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Best Way to Stream Video from Cloud Storage

Have videos stored in Azure Blob Storage? Or AWS S3? Or some other cloud storage. Here is the best way to stream and manage videos from your cloud storage!
by Sabika Tasneem Updated on October 7, 2021

Videos are rich media assets – it would be a shame for them to be forgotten in storage. Organizations utilizing video be it for marketing, training, live event, or purely internal comms require these videos to be streamed from their cloud storage.

Cloud storage providers like Azure Blob Storage and AWS S3 are not optimized for video streaming and management. As the name suggests, they are purely designed for the storage of your digital asset – your video needs are definitely not their first priority.

Figuring out and integrating all the complex streaming workflows is an arduous time-taking process. It requires a great deal of tech expertise and definitely not cost-effective as you are building everything from scratch. Above all else, you must be prepared for a whole lot of trial and error to ensure a glitch-free stream that delivers all that you need.

Rather than building the whole streaming infrastructure from scratch, why not opt for a ready-made Gartner-recognized end-to-end enterprise video content management system, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube. Connect with any of the leading cloud storage providers to securely stream and manage all your video. Use this platform to create your own internal YouTube platform.

Internal YouTube - Stream Video for Cloud Storage Infographics

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VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube | Intelligent Cloud Video Streaming Platform

VIDIZMO’s enterprise video platform allows you to stream your videos from any cloud storage provider, and works especially well with the following industry-leading video cloud storage options:


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Suffice to say, VIDIZMO supports optimized streaming of live and on-demand videos from your cloud storage for a variety of industries covering a wide range of video use cases, including:

However, streaming is just the tip of the iceberg. VIDIZMO allows you to organize, secure, analyze, share, segregate, and manage these critical video assets in a variety of other ways. You can even arrange them into playlists, make them interactive through in-video quizzes or handouts, embed them onto your website, trim them down into shorter clips, and do much more.

Benefits of VIDIZMO Video Cloud Platform - Stream video from cloud storage Infographic

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Simply put, VIDIZMO helps make your video communication more automated, flexible, easily manageable, and, above all else, highly dependable. To top it off, it is also a white-label VOD platform that supports logo placement custom domain, modification of navigation, and custom thesaurus based on your brand’s vocabulary. You can entirely revamp the colors and styling of your portal based on your branding guidelines. What is even better is that VIDIZMO allows you to have multiple autonomous video portals with separate billing, branding, security policies and admin controls.


VIDIZMO Cloud Storage Video Streaming Customers

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If you are in search of an easy solution to stream videos from your cloud storage, VIDIZMO will be the perfect fit for you. Contact our team to clear up any queries. Or simply opt for a free trial to test out the intelligent cloud video streaming platform!

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Posted by Sabika Tasneem

Sabika is the Associate Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO, an expert in video streaming technologies and solutions. You can email at websales@vidizmo.com for any queries.

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