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Top 4 Reasons Law Enforcement Agencies Need Legal Transcription | 2021

Reasons why legal transcription is essential law enforcement agencies today for legal cases, analyzing evidence and solving crimes.

Evidence transcriptions are an essential part of the legal proceedings. From presenting evidence in court to clarifying important details, legal transcription has a lot of benefits. Today most legal agencies, agencies such as law enforcement, usually leverage manual subscription services to transcribe evidence and other audio/video recordings. However, modern technology such as AI has made it easier and efficient to generate transcriptions. 

What exactly is legal transcription and why do you need it?  

The definition of legal transcribing is simply converting any legal proceeding from audio and spoken words into a formatted text document that can be used to read afterward. Legal transcripts include transcriptions of court hearings, depositions, testimonies, interrogations, legal briefs and relevant correspondence. Legal transcription is as essential for legal personnel as a tax return transcript is for a filer.  

A high-profile case requires everything to be documented. Law enforcement agencies usually prefer using a third-party transcription service for important cases. But when it comes to something as important and sensitive as evidence, it is best that evidence changes as little hands as possible. In addition to security threats, it becomes tricky maintaining chain of custody when opting for third-party services. For evidence, law enforcement agencies need to maintain an unbroken chain of custody.   

Recognized in IDC MarketScape*, VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) streamlines the process of securing, managing, searching, analyzing, and sharing ever-increasing digital evidence.


4 Reasons Why Law Enforcement Need Legal Transcription

Having a sound legal transcript becomes one of the most essential aspects of solving the case. Below are 4 most important reasons for using legal transcription:   


It makes audio/video recordings easier to understand 

Many at times, the voice in the digital recordings could be distorted so special attention needs to be given. Sometimes the suspect might be having a conversation in a foreign language which makes understanding difficult. It is also possible that some background noise or conversation could be a valuable insight to solving a case. Having a legal transcription avoids all such issues.   


It streamlines the flow of information for attorneys 

Legal transcription makes it convenient to follow the flow of events and in portraying the point. Having a legal transcription, a lawyer does not have to spend time finding the information and can utilize the time to strengthen the argument instead. 



It improves accessibility and clarity 

At times some vital information heard during depositions and court hearings etc. can become difficult to recall. Legal transcriptions have timestamps which allow an accurate version of events to be accessed. Legal transcripts can also be used to find relevant information when needed. Having a digital version of the legal transcript means you do not need to carry heavy files and can access everything from a tablet or mobile phone. Additionally, legal transcriptions are convenient for people who are hard of hearing.      


It is important for appeals  

The decision given in courts is not always favorable for one party. Legal transcription comes in handy during appeals. A slight information which is not registered by the mind when listening to it first time can be found while going back through the transcription later on. Moreover, some jurisdictions legally require a complete written record during appeal. 



Save time and resources with automatic transcription

In the contemporary world, technology is playing its part to improve the efficiency in the criminal justice process. The ability to transform evidence speech to text using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This latest technology can assist law enforcement in focusing on the communities rather than spending their time in administrative tasks. 


Police officers often have to listen to recordings repetitively and having to pause multiple times at places where they think the suspect might have revealed essential information. In any case, police officers will have to pause, rewind and listen to evidence again and again which is time intensive. Using third-party services solely for transcription can prove to be costly. A legal transcript generated automatically simply saves a large amount of time which can be utilized to analyze the cases. A higher intellectual level is required for the latter so having a transcription tool signifies those resources are being utilized in an efficient manner. 


Automate Legal Transcription using VIDIZMO  

VIDIZMO offers a one-stop integrated solution providing Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) with industry-leading features such as artificial intelligence, transcription, redaction and more. Audio and video files can be automatically transcribed simultaneously in over 12 languages and translated into over 50 languages.  

And that's not all! You can search inside the evidence by simply typing a keyword and instantly jump to the relevant part; a perfect fit for busy lawyers and officers.  

Imagine: You are working on a high-profile case, appearing as a plaintiff in court hearings every day for a month thinking today might be the day you get the ball in your court and have the judge give a verdict in your favor. After countless sleepless nights, you find out a minute detail buried in an evidence which gives you the edge over the opposition party. Now imagine: you have a transcription tool which allows you to search specific events and keywords inside evidence allowing you to find out the key evidence which makes you win the case in a shorter time frame. This is where a complete Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) steps in.   

VIDIZMO also provides other artificial intelligence features that make it quicker and more efficient to find and present evidence in court, such as face and object detection. Instead of spending hours sifting through evidence, extract valuable insights from evidence to find specific details and moments inside evidence. Learn more about DEMS and how it can help better manage and present evidence in court.  

Now picture this: You make use of an efficient, time-saving digital evidence management system to improve efficiency in solving the high-profile case. You appear as the master-mind when you are praised for your efforts for solving the case not only by the law enforcement and government agencies, but also by the media.   

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