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Why Disable Zoom Recordings When You Can Efficiently Manage Them?

By Bareerah Shoukat
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Data breaches in the era of ever-evolving technology and the internet is quite common nowadays. In October 2013, 153 million user records from Adobe were breached. This was one of the biggest data breaches in the 21st century. If you’re hosting a meeting on Zoom and it contains sensitive information, these can also be prone to leakage or data breach which ultimately highlights privacy concerns. This is why you might consider disabling recordings on Zoom.

Video sessions such as training, orientations, one on one therapy sessions, business meetings or any private session that you can think of. The risk involves people’s names and numbers, their addresses, financial statements, to name a few. If exposed, these can end up endangering people’s privacy.

As Zoom has around 300 million daily active users, imagine the meetings and personalized information hosted every day. What if the meetings were recorded and they went viral on the internet? After all, it’s up to the participant to enable or disable the recording and do whatever they want after it’s saved.

To avoid these risks, it’s better to disable the recording in a video conferencing platform such as Zoom. In this blog, we will tell you how you can do that, why you should do that and another way to go about it.

Why Disable Zoom Recordings?

Zoom meetings are not recorded by default. Participants or hosts can decide whether to record it or not. These recordings are saved on their respective desktop or on an online storage platform without passwords and participants’ consent. However, everyone in the meeting does get a notification when the recording starts.

Recent privacy concerns regarding Zoom leaves their audience at risk and, therefore, forces on the fact that as to why we should disable Zoom recording. Following are the rising security problems when Zoom was at its peak.

  • Zoom bombing
  • Zoom phishing scams
  • Zoom’s Keybase encrypted chat

The above problems raised a major red flag. Let’s suppose you are in a meeting with the officials discussing the financial statement of the company. The information presented within the meetings should be confidential as it contains the company's financial statements, budget, employees' bank account information, and other critical data. As the meeting is in progress, a Zoom bomber invades the hosted meeting and ends up recording it. The recording is saved in its local computer, and there is nothing the host or other people in the meeting can do about it. The data is now being exploited.

Let’s say the video has confidential data and it’s being recorded. The recorded video ends up going viral on the internet, now unauthorized viewers can easily access the recording. This comes under compliance breach and the penalty can be up to millions of euros and businesses really can’t afford to violate this law.

<Learn More about How to Keep Your Meeting Recordings Secure in Accordance To Different Compliances>

For safety measures and taking a little step to tackle this concern is to disable Zoom recording. It won’t stop the Zoom bomber, but it’ll prevent the sensitive information within the meetings from getting into the wrong hands.

How Can You Disable the Recording Option in Zoom – The Steps

To ensure privacy for all, there is a way to disable the recording option in Zoom and here’s how you can do it.

First things first,

  1. Login into your Zoom account on the web app

Now find the Meeting tab

  1. Click settings in the meeting tab and then click In Meeting (Basic)
  2. Toggle then button grey by disabling the chat option. This will end up automatically disabling all chat functions.
  3. Then Click the Recording tab
  4. Under the options, turn off the following options
    • Toggle the button of local recording to off
    • Toggle the button of cloud recording to off

This will disable other recording settings off including the automated transcript.

Let’s Go with a Different Route – VIDIZMO

Why disable Zoom meeting recordings in the first place? And miss out on the benefits of recorded meetings - when you can securely manage them in an enterprise video platform instead?

VIDIZMO allows you to automatically ingest your recorded Zoom meetings. You can then view your recorded meetings on VIDIZMO’s YouTube-like platform that fits all security and compliance needs. That’s not only it, but you can also do much more within VIDIZMO.

In VIDIZMO, meetings that contain sensitive information can only be accessed by a certain group of users, that is only authorized users are able to access the meeting. You can have customizable security policies, role-based access control and password protection. Furthermore, you can set a custom retention period, limit sharing and track down the videos through detailed audit logs and reports.

It provides more extensive features than just privacy and security. The recorded meetings are automatically transcoded, auto-generated captions and translation of captions in up to 90 languages. VIDIZIMO empowers your video by making them searchable using AI technology and provides you with detailed analytics.

An Overview of the Features

Authorized user access

Only SSO-enabled users can access the video.


Role-based access

Segregate your content by role-based access. In VIDIZMO you have 6 roles and furthermore, you can assign custom roles and assign group-based permissions accordingly.


Password protected

Password-protect your videos and share them with a link that can expire.


Audit reports

Get detailed logs for the entire portal or for each individual video, with every activity logged, timestamped, user identity and IP addresses mentioned.

Limited sharing

Define the number of views and downloads of a particular video.


Translation of Transcriptions

Translation of transcriptions or closed captions in up to 90 languages.


Automatically transcribe the recorded meetings into multiple languages.

Searchable videos

Search your videos and within your videos via objects, faces, emotions and other attributes.



Get deeper insights of your videos and analyze trends with the help of analytics.

Organizational Sharing Policy

This prevent or enables users to share your recorded videos outside of the organization.


Anonymous User Policy

Non authorized users on the platform can comment or download the videos or not.


Multiple links

Can generate multiple links for a single video that can be expired when needed.

Block downloads

You can block downloads and prevent unauthorized access and distribution.


Learn More About  Managing Recorded Meetings in VIDIZMO



Why disable recording when you can manipulate videos however you want and in a secure environment. Zoom recordings in VIDIZMO simply boost your productivity. Zoom does provide security but in a limited manner, and Zoom combined with an enterprise platform can open doors to much more extensive features and enhanced security. Try for yourself today!

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