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Simplify Organizing Your Video Library with Category Access Rights

Today, you'll learn exactly why organizing your video library is important for you and how you can manage the growing volume of your video content.  

by Sania Abdul Bari Updated on April 1, 2024

The video revolution is upon us, and businesses are producing video content at an unprecedented rate. Training materials, marketing videos, internal communications – it's all video, all the time.  

However, the surge in video content adoption within organizations brings forth a notable obstacle: the management of extensive video libraries. 

Effectively organizing your video library is no longer a luxury; it has become a cornerstone of efficient media management. As the volume of video content continues to grow, finding ways to efficiently categorize, store, and retrieve these assets has become paramount. 

Imagine having a centralized hub where employees can effortlessly locate the videos and digital media they need, without wasting precious time sifting through cluttered files or struggling with access restrictions. 

No wonder, a well-designed online video library should enable swift access to desired videos and digital media you want. It is surely not fun to be in the middle of a disorganized video content library, especially when a new survey from Wakefield Research and Elastic reveals that about 54% of US office professionals spend more time searching for internal documents than on work. 

Can you relate? Is your video library software a disorganized web, consuming several hours as you desperately search for that one crucial video?  Do you also struggle navigating through a disorganized collection of videos, spending precious minutes looking for essential training videos or marketing assets? If this sounds all too familiar, you're not alone. 

This blog explores why organizing your corporate video library matters and how VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube makes organizing your video library simpler with category access rights.

What is a Video Library?

A video library is a collection of digital video content stored and organized in a centralized repository. It's like a home to all the video content your company creates, centralizing your video communications, meetings, training, and works-in-progress.

With a video library software, you can put your videos where you want and make different categories for different things, like events, departments or products.

Video libraries are essential for individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and content creators to manage, share, and distribute video content effectively. With features for categorization, search functionality, and access control, video libraries facilitate efficient organization and utilization of video assets.

From enhancing user experience to optimizing content discovery, a well-structured video library plays a crucial role in driving engagement and achieving visibility of your online video library.

Why Organizing your Video Library is Essential

To gain control of your video content, you need a clear picture of your video-based data. Categorizing the video data and organizing your video content library is crucial. This will allow you to understand what content you have, where it lives, and who accesses it. Here are some key reasons why you need to organize your video library:

Searching Through a Disorganized Video Library Wastes Time

The frustration of searching for an important video among disorderly files can be a significant time sink. Every second spent navigating through folders or trying to recall specific titles adds up, detracting from your productivity and efficiency.

A well-organized library categorizes videos, makes it easy to discover what you need right away. With an organized video library, you’ll no longer have to navigate folders or remember video titles - simply browse through relevant categories and find what you're looking for in no time. 

Disorganized Video Content Library Slows Down Workflow

Uncategorized videos create information silos, it's like they’re stuck in separate rooms, making it difficult for teams to find the content they need and slowing down knowledge sharing and workflow. 

According to EY, B2B companies can significantly boost marketing impact by eliminating data silos – information barriers that prevents information sharing between departments.  Leveraging the right tools can break down these silos and improve data accessibility. 

Categorizing videos with clearly defined access permissions breaks down information silos, making collaboration simpler than ever.  

Inflexible Control to Who Can Access Video Content

Tired of worrying about prying eyes on your confidential video content? 

Sensitive videos left unaddressed in a disorganized library are a security risk. A clear system ensures your confidential information is properly protected. 

IBM's 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report found that breach costs in the US rose by 0.4%, amounting to $9.48, from 2022 to 2023. Strong security is vital to handling strict rules and protecting data-heavy systems. 

Setting access permissions based on categories lets organizations adjust permissions, stop leaks, and manage who can see what. This boosts security and privacy, keeping sensitive videos safe from unauthorized viewers. 

If you want to learn more about the importance of a secure online video library, we recommend you read this blog: Why a Secure Online Video Library is Vital for Your Organization

4. Keeping Unused Video Files Increases Storage Cost

A recent Veritas study found that storage inefficiencies are the primary reason why 94% of organizations encounter cloud budget overruns, exceeding their initial estimates by an average of 43%. 

Old or unnecessary videos take up space in your library, which could be used for more important stuff.  Storing such videos also increases storage costs.  

Video library organization helps you identify and eliminate unnecessary clutter, freeing up valuable space for your essential content.

A cluttered corporate video library creates distractions

 A messy video library = frustrated employees.  

They can't find what they need, you lose productivity. 

Organizing videos categorically on a reliable VOD platform (video on demand), is a win-win for everyone: happier employees, more work gets done. 

