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AI-Powered Enterprise Video Platform

Transform your enterprise video platform with AI-backed solutions. Elevate content management, enhance user experience, and unlock superior performance.

The Demand for an Enterprise Video Platform has surged as video usage has quadrupled, with 91% of businesses turning to this medium for marketing. Besides that, Video is now the go-to solution for training and learning, internal and external communications, etc.

It makes sense as the engagement and retention rate of video content significantly surpass that of text-based information. Plus, 92% of marketers have vouched for Video as they have seen a positive return on investment.

Moreover, artificial intelligence has made creating, storing, and circulating videos much more straightforward.

From robust encoders to ensure responsiveness and latency-free delivery to automatic transcriptions and translations to enhance accessibility to powerful analytics providing in-depth insights — AI has revolutionized how videos are made, edited, distributed, and consumed.

Long story short, all painstaking manual tasks are now carried out within clicks, courtesy of AI. Let's delve into detail.

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What is an Enterprise Video Platform?

An Enterprise Video Platform helps organizations create, store, manage, and distribute content from a centralized library. These feature-rich platforms are designed to make the content creation and distribution process efficient and effective.

An enterprise-level software allows you to securely store all the video content under one roof with top-notch security to prevent data breaches. All the major security compliances are mainly accounted for to ensure content is viewed by and shared with the intended audience.

Apart from this, these platforms offer creative features as well as editing and streaming options to help creators. By streamlining processes, enterprise video platforms can do wonders for big organizations.

How is AI used in Video?

AI has become an indispensable ally for enterprises looking to optimize their video content strategies.

It automates processes, elevates user experiences, and extracts actionable insights. So, let's look at five ways AI is changing the game.

1. AI allows for Quick Discovery

AI-supported algorithms empower Enterprise Video Platforms to thoroughly analyze video content and automatically tag and categorize it based on the context and keywords.

This helps streamline the management processes and ensures users can easily find the relevant videos.

It saves time and effort as a user can quickly search based on tags, keywords from within the titles or the actual video content or author name, etc., improving overall accessibility.

This AI-supported intelligent search efficiently retrieves relevant data — a must-have feature, especially if you have a massive volume of audio and video-based content.

2. AI Creates Automated Translation and Transcriptions

Automated translations and transcriptions are essentially the transformation of spoken words into searchable text, improving the accessibility of the content.

This can be used further for repurposing as word-to-word transcriptions make it convenient to go through a video within minutes, which would've taken much more time under different circumstances.

Translations and transcriptions into a long list of different languages break the language barrier, making your content accessible and available to a broader audience, regardless of what language they can comprehend.

Creators can easily incorporate transcriptions into their editing and publishing processes without disruptions, as AI-generated transcriptions are accurate, significantly reducing the risk of errors associated with manual transcriptions.

Moreover, transcriptions and translations enable effective collaboration among teams working in a global capacity. With content selected in an understandable language, discussions become much more fruitful.

3. AI Quickens the Content Editing Process

AI-driven enterprise video platforms are designed to edit content automatically to improve the quality of videos. Depending on the intent, lighting, sound, and graphics can be auto-adjusted with AI detection.

Furthermore, AI-powered editing tools allow creators to personalize elements according to their preferences. This customization maintains the uniqueness of the content while ensuring that the final output meets high-quality standards.

It makes the editing process much more accessible as it fosters creativity and diversity in content production regardless of experience levels.

4. AI Ensures that Content is Responsive

Powerful encoders and transcoders are available on new-age Enterprise Video Platforms to ensure responsiveness.

Once a video or videos are ingested into an Enterprise Video Platform, the process begins by creating different renditions and file sizes to accommodate various streaming devices and connection speeds.

With this in motion, accessibility and user experience never get hindered, no matter what device is used to stream content.

5. AI provides Analytics and Consumer Insights

AI-powered analytics provide crucial insights into user behavior.

By tracking performance using total views, completion rates, total reshares, and comments, businesses can leverage data-driven insights to fine-tune their future strategies to optimize their video content.

Tracking various key performance indicators gives an in-depth look at what type of content resonates with the audience and how it can be fine-tuned to keep them hooked.

It also lets creators see peak engagement times to schedule releases accordingly to maximum reach.

Besides that, AI-supported analytics can scan the digital landscape for emerging trends. Content creators can capitalize on this information to augment engagement rates.

You know how AI support helps an Enterprise Video Platform. But now let's look at software that brings all this under one roof.

AI-Backed Solution on VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube combines creation and organization under one umbrella. You can use tools to live-stream or simply store content safely in a centralized repository with restricted access to your desired personnel.

The platform offers editing features like video trimming, virtual backgrounds, or noise suppression to deliver high-quality content. Furthermore, you can completely personalize and white-label your content and portal per your needs.

VIDIZMO's software also provides translations and transcriptions in 50+ languages to make your content accessible to international audiences.

And AI-powered search helps you find relevant content within seconds. Also, the system employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure your content does not fall into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, you can get an in-depth performance report within an Enterprise Video Content Management System, highlighting trends, heatmaps, and other key performance indicators to track performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Enterprise AI?

A machine can learn, understand, and interact in a way similar to that of humans combined with software specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations.

How can AI be used in video production?

AI empowers creators to craft personalized content tailored to individual viewers. Through a comprehensive analysis of audience behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns, AI can help deliver customized content on enterprise video platforms, fostering heightened engagement levels.

How is AI used in video streaming?

AI-powered solutions reduce the cost of video streaming while improving the overall user experience by reducing buffering times. This helps Enterprise Video Platforms automatically enhance the graphic and audio quality for a smooth and high-quality user experience.

Will AI replace video production?

Although AI has brought many positive changes and improved the workflow, it cannot fully replace manual video editing. While AI can improve the quality, it fails to humanize the content, which a human editor can successfully do by understanding emotions to create content that resonates better with the audience.

What is the goal of the AI enterprise workflow?

AI enterprise workflow streamlines and improves the business process, making it accurate and precise with the efficient use of resources.

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