Streamlining Digital Evidence Management for County Governments

Here you will learn the critical aspect of digital evidence and how county government can now securely collect, manage, and share evidence efficiently.

We can imagine that county officers have huge responsibilities toward the community and dedicatedly working hard to fulfill their duties by providing services to the residents of their county. Our County officers play a vital role in serving the community in the field of safety, health and prosperity of local communities and providing them with basic necessities like operating jails, local hospitals, operating district attorney offices and much more.

Being efficient in every sector is quite challenging for every county, especially when it comes to the safety of the public. Dealing with criminal cases efficiently, resolving each case with justice, and keeping a record of each case is a tough task. A streamlined process is always an obvious need for our dedicated county officers to be more productive.

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County Role In Justice And Public Safety

Counties significantly impact justice and public safety areas: emergency response and the criminal justice system. By enforcing the law and reducing crime, counties keep their districts secure.

The Devoted County sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies are on the front lines of the criminal justice system and public safety, conducting street patrols, running and maintaining county detention facilities, and acting as the arm of the county courts. The other major county roles include judges, district attorneys, public defenders, court clerks, jail administrators, 911 operators, and coroners.


What's The Most Critical Aspect Of Digital Evidence?

When it comes to "what's the most critical aspect of digital evidence?" the answer is Plenty! Since technology is becoming the backbone of state and local government, and cybercrime is at its peak, there is a massive demand for secure platforms to manage digital evidence.

There are various essential aspects the county government needs to keep in mind while dealing with digital evidence. The different agencies need to be able to share information effectively while abiding by data protection rules.

  • Collection Of Digital Evidence

The collection of Digital evidence from multiple physical or virtual locations requires an expert platform to collect evidence securely. The individual county handles thousands of cases per year. Collecting numerous digital evidence of each case is not easy as picking some hanging fruit.

  • Storing Digital Evidence

Storing digital evidence is particularly challenging. A tremendous amount of storage is always needed for a system to store data. Most of the counties currently have their existing active case files and digital evidence stored in local storage, which utilizes over several TBs of data.

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  • Data Migration

Data migration is the activity of transferring data, applications, or evidence files from a local data center to a cloud or from one cloud to another. It frequently involves storage relocation as well. Many counties currently hold their data in their local system and face challenges while migrating data from local storage to cloud storage.

  • Sharing Of Large Data Files

The county departments are courts, county sheriffs, District Attorneys, Public defenders, and other law enforcement departments. They are on the front lines of public safety and the criminal justice system in every case. Sharing large data files with these departments is one of the critical aspects of digital evidence management. Usually, network connection drops while sharing a large file, and data can be lost, which leads to a significant problem.

Take a moment to understand how VIDIZMO offers multiple sharing controls to ensure data security and access:


  • System Compatibility

Evidence is usually extracted from multiple devices, and extensive data files can make the process more difficult. Besides this, the platform should be compatible enough to efficiently ingest and store large digital evidence files so counties can efficiently utilize them while resolving cases.

  • Secure Evidence From Tampering

Digital evidence can easily be tampered without leaving any trace. The county Justice and Public safety department must ensure the authenticity of evidence to provide justice to the victim.

  • File Type Restriction

While sharing large digital evidence files, the file type is also the main problem that can be a hurdle during the investigation. The platform is needed, which should be multiple file types supported so that evidence can be sharable and playable for the law enforcement personnel of the county.

  • Compliance And Data Security

Data security and compliances matter extensively when dealing with digital evidence. Within a county, there is a collaboration between public safety agencies, offices, and other justice sectors to securely request and share evidence, track progress, audit, and report. Strict compliance requirements presented in CJIS, HIPAA, GDPR, FOIA and others must be fulfilled to ensure digital evidence authenticity.

How Can A County Improve Digital Evidence Management?

We have already discussed what's the most critical aspects of digital evidence and how counties face challenges with these critical aspects of evidence management. We know that digital transformation continues to grow across law enforcement agencies, and digital evidence has become increasingly valuable in criminal investigations in every state and county.

A county can improve evidence management by shifting the entire system to a digital evidence management platform that can securely share and manage every piece of evidence with its integrity in a single platform where you can collect, store, share, and manage evidence of the cases that happen within a county. The platform will also allow you to link each department, whether sheriff's office, district attorneys, prosecutors, county courts, or police departments.


VIDIZMO DEMS Can Make Your County Process More Efficient

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System can solve all the challenges that a county faces in digital evidence management. Now data can be stored, managed, and shared through a secure and compliant platform. VIDIZMO allows your county to make multiple portals of different departments to provide ease of evidence sharing with authorized personnel.

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  • VIDIZMO can support all standard file types, and file types that may be proprietary to a specific technology can be converted and transcoded. This enables the playing of evidence files and makes them easily accessible through the VIDIZMO player.

  •  VIDIZMO provides a digital evidence management platform with several security controls to ensure compliance, like HIPAA, GDPR, CJIS, FOIA, and FedRAMP.

  • Ingest an ever-growing amount of digital evidence from several sources, such as CCTV cameras, vehicle dashcams, body-worn cameras, drone cameras, and call recordings.

  •  Maintaining the complete chain of custody reports can help you keep track of your digital evidence files.

  •  Validate that such SHA cryptographic value does not damage the integrity of the evidence in any way (tamper detection).

  •  To maintain confidentiality by hiding identity and vulnerable information VIDIZMO Video Redaction tool plays a vital role in digital evidence management software.

  •  Securely share digital evidence with other officers using various limited settings, such as the number of views, the ability to prevent downloads, the creation of numerous links for each file, and more.

  •  Compatible with various media types, accumulating to 255+ video, audio, image and document file formats.

  •  VIDIZMO DEMS can transcribe evidence files into 39+ languages and, in addition, can be translated into 50+ languages.

  •  Simultaneous transcription of four different languages is available in a video Using artificial intelligence and can translate into several languages.

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