Want to learn why you need to organize your video library? Find out here: Why you need to organize your video library

Organizing Your Video Library is easy with Category Access Rights    

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers a comprehensive Category Access Rights feature that allows you to efficiently organize your video library while acquiring granular control over video content and digital media 

Say goodbye to cluttered libraries and hello to a streamlined, efficient video library management solution that puts you in the driver's seat.  

Here are the following ways through which you can effectively manage your video library with Category Access Rights:

Create and manage as many categories as you want

Think of your video library as a filing cabinet for all your important videos. With VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, you can create as many folders (categories) as you need.  

Do you need separate categories for "Training Videos" and "Virtual Webinars"? No worries! With VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, you have the flexibility to create as many categories as you need.  

But wait, it gets even better! You can also dive deeper into organization by creating subcategories within your main categories, allowing for seamless organization and easy access to your valuable content.  

Whether it's keeping your video training materials neatly separated from your virtual webinar videos or organizing content based on specific topics or events, our platform empowers you to structure your video library exactly the way you want it, ensuring optimal organization and efficiency. 

The more categories you have, the faster you can find what you're looking for. No more wasting time digging through a pile of videos – you'll have everything neatly organized and easy to access. This helps you focus on what matters most!

Find What You Need Faster

Finding videos shouldn't be a guessing game. We get it! That's why organizing your video library with clear categories is key.  

Think of them like folders on your computer, but for videos. You can sort them by topic, department, project, or whatever system works best for your business.  

This clear organization makes finding the relevant video super easy, saving you and your team valuable time. 

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube allows you to divide your video content library into categories and subcategories to ensure you can find relevant content faster. 

Ready to find your files faster? 

Organize Videos with Labels, Tags and Metadata

Looking to elevate your video library from chaos to a seamlessly searchable resource? Labels, tags, and metadata are your way out! 

Labels may act like broad category names, giving a general idea of the content (think "Training" or "Marketing"). Tags are more specific keywords that help pinpoint exactly what's inside ("Employee Onboarding Training Video" or "Video Marketing Tips").  

But the best part is metadata—information like the creation date, who appears in the video, or even what's spoken about.

Thanks to AI, the EnterpriseTube video library automatically extracts these details from the video itself—no extra work for you! This lets you search for videos based on anything from the topic to the specific things discussed.  

With labels, tags, and metadata working together, your video library becomes easier to navigate, letting you find the exact video you need in a flash!

Customize Permissions for Every Category

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube provides a centralized video library that isn't just well organized—it's also fully customizable! Just like setting privacy on social media groups, you can customize permissions for every category. This lets you keep confidential video content safe or create temporary workspaces for teams.  

Sharing with clients is easy too – just pick the video category and limit how long they can view it. With clear organization and control, your video library becomes a centralized hub, keeping everyone on the same page while ensuring video data integrity.

Control Who Gets to See What

Ever want to share a video with someone, but only for a short while? Maybe it's a training video for a new hire, or a client preview you don't want to float around forever. No problem! You can set up temporary access, like lending someone a DVD– they can watch it, but only for a set amount of time. 

But what if you need someone to work on videos in a specific category? It’s just like giving someone access to a specific folder on your computer, but with more control.  

You can grant editing permissions (even temporary editing permissions), letting them upload new content, delete old stuff, or even update video details. They can even see how well the videos are performing with analytics and activity logs (if allowed, of course!). This is ideal for team projects or collaborating with external partners. 

The best part? You're always in charge. No matter how you share a video category, you control who sees it (and how many times!), what they can do with it and even track their activity. This keeps your sensitive information safe while improving collaboration.

Don't Miss the Good Stuff: Put Featured Categories Upfront

A screenshot of EnterpriseTube video library software displaying featured categoriesEver wished you could highlight the most important or popular video categories on your homepage? VIDZMO EnterpriseTube lets you do just that! On our VOD platform, you can showcase specific categories directly on your portal’s homepage.  

This is a fantastic way to ensure you see the most relevant content right away, without needing to search through all categories. Think of it like a store putting their best-selling items on display - it grabs attention and helps users discover valuable video resources they might have missed otherwise. This easy-to-use feature makes navigating your video library a breeze, allowing you to find the good stuff instantly!  

Start your free trial now to learn how you can customize the appearance of your categories and subcategories on EnterpriseTube video library software.

Automatically Apply Permissions to Multiple Categories

Stop setting permissions video by video! In VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube access rights of a video category are automatically applied to its subcategories, unless specified otherwise.  

