VIDIZMO integrates with Cisco TelePresence

Discover VIDIZMO's integration with Cisco TelePresence and other video conferencing tools for a complete unified communications & video streaming solution.

Enterprise video conferencing has revolutionized communication and knowledge flow across organizations. From corporate broadcasts to employee training and knowledge sharing, enterprises in all industry verticals are leveraging the power of video to increase collaboration, engagement, productivity, and hence ROI.

The video is also emerging as a powerful tool for businesses to connect with external stakeholders such as partners, investors, and customers across geographical boundaries.

For wide-ranging video streaming use cases, contemporary organizations need live and on-demand video streaming. While live video is commonly used to collectively address a large audience or engage viewers in real-time. On-demand videos are often the best for offline viewing of recorded content or self-paced learning.

The growing use of video in organizations now necessitates that employees have access to a comprehensive yet easy-to-use streaming media solution that executes end-to-end video streaming, i.e., from its capture, storage, processing, management, and sharing, to the point of video delivery on all user devices.

VIDIZMO, a Gartner-recognized enterprise video streaming solution, offers a centralized video platform for live and on-demand video streaming and digital asset management to meet all such enterprise needs.

With VIDIZMO, you can deliver all live and on-demand video and digital media to users over the web (cloud), behind a company’s firewall (on-premises) or both (hybrid model), with playback on any user device, browser, or bandwidth conditions.

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Leverage Your Existing Telepresence System with VIDIZMO

Offering high interoperability with all other contemporary and traditional telepresence and video conferencing tools, VIDIZMO helps you leverage your existing video technologies while also empowering your organization with new-age video technologies in one consolidated video portal.

VIDIZMO provides seamless integration with your existing telepresence or video conferencing ecosystems like Cisco® TelePresence® Content Server or Polycom® RealPresence® Media Suite, so you can leverage your existing telepresence infrastructure while also availing VIDIZMO’s cutting edge live and on-demand video streaming and digital asset management platform.

Live Streaming Cisco TelePresence Meetings with VIDIZMO

VIDIZMO integration with Cisco TelePresence for unified video streaming & video conferencing

For instance, in the case of Cisco TelePresence, VIDIZMO takes live video streams from different telepresence endpoints or recording sites, consolidated in Cisco TelePresence Unified Communications (UC) Manager using communications protocols such as SIP or H323.

The live streams are pushed via Cisco TelePresence Content Server to VIDIZMO Streaming Servers and eCDNs using RTSP or RTMP streaming protocols.

Following this, VIDIZMO eCDN distributes live video to all devices for geographically dispersed users via unicast, multicast or P2P for efficient delivery, making all live videos available for playback and viewing by all authorized users VIDIZMO’s video portal.

As a result, VIDIZMO can securely broadcast live telepresence meetings, CEO broadcasts, multimedia presentations, lectures, training sessions or even events to a broad audience – all via VIDIZMO’s video platform accessible to internal and external shareholders from all devices, browsers, and bandwidth conditions.

Recording Cisco TelePresence for On-Demand Storage and Playback  with VIDIZMO

VIDIZMO integration with Cisco TelePresence for unified video streaming & video conferencing

For a video on demand, VIDIZMO utilizes its Publisher Tool to automatically retrieve and publish all video recordings in mp4 format via an FTP or UNC path from Cisco TelePresence Content Server to the VIDIZMO publishing server.

The recorded video files are then transcoded and stored in VIDIZMO Content Server. When a user clicks to watch a video, the request is routed via VIDIZMO eCDN to the nearest edge server for streaming to any number of users anywhere, on any device, and in varying bandwidth conditions.

All on-demand videos from Cisco Unified Communications System are automatically ingested, transcoded, indexed, transcribed, and stored in VIDIZMO’s video repository from where users can search, manage, edit, view, and share the video files.

Integration With Other Online Video Conferencing Tools

VIDIZMO also provides seamless integration with recent online meeting or video conferencing tools such as Cisco WebEx, Skype for Business, Go-To-Meeting, and Go-To-Webinar, commonly used by modern enterprises for introductory video conferencing needs.

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With a powerful combination of technologies built into VIDIZMO’s highly interoperable video platform, you can significantly scale the audience and deliver high-quality video playback to PCs, smartphones, and tablets regardless of the viewer’s bandwidth conditions – all while achieving unified communications throughout the organization. Moreover, with single sign-on authentication, the VIDIZMO portal offers robust security and access controls, enabling different portal access and viewing capabilities for other stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Final Thoughts

Today, organizations across the board are moving away from their proprietary telepresence systems to the new and more powerful video conferencing technologies.

Additionally, with the proliferation of sophisticated video use cases in the enterprise, corporate video needs far surpass what video conferencing tools alone can hope to deliver. With VIDIZMO, you get an infinitely scalable, secure, and robust video streaming solution and digital media management repository capable of meeting all new and emerging video use cases within the enterprise and enterprise video conferencing needs.

To learn more about how VIDIZMO integrates with Cisco TelePresence or other video conferencing solutions, contact us today to request VIDIZMO’s free 7-day trial.

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Posted by Saadiya Munir & Rabeea Tahir

This blog was initially written by Rabeea Tahir & later on updated & revised by Saadiya Munir.

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