How to record and share Cisco Webex recorded meetings?

Increased remote work leads to increased recorded online meetings. Learn how to securely share while intelligently managing your Webex recorded meetings.

Webex meetings can be recorded – surely a handy feature, especially now that remote work is all the rage and quite frankly a necessity. In the US alone, it has been predicted that 25 to 30% of the workforce will be partially or fully working from home after the pandemic.

Clearly, the trend is not going to die down any time soon. Remote working technologies like video conferencing and video content management systems truly made it all possible.

Make your Webex meetings reusable video assets by recording them. These Webex recorded meetings can serve a variety of purposes, including:

  • No employee is left out – no matter the time zone
  • Lower the number of meetings – remove the need for redundant meetings
  • Preserve critical knowledge in your knowledge base
  • Conduct live training sessions – recordings can be used to create self-paced courses for current and future employees
  • Ensure active listening in the meeting – no note-taking necessary
  • Available for a quick review when a relevant future discussion comes up

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How to Record on Webex?

Only the meeting host may opt to record it. To start the recording, you may click on the “Record” button placed at the top right corner of the Webex meeting window. Other meeting participants will be informed that they are being recorded to ensure consent. You can pause and resume your recordings as required. If you stop and restart recordings, it will produce multiple recording files.


Where are Webex Recordings Stored?

Webex recordings can be stored on your local drive or as a cloud recording on your Webex site. If For the cloud recording, you may share them in two ways:

  • email a password-protected link to specific people – you can disable the link later on when you want to remove access to it
  • generate a publicly accessible URL

In either of these options, you cannot prevent other viewers from downloading your Webex recorded meetings.


Limitations of Managing Webex Recorded Meetings

Cisco Webex is no doubt a leading video conferencing tool for real-time collaboration. It does, however, fall short in terms of its meeting recording management capabilities. The tool is simply not designed for video management. Simply leaving your recordings stored on Webex for viewing and directly sharing through it is not enough. Here is all that you are losing out on:

  • Not possible to securely share externally with a limited number of views and for a limited time period
  • Cannot create an internal video library with videos neatly organized in different categories, playlists
  • No user group to segregate recorded meetings
  • Detailed audit logs of user activity for recordings are not available – difficult to meet compliance requirements
  • No way of defining policy for how meetings can be shared by employees, like with blocked downloads – the absence of data governance capabilities is a big problem if you have compliances to meet
  • No redaction capabilities are required by compliances to blur out the faces and objects – you will struggle in protecting PII and will have to redact where needed manually
  • Only basic search capabilities – not possible to filter down the search based on in-video words or custom identifiers attached to each recording
  • No in-video search possible – you can’t search within a video to find a specific word, face or object
  • No embedding is available to post recordings on your website, application or any 3rd party application like LMS


Manage Your Recordings Smartly With A
Secure & Compliant Video Platform

VIDIZMO Cisco Webex Integration | Intelligent Recorded Meeting Management

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a YouTube-like secure video platform designed for live and on-demand video streaming and management. In short, it is an end-to-end video management solution with pre-built Cisco Webex integration.

end to end brandable enterprise video platform - VIDIZMO Webex Recorded Meeting Integration

The moment your recorded meeting ends, it will be auto-ingested in VIDIZMO, where you can trim it down, split it into mini videos, have a thumbnail auto-generated and define its access – basically, who can view it and who cannot. You can even embed these recordings on your website or application and LMS integration also allows you to have your videos available right inside your LMS.

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What VIDIZMO Offers?

On-Demand Video Library

Have all your videos organized neatly in different categories and playlists. Feature key videos and playlists on the home page with your most recent and popular media. Your team can view recordings on any device, browser, and under varying bandwidth conditions – remote working will truly be facilitated.

Control Who Has Access

You can restrict every recording to select users, certain groups, the entire organization, or make them accessible to the public viewers.

You can even assign each user one of the six pre-defined user roles or a custom role, restricting the video-related actions (like sharing or downloading) they may perform.

Securely Share Internally or Externally

Generate password-protected multiple links to share recordings with different people (internal team or external stakeholders. You can expire the link when you need to revoke access from someone.

Or you could simply guest share a video with an external viewer. This way, they can temporarily log in to your video portal to view your recording for a limited number of views and a limited time period.

Make Your Recordings Interactive

VIDIZMO allows you to use meetings for a variety of new purposes. One of which is conducting recorded live training sessions. Their recordings can be later placed into a self-paced course playlist restricted to required teams. You can split them up into mini learning bites.

Make these learning bites can interactive by adding in-video quizzes to test comprehension, handouts to provide additional information, and surveys to collect learners’ feedback. Be sure to track analytics to review the assessment reports and video analytics to gain actionable insights. All this will help ensure active listening and content retention.

Global Accessibility

Your recorded meetings will be auto-transcribed into 12+ languages and further translated into 40+ languages to cater to a global audience.

Automatic transcoding and modern video streaming protocols like HLS supporting adaptive bitrate streaming will make your recordings accessible on any device, browser, and under varying bandwidth conditions. CDN Support will finally ensure smooth global content delivery.

Redact What Needs to be Hidden

Here is an add-on for you to meet stringent data protection compliance requirements. Utilize VIDIZMO’s AI-powered facial recognition, object detection and optical character recognition capabilities to automatically blur faces, objects and on-screen text. Redaction for GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, CJIS or any other compliance will no longer be a worry!

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Suffice to say, you can make your Webex recorded meetings highly valuable interactive video assets if you opt for the right video platform that can make them secure, shareable, and searchable. Reuse these for eternity and help save your time, resources and effort.

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