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Screen Recording and Video Features to look for on a video CMS

Want to create impactful videos and screen recordings that leave a lasting impression? Learn about all the must-have features in video and screen recorders

Here's a question: What's the best way to make content easily digestible while remaining impactful? For most people, the answer is a video, short reel, or screen recording that they can watch at their convenience.

And this comes as no surprise as the retention rate of messages within visual cues is 95%, whereas it is only in text-based content.

This massive disparity is a testament to the importance of video and screen recording. Whether you're in education or business, these tools play a crucial role in conveying information.

For educators and institutions, lecture capture is one of the most critical applications of video and screen recording.

It allows educators to preserve their lectures, making them accessible to students for review and reference. It brings the classroom experience to life, even in remote or hybrid learning environments.

So, how do you make the most of your screen recording and video recording tools? How do you make sure they go beyond their most straightforward functionality?

This blog will explore the absolute must-have features you should look for while recording your videos and screen.

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What is Video Recording and Screen Recording?

Although their applications might be similar, video and screen recorders work in different ways to achieve different outcomes. Let's explore how they work.

Video Recording

Video recording is the process of capturing moving images, usually with audio. So, simply put, you start recording any time you capture your feed from your camera or make a video with your phone.

This medium is widely used across various industries for educational, informational, marketing, and entertainment purposes. Video recording often involves using cameras or recording software to capture live-action footage.

Screen Recording

Screen recording focuses on capturing activities displayed on a computer or mobile device. You may even have the option of including device audio as well.

It is handy when making tutorials, how-to videos, or any other content where you guide your audience with what's happening on your screen.

Because spoken words may not be retained, but when backed by a screen recording, the intent is conveyed without distractions.

The latest screen capture apps record all instances on the screen, such as the movement of the cursor, thanks to which describing problems, delivering instructions, and sharing knowledge become much more accessible.

Why Do You Need Screen Recording?

While stepping in front of a camera is a powerful way to communicate, it only addresses certain aspects of content creation.

Traditional video recording may fall short when demonstrating processes, showcasing digital tasks, or explaining complex software functionalities.

For educators, this becomes an essential feature when developing courseware, especially for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

Its use in lecture capture is also on the rise. Over 1,000 higher education institutions worldwide use it to record more than 100 hours of lecture videos every month.

Moreover, demand for recorded content is steadily increasing. A recent survey showed that around 82% of students polled preferred courses that included recorded lecture content, with 60% willing to pay to have this technology available to them.

In such scenarios, professors must often reach a geographically dispersed student base worldwide. They require a tool that records their lectures effectively and allows them to demonstrate their work in real time.

What Video and Screen Recording Features should I look for?

Recording videos isn't rocket science. Any competent screen recording tool can get the job done, but to truly excel in creating content that stands out, you need the best features at your disposal.

Here are five video and screen recording features you should look for:

1. Selectable Modes for Screen Capture

While recording screens is straightforward, it is enhanced by different modes that help you deliver polished content. That extra bit of flexibility is handy when deciding how to record your screen.

Screen recording tools often allow you to choose between sharing your entire screen or a specific window. This lets you keep your recording focused and private, ensuring you only share what's intended.

2. Customizable Recording Layout

When it comes to creating engaging videos, the layout matters. Videos and screen sharing may seem disparate, but they can be combined seamlessly with parallel screens.

With parallel screen sharing, you can achieve your ideal recording setup by effortlessly displaying your camera feed and screen share beside each other.

This feature offers flexibility and customization, allowing you to fine-tune your visuals to match your precise content creation needs.

3. Fine-Tunable Quality Control

In an ideal scenario, top-notch video quality would be the norm. But reality often throws challenges our way. Occasionally, bandwidth limitations can disrupt your recording sessions, resulting in frustrating interruptions.

In such situations, a quality select slider is a good feature that allows you to choose between the highest video quality or optimal performance, depending on your specific circumstances.

4. Security and Privacy Safeguards

Sharing your screen and video recordings can come with a host of security and privacy concerns.

While security is a concern across various areas, the education sector faces unique challenges due to the sensitive nature of student data and the importance of maintaining content integrity.

When it comes to video and screen recording solutions, these tools play a pivotal role in facilitating learning.

However, they often don't offer robust security features like encryption and role-based access.

For this, you may have to look for content creation tools with video management system integration.

5. Seamless Sharing and Accessibility

Having finished recordings is not enough in itself. You also need to be able to share them.

In cases where you have to do so across multiple users, the challenge lies in making it easy and accessible while also being secure.

Once again, bare-bones video and screen recording tools won't give you this functionality out of the box.

To supplement them, you may consider cloud storage, which allows convenient storage and retrieval of recorded content.

Another option is to choose a Video Management System (VMS) that offers seamless sharing, efficient video collection management, and simplified content creation.

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