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blog Digital Evidence Management
  • By Muhammad Nabeel Ali
  • February 23 2023
VIDIZMO Redactor for License Plate Redaction

In today’s digital world, privacy is a major concern. With PII data such as license plate numbers widely available, ...

blog Video Platform Compliance
  • By Shahan Zafar
  • October 26 2021
Using A Video CMS Platform for FedRAMP Compliant Video Hosting

If your government agency is looking for a video streaming and management solution, then it needs to be effective such ...

blog Digital Evidence Management
  • By Zohaib Khan
  • August 03 2021
Ensure Privacy with an Evidence Sharing & Redaction Software Solution

When dealing with content containing sensitive information such as digital evidence, privacy is of utmost importance. ...

blog Video Platform Compliance
  • By Sabika Tasneem
  • August 03 2021
GDPR and Video Surveillance: How to Meet The Stringent Requirements?

Video Surveillance Systems are viewed to be highly intrusive, taking away people's right to remain undetected, as ...

blog Digital Evidence Management
  • By Zohaib Khan & Shahan Zafar
  • July 28 2021
Manual vs Automatic: What's the Best Way to Do a Legal Transcription?

Transcribing video and audio evidence into legal transcripts is an essential task in the criminal justice process. From ...

blog Video Platform Compliance
  • By Sabika Tasneem
  • July 27 2021
Video Redaction for GDPR: What Is Required?

Curious why GDPR requires redaction of certain faces, objects or words within your videos? Don’t know what to redact ...

blog Digital Evidence Management
  • By Sidra Jabeen
  • July 16 2021
Staying CJIS Compliant with Digital Evidence Management Software

Law enforcement agencies on local, state and federal levels are involved in accessing and dealing with Criminal Justice ...

blog encryption
  • By Sabika Tasneem
  • July 02 2021
secure live streaming with SSL

"SSL" and "video streaming" are both well-known terms but are seldom talked about together. So, how does SSL comes into ...

blog Healthcare
  • By Co-Author: Sidra Jabeen & Shahan Zafar
  • May 23 2021
Ensuring Data Security in Healthcare With HIPAA-Compliant Video Platform

As the world is shifting towards more virtual communications, healthcare providers are constantly searching for secure ...

blog Video Platform Compliance
  • By Sabika Tasneem & Saadiya Munir
  • April 22 2021
How to Have Secure GDPR Compliant Online Meeting Recordings?

With almost everyone working remotely after the rise in the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of virtual meetings took ...

blog security
  • By Shahan Zafar
  • March 26 2021
FIPS 140-2 Compliance for End-to-end Security in Video Streaming

FIPS 140-2 is a standard set for security (encryption and other cryptography) of sensitive data in government agencies. ...

blog Video Platform Compliance
  • By Sabika Tasneem
  • March 25 2021
Meeting GDPR Article 32: How Data Segregation Helps?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in 2018 with the intention of ensuring maximum data privacy ...

blog accessibility
  • By Sabika Tasneem and Shahan Zafar
  • February 08 2021
Accessibility Standards for Video - Section 508, ADA Compliance etc.

Recorded online meetings, marketing videos or online training, the use of video content is increasing like never ...

blog artificial intelligence
  • By Shahan Zafar
  • October 24 2020
Ensuring US & GDPR Compliance while using AI for Video Surveillance

According to Carnegie Endowment it was found that 75 out of 176 countries in the study are actively using AI for video ...

blog data privacy
  • By Jay
  • May 22 2020
What is Data Privacy? A guide to protecting your digital assets

If you are extremely concerned about data privacy, you have to agree that this topic has become increasingly complex. ...

blog Deployment Models
  • By Jay
  • March 13 2020
VIDIZMO’s Flexible Solution: Addresses Legal and Compliance Challenges

With the increasing use of cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, data sovereignty issues have ...