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Strategies for Marketing and Sales with Enterprise Video Platforms

Elevate marketing and sales with Enterprise Video Platforms. Captivate audiences using expert strategies to boost engagement and drive digital success.

Videos have an audience reach of about 92%, making them an integral part of marketing and sales strategies. This is why reliance on video content has increased, and consequently, many have turned to enterprise video platforms to manage their video assets.

All these efforts are made to entice current and potential leads, build trust, and convince them to opt for your offering.

Moreover, videos have proven to be powerful tools to engage, connect, and educate. With their help, organizations can tell their stories and persuasively showcase their products.

Long story short — videos can be an excellent medium to help the audience navigate the sales funnel, but you need an Enterprise Video Platform to manage those videos.

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Perfecting Marketing and Sales Strategies with Enterprise Video Platforms

The first and foremost thing to remember is that marketing and sales go hand in hand. You cannot optimize sales without a strong marketing strategy to back it up.

As more businesses opt for video marketing, they are adopting software that helps them from start to finish – from creation to distribution to conversion of content.

Let's delve deeper into the significance of using a video streaming platform to improve your marketing and sales.

Using Enterprise Video Platforms to Host and Share Marketing Videos

Video streaming platforms offer creative tools to record and edit marketing videos.

These short-form or extended content pieces include tutorials, how-to videos, unboxing videos, product demonstrations, and so on.

Depending on your offering, you can market using an emotional or rational approach, and you can gauge the success of your campaign with an Enterprise Video Content Management System.

Besides that, these platforms also aid with securely hosting all video assets in one place and allowing you to share content with those authorized to view it.

Depending on how helpful your content is, the results will be beyond impressive if the strategy works.

For instance, by recording how-to videos or product tutorials, you can better persuade your target audience to try your product.

Your audience will know how to use the product step by step, making it more user-friendly. This will also improve your conversion rates as more people get exposure to your brand.

Potential buyers can look up those videos to see if it best meets their needs, thus helping to convert more site visitors into loyal customers.

Streaming platforms also let you incorporate lead generation forms wherever you want to generate marketing-qualified leads.

Using Enterprise Video Platforms to Interact with Your Customers

Enterprise video streaming platforms offer live streaming services with interactive tools. So, you can host live streams and events to connect with your customers.

You can enable chats, live Q&A sessions, and fun polls to encourage discussions and feedback regarding your products or services.

You can also get influencers and other industry experts to promote your brand on live streams. This brings more awareness and improves credibility.

Using Enterprise Video Platforms for Targeted Marketing

Enterprise Video Platform lets you host exclusive online marketing events and webinars. To guarantee that only the intended audience can partake, you can set invite-only accessibility.

This makes your event exclusive to the targeted audience that is genuinely interested in what your brand offers. By restricting access, an organization can filter out potential leads and follow up to convert them.

Moreover, those viewing content can clear all their doubts and concerns in real-time by asking questions. This will lead to an increase in sales.

Using Enterprise Video Platforms to Optimize Customer Experience

You can ensure a good pre and post-sales experience for customers with the help of an Enterprise Video Platform.

Uploading pre-recorded videos of tutorials and products, as well as videos addressing the most frequently asked questions, smoothens the user experience.

Furthermore, video streaming platforms offer translations and transcriptions to make your content accessible to a broader audience.

You can enable multilingual captions to help users from different cultures engage with your content.

This increases brand awareness while creating a positive, more inclusive brand image in the customer's minds.

Using Enterprise Video Platforms for Informed-Decision Making

You can get detailed media analytics to track the performance of your content. Analytics are crucial for both marketing and sales departments.

Enterprise Video Platforms provide reports outlining performance metrics like engagement data, drop-off points, view times, audience overview, etc.

This helps identify your primary target and cater your marketing videos to capture their interests. Analytics help you identify geographical locations, devices, browsers, etc., to see where your brand has the highest following.

It offers invaluable insights into what needs to be tweaked, where your marketing is lacking, and what an average customer looks for.

By embedding lead generation forms, polls, and other feedback surveys, an organization can successfully understand the user perception of the brand.

Video streaming platforms also provide visualizations for your data. This makes comprehending detailed reports easy, helping you develop more detailed buyer personas.

This helps the marketing department improve on their problem areas and the sales department track return on investment and conversion rates.

VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Content Management System – A Gartner-Recognized Enterprise Video Platform

A company can have the best marketing and sales team, but the only way it will see a positive return on investment is when strategies are successfully implemented.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube can help you achieve this success. The software is a must-have for organizations wanting to optimize and monetize their virtual presence.

This software is your perfect partner when it comes to marketing content. You can record videos using our content creation tools and host webinars through live streaming to interact with your audience in real-time.

EnterpriseTube offers hosting with complete accessibility control. This essentially means that you can restrict your streams to a particular audience.

SSO support and link-restricted invites maintain your stream's privacy, and automatic encryption helps protect it from illegal hacking.

In-built eCDNs help quickly deliver content to users across the globe. At the same time, adaptive bitrate technology adjusts the video quality to match the viewer's bandwidth, ensuring a high-quality user experience.

On top of that, the platform provides interactive tools that can be incorporated into live streams to improve engagement levels and in-depth analysis of video performance.

Automatically generated comprehensive analytical reports offer insights into video performances. This is essential for marketing and sales teams to understand how their strategies are being translated into actual business.

Moreover, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers translations and transcriptions in 50+ languages, which makes your videos accessible to a wider audience. Multilingual closed captioning makes it easier for viewers to follow through.

It also supports 255+ formats to ensure your content is easily playable across various devices, providing an optimum user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can video be used as a marketing tool?

Videos can be strategically incorporated into marketing campaigns to promote brands, products, services, and specific messages. This lets you effectively educate target audiences and foster deeper engagement across social and digital channels, ultimately driving impactful marketing outcomes.

What is the enterprise content management strategy?

It is an organization's way of storing, organizing, and sharing its documents and other content. Moreover, new-age systems come with AI-backed search capabilities, allowing you to look for content within seconds, no matter how dated it might be.

What is sales content management?

It is simply the process of creating, storing, organizing, and delivering sales materials. This empowers salespeople throughout the entire sales cycle, enabling them to effectively engage with prospects.

What is an Enterprise content strategy?

An Enterprise content strategy is basically an approach to providing relevant content that resonates with the target audience. It focuses on fostering an emotional connection and building trust through marketing content by addressing challenges and customer expectations to improve engagement levels and return on investment.

Why is content important for sales?

Content marketing helps increase site traffic, effectively educate users about your product, track and follow leads, and push people through the sales funnel.

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