5 Panopto Alternatives to Look For in 2022 for Better Video Management

Comparing the top 5 Panopto competitors & alternatives. See how VIDIZMO is the best Panopto alternative in terms of features, functionality and support.

Video content has become a major part of marketing and communication strategies. With the rise of social media, video content is key to generating leads and converting customers.

The video content management platform is a powerful tool for enterprises to manage their videos. It can be used for various purposes, including video marketing, training and collaboration.
There are many video content management platforms available in the market. One of them is, Panopto.

Panopto is a web-based platform that allows users to record lectures and share them online. This means that students can access their lectures from anywhere at any time. Students can even watch the lecture again later if they missed out on something.

This blog will discuss the wonders of enterprise video platforms, some of the Panopto alternatives, and why you need a Panopto alternative.

Why Enterprise Video Content Management Platform?

Video content is the key to success for many businesses. It can be a powerful marketing tool, a valuable educational resource for customers or simply a way to provide new and exciting information.

However, creating and publishing video content can take up hours of time and resources that many companies don’t have.

This is where enterprise video content management platforms come in. Enterprise video content management platforms are tools that help businesses manage their videos. They allow them to upload videos, organize them into categories, tag them for easier discovery, etc. These platforms also provide analytics, so businesses can see how their videos perform and what viewers want to see more of.

Enterprise video content management platforms have many advantages over other types of platforms. For example, they are more secure and allow businesses to control who accesses the videos. They also allow companies to upload videos in bulk and create playlists that are easy to share with employees or customers.

5 Must-Have Capabilities In an Enterprise Video Platform

Suppose you’re looking for an enterprise video platform to manage, store, organize & distribute your videos. In that case, these are the five must-have capabilities you should consider before making the final decision.

  1. Robust Security:

    Trade secrets, financial plans, and employee information – video encompasses a lot of highly confidential information. If leaked, it can cause financial loss and lead to loss of reputation and breach of employee trust— all in all, not something that can be taken lightly.

  2. Private Sharing and Access Management:

    There are a variety of requirements for each video published by your organization. The marketing department cannot view the finance department’s meeting recording. In contrast, the town hall meeting has to be viewed by the entire organization (no external viewer is allowed, though). Opt for a solution that makes it easy for you to segregate these videos and restrict their access.

  3. Flexible Deployment Options:

    Go for an enterprise video platform that allows you to choose between cloud and on-premise (or even go the hybrid route). The vendor should be there to assist you in implementation if you need it. Top-notch customer service should be your priority.

  4. Data Governance:

    Are you operating in a highly regulated industry (like Healthcare) or planning to do business in a highly regulated region (like the EU)? Opt for an enterprise video platform with appropriate data governance capabilities like audit logs and the option to store your data in the region of your choice. A GDPR compliant video platform will secure data & access sharing. 

  5. White-Label Branding:

    Ensure a consistent brand experience by choosing an enterprise video platform that is moldable according to your guidelines. A customizable platform will allow you to ultimately showcase your brand while benefiting from all other critical video asset management capabilities.

How is VIDIZMO the Better Panopto Alternative?

Before we move forward with the list of Panopto competitors & alternatives, here's a short summary of what's the best option for you.

While Panopto is highly focused on the education industry, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube caters to all types of enterprises. It is a complete alternative to Panopto while offering much more, especially regarding security, privacy, branding, data governance, customizations, and flexible deployment.

Unlike Panopto, VIDIZMO is a highly moldable white-label video platform that allows you to create multiple autonomous video portals with separate branding, custom security policies and administrative permissions.

Above all else, its professional services team tries to cater to unique requests and differentiated use cases, internal and external alike. Education-focused Panopto falls behind in its external streaming capabilities.

Learn More About VIDIZMO

Top 5 Competitors & Panopto Alternatives


    VIDIZMO Logo
    As a Gartner-recognized enterprise video content management system with 20 years of experience, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is one of the top alternatives to Panopto if you are looking for a truly end-to-end enterprise-focused solution. VIDIZMO has a customer-first philosophy and is designed with a security-first approach. The platform allows you to stream live and on-demand videos for external or internal audiences.

    Use the platform to create one or more autonomous brandable YouTube-like video portals with separate billing, custom security policies and independent admin controls. Overall, the video CMS provides all that Panopto does with more advanced functionalities.


    • End-to-end encryption (at rest and in transit) SSL video streaming with forced HTTPS connection that prevents dangerous cyber security threats like man-in-the-middle attacks.
    • Offers IP restriction – you can either whitelist an IP address to allow users to access videos from a select location or blacklist IP addresses from where you want the content to be restricted.
    • Customizing your privacy policy, terms of use, and anonymous user policy.
    • Monitoring audit logs of user activity tracked for each video and the entire portal.
    • Storing and hosting your videos in the region and data center of your choice.
    • Unlike Panopto, you can also generate multiple password-protected video links to share videos with different external and internal viewers. Expire these links when they are no longer needed.
    • Flexibly deploy in Azure, AWS, any other cloud of choice, on-premise, as a hybrid solution, or as a ready-made SaaS application.
    • Unlike Panopto, VIDIZMO is a white label VOD platform that allows you to provide a consistent brand experience by adhering to your corporate guidelines.
    • AI-based redaction is available for objects, faces and on-screen text in video files. This helps in the redaction of PII for compliance purposes.

    Explore All Features

    Weak Points:

    • Limited in terms of video monetization capabilities, so if you are on the lookout for a monetization-focused use case, then VIDIZMO might not be best suited.
    • Simple content creation capabilities that might need to be integrated with some external tools to benefit from more advanced capabilities.

