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Learn Everything about the Cloud-Based Streaming for Videos

Learn the best ways for cloud-based streaming for videos, allowing you flexibility and cost-effective storage for your video content.

Videos are rich media assets – it would be a shame for them to be forgotten in storage. Organizations utilizing videobe it for training, live event, or purely internal communicationsrequire these videos to be streamed from their cloud storage.

Cloud storage providers like Azure Blob Storage andAWS S3 are not optimized for video cloud based streaming and management. As the name suggests, they are purely designed for the storage of your digital assets – your video needs are definitely not their first priority. 

Figuring out and integrating all the complex streaming workflows is an arduous time-taking process. It requires a great deal of tech expertise and is definitely not cost-effective as you are building everything from scratch. Above all else, you must be prepared for a whole lot of trial and error to ensure a glitch-free stream that delivers all that you need.

What Is Cloud Based Streaming for Video?

Cloud-based video streaming allows you to watch videos online without downloading them first. Videos are uploaded to cloud video storage, transcoded for different devices and internet speeds using adaptive bitrate streaming, then streamed to viewers in small chunks, enabling smooth playback.

This method is scalable to handle millions of viewers, cost-effective as it eliminates the need for in-house hardware servers, and convenient as videos can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Similarly, organizations use cloud platforms to store and organize their video content. Cloud storage also enables us to stream secured video to users. Here is how you can use cloud storage to stream videos to individuals worldwide.

Important Elements to Consider for Cloud Video Streaming

There are dozens of ways to optimize your video streaming. However, some practices will allow you to conduct a high-quality stream. Let us get to know some of them. 

  • Select the Best Streaming Solution 

As we have discussed above, regular cloud storage is not very well optimized for streaming video content. There are certain cloud based streaming platforms like VIDIZMO that specialize in optimizing video streaming and providing tools to organize and manage content. 

  • Bandwidth Limitations 

Bandwidth limitations are a considerable challenge when using cloud storage to stream your video content. For smooth, high-quality video streaming, bandwidth is king. Weak internet can cause buffering and choppy playback.  

Likewise, lag (the stream buffering at the user’s end) can ruin the experience. Especially for live streams, minimizing lag is essential. 

  • Embedding on Social Media and Websites 

To promote your live stream and send to users on different channels you need to create an embedded code. Embedding is the process of placing a video directly on your social media or website with cloud video storage. 

Embedding keeps your audience engaged by bringing your content directly to them on the platforms they already use. 

Benefits of Cloud Based Streaming

Cloud based video streaming benefits come in two flavors, those inherent to the cloud's flexibility, and features offered by specific platforms. The following are the benefits of using cloud video platforms like VIDIZMO. 

  • Cost Effectiveness  

Cloud platforms eliminate the need for upfront capital expenditure on hardware and ongoing IT management. This pay-as-you-go model ensures scalability and aligns expenditures directly with usage. 

  • Seamless Scalability  

The major benefit of using cloud video storage is the ease of scalability on the cloud infrastructure. It will enable users to increase bandwidth to enhance the viewing experience and streaming performance. As your business grows, you can take full benefit of the cloud infrastructure.  

  • Ease of Access 

Geographic limitations are a thing of the past. Cloud-based video delivery allows your content to be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. This expands your potential audience and fosters greater engagement. 

  • Enhanced Security 

Cloud providers prioritize top-tier security measures. Encryption, access controls, and other advanced features safeguard your valuable content against unauthorized access or piracy. 

  • Transcoding and Ingestions  

Advanced cloud-based streaming platforms have advanced streaming capabilities, which also includes encoding, transcoding, and ingesting existing content from various platforms to your cloud storage.  

  • Advanced Insights 

Cloud based video streaming enables users to get into data and insights about their videos that cannot be acquired with regular cloud storage. Video streaming tools like VIDIZMO give detailed insights about your video content and it also enables users to import videos from various sources.  

Internal YouTube - Stream Video for Cloud Storage Infographics

Learn More About VIDIZMO Cloud Video Platform


VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube | Intelligent Cloud Video Streaming Platform

VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube video platform allows you to stream your videos from any cloud storage provider, and works especially well with the following industry-leading video cloud storage options: 

  • Azure Cloud Storage (Learn More about VIDIZMO’s Azure Video Streaming) 
  • Azure Blob Storage (Learn is how to stream videos from Azure Blob Storage) 
  • AMS Storage 
  • AWS S3 (Learn how to stream videos from AWS S3) 
  • Wowza Streaming Cloud 
  • Any other cloud storage provider 

Try All These Capabilities for Free Today!


Suffice to say, VIDIZMO supports optimized streaming of live and on-demand videos from your cloud storage for a variety of industries covering a wide range of video use cases, including: 

  • Corporate Communication 
  • Training and Learning 
  • Marketing and Sales 
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Live Events 
  • Video Archival 

However, streaming is just the tip of the iceberg. VIDIZMO allows you to organize, secure, analyze, share, segregate, and manage these critical video assets in a variety of other ways. You can even arrange them into playlists, make them interactive through in-video quizzes or handouts, embed them onto your website, trim them down into shorter clips, and do much more. 

We Offer Much More!  Learn About All Features


Simply put, VIDIZMO helps make your video communication more automated, flexible, easily manageable, and more than anything else, highly dependable. To top it off, it is also awhite-label VOD platform that supports logo placement custom domain, modification of navigation, and custom thesaurus based on your brand’s vocabulary.  

You can entirely revamp the colors and styling of your portal based on your branding guidelines. What is even better is that VIDIZMO allows you to have multiple autonomous video portals with separate billing, branding, security policies and admin controls.  


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Cloud Based Streaming – In a Nutshell 

If you are in search of an easy solution to stream videos from your cloud storage, VIDIZMO will be the perfect fit for you. Contact our team to clear up any queries. Or simply opt for a free trial to test out the intelligent cloud video streaming platform! 

Rather than building the whole streaming infrastructure from scratch, why not opt for a ready-made Gartner-recognized end-to-endenterprise video content management system, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube? Connect with any of the leading cloud storage providers to securely stream and manage all your video. Use this platform to create your own internal YouTube-like platform. 



1. What is meant by cloud-based streaming? 

Cloud-based streaming means to use a network of servers that can deliver and host video content. It also includes using features such as transcoding, encoding, adaptive bitrate, and much more.  

2. Which cloud based video streaming service is best? 

There are many cloud-based video streaming services that claim to be the best for video streaming. However, before selecting video streaming, you must consider many factors like security, features, and accessibility. Among all VIDIZMO, EVCM consists of all the necessary features to be the best video streaming services. 

3. Can we store videos in cloud storage? 

Absolutely! You can store videos in the cloud. It is a great way to free up space on your devices and access your videos from anywhere. 

4. Is cloud video streaming secure? 

Cloud video streaming platforms prioritize security. They employ encryption, access controls, and other advanced features to safeguard your content against unauthorized access or piracy. 

5. Does cloud video streaming require a lot of bandwidth? 

Cloud-based platforms can optimize video delivery based on a viewer's internet connection. This reduces buffering and ensures smooth playback even for viewers with limited bandwidth. 

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