Basically, our platform lets subcategories automatically inherit access settings from their main category, just like social media groups! 

For instance, you create a private group on Facebook for a project. Everyone invited to the main project, like "Product Launch," can automatically see updates in any sub-groups you create for specific phases, like "Brainstorming Ideas" or "Marketing Push." This keeps things organized and saves you from adjusting permissions one by one. Well, guess what? EnterpriseTube's categories work the same way for your video library! 

Imagine a centralized video library for an educational institute with a main category for "Math Lessons" accessible only to registered teachers. Within that category, you can create subcategories for "5th Grade - Geometry" or " High School - Algebra." These subcategories would automatically inherit access from the main "Math Lessons" category, ensuring only authorized teachers can view the relevant instructional videos.  

This powerful feature keeps your video library organized with the right people seeing the right content. Now you can focus on creating great content, not managing permissions! 

While inheriting permissions is a great time-saver, EnterpriseTube also offers flexibility. You can set custom access rules for any subcategory if you need them to have different access settings than the main category.

Reflect Your Brand Identity in Every Category

A screenshot of EnterpriseTube video library software displaying category branding options for customization.

Want your video library to instantly shout out your brand? EnterpriseTube lets you customize each category to match your company's style. 

EnterpriseTube's category branding tools let you turn each category into a mini branded experience. Personalize each category with eye-catching thumbnails, themed backgrounds, and captivating banners. Also, you can use custom CSS to create more personalized branding experience for your audience. 

This goes beyond aesthetics – a consistent brand presence throughout the library strengthens recognition, creates a seamless user experience, and makes finding content a breeze. Ditch the generic look and embrace branding! A well-organized, branded library keeps viewers engaged and coming back for more, all while solidifying your brand identity. 

Declutter and Reorganize with a Click

how you can delete a category on EnterpriseTube video library softwareIs your video library overflowing with old video categories you don't use anymore?  

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube lets you permanently remove entire structures and their content for good, freeing up space for the videos you actually want to keep.

Need to rearrange things? Simply move videos to different folders or the main library, whichever makes more sense. This makes finding videos faster for everyone.  

Keep Confidential Videos, Confidential

Not just video categories! In addition to customizing security permissions on the category level, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube also allows you to control who sees what across your entire video library. 

It allows you to add an extra layer of security on top of everything else. You can pick from pre-defined settings or create your own custom options, making sure you preserve the confidentiality of sensitive videos. 

Now that you’ve read some key aspects of VIDIZMO’s Category Access Rights feature, you might want to gain a deeper understanding by exploring our recent blog: ‘A Deep Dive into VIDIZMO's Category Access Rights Feature for organizing your video library.’  

Ready to organize your Video Library? Take Control with VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube 

VIDIZMO's Category Access Rights feature offers a powerful solution for simplifying the organization of your video library while providing robust security and access control capabilities. By leveraging this feature, organizations can streamline video content management, enhance user experience, and ensure the privacy and security of their video library 

With flexible customization options and comprehensive access control features, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube empowers organizations to manage their video libraries and optimize their workflows. 

Take Control with VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube and start effectively organizing your video library with Category Access Rights.

Start Your Free Trial or Contact us for more details or a live demo.

People Also Ask

1. How can I organize my corporate video library effectively?

You can organize your video library effectively by creating a structure of categories and subcategories tailored to your needs – by topic, audience, release date, or any other relevant criteria.

EnterpriseTube's category access rights let you control who sees what, ensuring video content security. Review and refine your structure regularly for optimal organization and a seamless user experience.

2. What are the benefits of using Category Access Rights? 

Here are some significant benefits of Category Access Rights.

  • Granular access control: Define who can view or edit specific categories of videos. 
  • Enhanced security and privacy: Protect sensitive content by restricting access to authorized users. 
  • Streamlined workflows: Simplify tasks associated with organizing a video library, like uploading, publishing, and deleting folders. 
  • Improved user experience: Make it easier for users to find relevant content. 
  • Increased collaboration: Share video categories with specific teams for limited periods. 

3. How can I customize the appearance of my video library categories? 

You can customize the appearance of your video library categories by; 

  • Adding thumbnail images, background images, and banners. 
  • Customizing the layout with CSS.

Posted by Sania Abdul Bari

Sania Abdul Bari is a Product Marketing Strategist at VIDIZMO and an expert in redaction technologies. She is actively engaged in researching and analyzing technological trends in the redaction market landscape. For any queries, feel free to reach out to websales@vidizmo.com.

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