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Cloud-based virtual training is all the rage these days. But what exactly is it? Learn about the ins and outs of virtual training and all its benefits.

Pandemic has taken the world by storm; everything has gone virtual. During this transition, technology has been put to rigorous use. Now, knowledge also had to travel through the clouds to reach learners worldwide. According to research, the worldwide e-learning market is expected to be worth $325 Billion by 2025.

Cloud-based virtual training has truly revolutionized the world of knowledge sharing. It has many applications, from corporate trainings to online educational courses. Many companies have discovered these cloud-based training courses to be much more effective and inclusive.

However, there is a definite art when it comes to delivering engaging training online.

This blog will shed light on the types and benefits of cloud-based virtual training. Furthermore, we will discuss the hype behind these training and how a corporate YouTube-like cloud-based video training platform, VIDIZMO, can help.

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Cloud-Based Virtual Training Benefits

Switching to cloud-based virtual training has many benefits that affect just about every aspect of your business, including increased user adoption and learner engagement through a more streamlined experience for both the trainer and the learner, simultaneously lowering the overall costs while increasing effectiveness.

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Types of Cloud-Based Virtual Training

We have different types of training modes when it comes to cloud-based virtual training. You must choose one based on the subject and learner’s profile.

Organizations should choose these based on employee learning needs, their knowledge level, the training mediums and the method they are most comfortable with.

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

VILT are real-time courses and are delivered through a virtual environment when the instructor and learner are geographically dispersed. Organizations often incorporate VILT as part of a larger, mixed company-wide training strategy for professional development, training and learning, and virtual employee onboarding.

  • Self-Paced Virtual Training

Self-paced or asynchronous virtual training courses do not require employees to have a set schedule as they are not real-time. A learner can watch the training videos at their own pace on the go, at home, at a remote location or at the office, whichever is more suitable.

These courses use various on-demand videos sequenced as playlists with quizzes and handouts attached for an interactive learning experience. This method helps retain information longer and allows the learner to make notes without missing any information, making the overall session productive. Self-paced virtual training is used in many companies of different sectors.

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The Hype About Cloud-Based Virtual Training

  • For Trainers

Trainers experience an unbelievable level of flexibility and ability to replicate complicated hands-on environments on-demand with cloud-based training platforms. It can even be as easy as recording your live streamed sessions and re-uploading as on-demand videos.

Setting up such courses is also not difficult as there are many cloud-based video training platforms out there that do it all for enterprises. All the trainer has to do then is to upload, manage through the platform’s features, and share ahead with the trainees.

Training can be held globally and accessed from a centralized point with an internet-connected device. Companies don’t require any upgrading of their IT system while leveraging their needs for scalability. This reduces the number of trainers required by a global corporation through the creation of reusable training courses.

Effective cloud-based virtual training

  • For Trainee

Trainees are the ultimate beneficiary of cloud-based virtual training. Here is how a trainee makes the most from these online training to grow and improve their productivity:

  • Hands-on experience – Employees get access to materials even outside the office hours, which allow them to practice after hours
  • Self-paced learning – Learning at your own pace and rewatching any confusing parts or parts they might have missed to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Improve accessibility – Virtual training and its courses are accessible to every employee or trainee providing that they should have a computer and stable internet connection.


Why Trust VIDIZMO for Cloud-Based Virtual Training?

There are a variety of virtual training software, but why not opt for a ready-made video platform that allows you to create your very own Corporate YouTube-like virtual training portal(s) with multiple cloud deployment options on Azure, AWS, or any other private cloud.

end to end brandable enterprise video platform - VIDIZMO

Here's What a Corporate YouTube   Created Through VIDIZMO Looks Like

VIDIZMO, a Gartner-recognized cloud video platform, lets you host live and on-demand training videos. Create playlists and categorize them for organized viewing. Be sure to display key videos and playlists on your portal home page.


Try All These Capabilities for Free Today!

Benefit from VIDIZMO’s extensive AI-powered platform-wide and in-video search capabilities to find videos in seconds as every spoken word in your videos is searchable. This is possible as your videos can be automatically transcribed into about 39 languages, and the transcripts can be further translated into around 52 languages making your videos inclusive and accessible.

You can make your training videos interactive by adding quizzes to test retention and understanding, attaching handouts to provide additional information, embedding them on your LMS or website and tracking the interaction via detailed analytics.

If you have training videos of different departments, then, in that case, you can segregate your content into different restricted groups or create multiple autonomous portals with custom security policies and admin controls in place.

What is the best part of VIDIZMO? It is not only for the training use case but the enterprise video platform also caters to end-to-end enterprise video use cases for internal and external audiences, allowing you to centrally stream and manage all your video content from one platform.

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