonomous video portals with separate billing. You can have some portals open to the public for virtual showcases. While you can restrict others to put in place authenticated access. Each portal can hence have separate billing, branding, administrative policies, and security settings.

Wondering what security coverage we provide? Here are just some of the capabilities we offer:

  • SSO integration
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Role-based access controls
  • Content segregation through secure user groups and autonomous portals
  • IP and location restriction
  • Audit logs
  • Store and host videos in the data center of your choice

Furthermore, VIDIZMO allows you to govern your data to ensure that your meeting all your required compliances.


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So, What's Holding You Back?

Art should not be closed off in this modern world due to minor inconveniences like the border or the language barriers. On the contrary, it should be used as a medium to bring together people of different cultures, despite them living miles apart. Creating a video art platform using VIDIZMO allows you to do just that.

If you have any queries regarding VIDIZMO's offerings, contact our team. Or better yet, try out the video art platform today for free to experience all the unique capabilities yourself!

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Sabika is the Associate Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO, an expert in video streaming technologies and solutions. You can email at for any queries.

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