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Best Veritone Redact alternative: VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management

VIDIZMO is the better alternative to Veritone because it lacks the basic requirements for secure digital evidence management software. Read more to find...

We usually think that Digital Evidence Management is about redacting faces out of evidence. Well, it’s not, and this blog will clear your mind of any wrong perceptions that you may have.

Veritone is a name in media management and has many A.I. based solutions related to it. We will be discussing the Veritone Redact software and how VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System is a better choice than Veritone Redact.

Other Media management system solutions that Veritone offers can be compared with our video content management system. VIDIZMO has been in the lead when it comes to offering video content management to the corporate world and yes, it’s better than Veritone. Head over to our blog to learn more about enterprise video content management.

Coming back to DEMS, VIDIZMO is a major player in digital evidence management with features like A.I. based redaction and let's talk a bit technically.

Targeted Industries


  • VIDIZMO targets audiences from every industry which stretches from corporate to military sectors. But it covers every aspect of the need that is required by any organization in a Digital Evidence management system.
  • Veritone offers a simple management system with extensive A.I. features but lacks the basic needs that should be in place for it to be considered as a secure solution.

How is VIDIZMO Better?

VIDIZMO DEMS offers a range of other features as well as Redaction that are essential in digital evidence management. While Veritone is a great software for redaction with A.I., VIDIZMO is one step ahead of it.

Chain of Custody Matters:

Since the California State Bill 748, digital evidence has become a crucial part of the investigation as police officers are required to disclose body cam videos within 45 days of the incident.

Read our detailed blog on California Redaction Rules.

Every law enforcement agency is looking for a DEMS solution. And let’s be clear after the California act, protection of digital evidence has become a need. Hence, getting the video out of the system to redact it with another software is not brains at all as this will not work when one needs to verify the chain of custody.

Chain of Custody-1

VIDIZMO offers a Chain of custody that creates an audit trail for any kind of activity from the time it is ingested or uploaded in DEMS till its purging. Reassignment of evidence to a different officer, transfer for access, flagging of evidence, requirement of reason for accessing and even the I.P. log is available to verify the chain of custody.

Read more on how chain of custody for digital evidence is necessary.


  • Talking about Veritone first, its files can be downloaded and shared. That’s all we were able to find from the information available on its website.
  • For VIDIZMO, when it comes to sharing evidence files offers a range of features:
  • You can share evidence with other officials securely on the same network.
  • Sharing can be restricted to a specific regional I.P. of an organization.
  • Option to block access for sharing outside the network/premises. Add reason provision before the shared file is accessed.
  • Evidence Sharing restrictions are available for groups, departments, organizations, or an open for all link.
  • Restrictions are available for how many times it can be viewed, and access can be revoked at any time by the user.
  • Multiple links can be created for the same file, each with a different type of restriction which suits to help when revoking rights for a specific person or group without disturbing the viewership of others.
  • You can add a password if you like as well.

The Practical Approach:

Let’s be realistic and think for a second while assuming a mission-critical environment such as a 911 command center where sensitive digital evidence is being generated in terms of calls and afterward saved as evidence on a secure management system. Should any officer risk it by taking the evidence out of the system for redaction? Or should the system be self-sufficient to offer it?


VIDIZMO provides tamper detection for any traces of integrity loss of the digital evidence with SHA cryptic Hash function. So, when you redact any type of information like Personal Identifiable Information, Faces, Persons, Custom Objects, or license plates and weapons including small arms including pistols & rifles, etc., only the copy of that file gets edited while the original stays intact. This is not specific for just redaction, whatever action you need to perform on the evidence file, the system will always allow you to do that on a copy of the original one.

The Final Verdict

Were we able to able to convince you to buy VIDIZMO DEMS? Even if we were not, we would recommend you to read our blog where you will find comparisons between real DEMS providers like Omnigo, Motorola Solutions and NICE which are also in the lead with us, so that you can decide on the perfect solution for you.


Try our 7-day trial to have a better look at our DEMS and you can be the judge.

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