  2. Brightcove

    Panopto Competitors
    Another one on the list of Panopto alternatives is Brightcove. It is an enterprise video platform that best caters to entertainment and OTT use cases. Hence, it is more known for its public streaming capabilities with video monetization and customer engagement capabilities like add-to-cart and CTA placements. However, it falls short in private streaming use cases like training and learning and confidential video sharing.

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    Here is an analysis of Brightcove’s strengths and weaknesses as a Panopto alternative:


    • SSO integration is possible with built-in support for the SAML 2.0 protocol.
    • Content encryption is available for video protection.
    • Audit logs are maintained to track the video actions each user performed. DRM support is available as an add-on.
    • Monetization is available through plugins.
    • You can create branded portals and player templates.
    • Add in-video interactive elements like polls.

    Weak Points:

    • Role-based access controls are limited as only two default roles (admin and viewer) are available.
    • Content segregation is impossible as you cannot create user groups or autonomous video portals.
    • Not possible to password-protect individual videos for sharing.
    • It can only be deployed as a SaaS application.
    • You cannot choose the region or data center for storing and hosting your videos.
    • You cannot integrate video conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to manage your recorded meeting videos.
    • The platform lacks artificial intelligence capabilities like optical character recognition and facial recognition. Hence, it does not offer search inside video capabilities.
    • The platform is not SCORM compliant.
    • Can only conduct live streams for external audiences.

  3. IBM Cloud Video

    ibm-cloud-Panopto Competitors
    IBM has also dipped its feet in the video management arena by acquiring a live streaming platform, Ustream, in January 2016. It combined Ustream with its software IBM Aspera and IBM Cleversafe to form IBM Cloud Video that offered live and on-demand streaming.

    This platform provides only the very basic video management capabilities so go for it if you have minimal video needs. It can help you design an OTT platform with video monetization capabilities and lacks internal video streaming use cases.

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    Let us explore the pros and cons of IBM Cloud Video:


    • SSO integration is offered through Google apps and SAML-based authentication providers.
    • Possible to password-protect videos.
    • Can create custom-defined user roles or use one of the three default user roles to restrict video actions.
    • Content encryption is available.
    • IP and domain restrictions are available.
    • AI-generated closed captions can be enabled.

    Weak Points:

    • No SCIM support is available through the SSO integration.
    • Not possible to externally share videos securely with an expiry date.
    • No DRM support.
    • It cannot block videos from being downloaded.
    • Can only deploy the solution in IBM Cloud.
    • Audit logs cannot be maintained to track user activity.
    • Not possible to customize the security policy or retention period to meet compliances.
    • Minimal branding options are available for surface-level changes in the video portal.
    • Does not support SCORM content. No LMS integration is available.
    • Not possible to add in-video interactive elements like quizzes and handouts.


  4. Wistia

    Wistia-Panopto Alternatives
    Are you looking for a more marketing-focused video management solution as an Panopto alternative? Wistia is here for you. This simple video platform will be perfect for you if your goal is lead generation and conversion. It has only marketing-focused integrations like CRM integrations (HubSpot and Marketo). However, you might struggle if you try to use the platform for internal video streaming.

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    • SSO integration is possible with Google and Microsoft.
    • Control user actions by assigning them one of 4 pre-defined user roles.
    • Can maintain audit logs for the monitoring user activity.
    • Geo-restriction of content is possible.
    • Can generate a password-protected video link for secure video sharing.
    • Marketing-focused integrations available like HubSpot, Marketo, Google Analytics, etc.
    • Ad-free platform with video monetization capabilities.
    • You can place clickable CTAs on videos as well.
    • The platform supports unlimited users.

    Weak Points:

    • Cannot live stream on Wistia. This platform only supports on-demand video streaming.
    • No end-to-end encryption is possible for content protection.
    • No DRM support is available.
    • Cannot password-protect videos.
    • Not possible to create user groups or different video portals to segregate restricted content.
    • IP restriction is not available.
    • Critical integrations are missing like Zoom, MS Teams, LMS, etc.
    • Only simple branding options allow you to switch up portal colors.
    • No AI capabilities available.

  5. Dacast

    Dacast-Panopto Alternatives
    Dacast is an enterprise video platform that promotes itself as a live streaming platform. It is also one of the most-known in the video streaming world. You can think of it as Panopto alternatives if your priority is only video streaming.

    Dacast provides on-demand video streaming as well. However, all in all, the platform is designed to meet basic video streaming needs for external streaming, live events, and monetization. For that purpose, it falls short for internal video streaming use cases.

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    • Allows you to protect content through HLS encryption through AES support.
    • Secure monetization is offered through SSL/TLS encrypted paywall.
    • Can password protect videos?
    • Can apply IP and domain restrictions.
    • Can create user groups.
    • Logo placement is possible.
    • Can place closed captions on videos with automatic translations.

    Weak Points:

    • SSO integration is not available.
    • Role-based access controls cannot be implemented as there are no default user roles, and custom roles cannot be created.
    • No DRM support is available.
    • Not possible to maintain audit logs for user activities.
    • The creation of multiple autonomous video portals is not supported.
    • Can custom set retention period or security policies.
    • You cannot host or store your video data in the data center or region of your choice.
    • No integration with LMS is available to support training and learning use cases.
    • Minimal branding options are available without customizations.

Final Verdict

Choosing an online video platform that best fits your scale of need and the particular use case it will serve is best.

If you are looking for a truly complete solution with advanced capabilities, VIDIZMO is one of the best Panopto alternatives you will find in the market.
Why not try it free to explore the platform yourself?

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Posted by Sabika Tasneem & Saadiya Munir

This article is written jointly by Sabika Tasneem (Associate Product Marketing Manager) and Saadiya Munir (Senior Technology Content Strategist).

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