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Integrate Video CMS with MS Teams to Optimize Corporate Communication

Know why you should integrate MS Teams and VIDIZMO’s video CMS to elevate corporate communication.

The Pew Research Center reports that 59% of remote workers frequently use video conferencing platforms. More companies than ever before are adopting virtual meetings in every form as a part of their everyday workflow.

The pandemic changed the world for both the better and the worse. The two-year hiatus resulted in a surge in video content consumption, especially in the form of video conferencing.

As per Sensor Tower, the use of video conferencing increased 21x after the pandemic ended, which is 2.5x more than during the pandemic. That’s a huge number, right?

While video conferencing platforms significantly help make workplace communication and collaboration easy, they often fail to offer a range of content management features, which, in turn, hinders productivity. Here, video CMS comes in handy as it can make virtual corporate communication more manageable and highly effective.

What is a Video CMS?

A video CMS or a video content management system is a specially designed software for organizations to store, host, search, manage, analyze, and share video content across various users, locations, and devices while ensuring data security – all from a consolidated platform.

VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube, an enterprise video platform, is one such software. Let’s take a sneak peek into the Gartner-recognized enterprise video content management system by VIDIZMO.

A Look into VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube

EnterpriseTube is an AI-powered video CMS that empowers organizations to efficiently search, retrieve, manage, host, and share video content and digital media from an intuitive centralized platform.

Not only this, but EnterpriseTube also offers seamless integration with a variety of applications, including video conferencing platforms, thereby ensuring smooth interoperability.

While the video CMS can itself be used for recording videos via the content creation tool, integrating it with external video conferencing applications like MS Teams lets organizations make the most out of both platforms.

You can choose to use EnterpriseTube as a stand-alone video CMS or use it in combination with other video conferencing platforms for company-wide collaboration.

Let us see how integrating VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube with MS Teams can help make corporate communication more effective and impactful. 

VIDIZMO x MS Teams: Elevating Corporate Communication

MS Teams boasts 280 million global users as of January 2023. Organizations rely on the tech giant’s video conferencing software as a means to connect with employees and other stakeholders, such as vendors, shareholders, etc. 

Although this platform is well suited for hosting live meetings with immense ease, it does not provide sufficient support for managing recorded content. In fact, managing recorded meetings can prove to be a great hassle for users.

First and foremost, recorded MS Teams meetings are stored on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Although both platforms provide image and document support, they lack the ability to efficiently manage video content.  

Don’t worry. A video CMS like EnterpriseTube can help you efficiently manage recorded MS Teams meetings via robust integration. Let us dive deeper into the benefits of this integration:

Accessible Library

VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube lets you store all MS Teams recorded meetings in a unified library. Since everyone has access to the library, all employees remain on the same page in terms of what the company has communicated with its stakeholders.

All meetings and events hosted on MS Teams can be recorded and directly uploaded on EnterpriseTube. You do not need to store those videos on your system and transfer them to the enterprise video content management system. Rather, an enterprise video platform lets you ingest all the videos directly from the external platform.

Organized Repository

Furthermore, VIDIZMO’s enterprise video platform lets you easily sort recorded MS Teams meetings through tags, metadata, and more. This makes it easier for users to efficiently retrieve MS Teams recordings. 

Employees and other stakeholders can easily find the specific Teams recording they are looking for without going through the painstaking process of previewing thumbnails to understand whether it is the right video or not.

Quick Search

Did you know that you can search for a specific point in the recorded video using artificial intelligence (AI)? 

EnterpriseTube offers AI-powered search that improves the overall searchability of videos and reduces associated time and search costs. Since all MS Teams videos are stored in one centralized platform, finding the right content is challenging. 

The AI-powered search functionality identifies and pulls up relevant videos based on tags, metadata, spoken words, objects in the video, and more. Hence, all videos recorded using MS Teams become more searchable using VIDIZMO’s video CMS.


In this day and age, working environments have shifted from traditional to hybrid. To embrace this shift, you need highly interactive software to make collaboration among all your employees efficient and seamless. 

EnterpriseTube offers multiple tools to enhance user interactivity. The platform provides tools like quizzes, handouts, and surveys to make videos engaging and gather employee feedback. While you can host live meetings using MS Teams, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube will make recorded videos more engaging for the audience. 

Multilingual Transcription and Translation

When you upload recorded MS Teams meetings, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers the option to enable transcription and translation alongside. 

When you have a multilingual audience spread across geographies, you want your videos to be accessible to all of them. Transcription and translation running alongside the video in real time make it easy for the audience to follow what’s been communicated.

It also makes videos accessible to audiences having hearing impairment as well as dyslexic users who need written transcriptions and closed captions (CC) in order to understand what is being said. This makes videos inclusive for all.


Suppose you upload a training or policy change video that you want all your employees and external stakeholders to watch. How are you going to ensure it?

A video CMS like EnterpriseTube provides a detailed media analytics report for every video recorded using conferencing platforms like MS Teams. The enterprise video platform offers granular analytics regarding the number of views, drop-off rate, top devices, top locations, engagement trends, user-level analytics, and more. 

Scalable Storage

As already mentioned above, recorded MS Teams meetings are stored on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Microsoft offers limited storage options of up to 1 TB per user with a maximum file size of 250 GB.

This is where EnterpriseTube comes in with its user and storage scalability. You can add as many users and GBs as you want to your enterprise video content management system to host a deluge of recorded meetings and a growing employee base.

Explore more features of EntepriseTube by clicking on the button below.

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To Wrap it All Up

Integrating a state-of-the-art video CMS like VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube with a conferencing tool like MS Teams provides you with the perfect recipe for effective and efficient workplace collaboration. 

The two platforms enable you to host and share important video content with global audiences when integrated. Indeed, a duo that cannot be beaten!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a video CMS?

A video content management system (video CMS) enables organizations to centralize, edit, store, manage, and deliver video content online. 

What is MS Teams used for?

MS Teams is a workplace communication software for real-time collaboration and communication. It enables you to hold virtual meetings, share files and presentations as well as collaborate with other users. 

What is an enterprise platform strategy?

Enterprise platform strategy is a strategy revolving around enabling platform participants to benefit from each other's presence while delivering value to their target audience.

What are the benefits of using enterprise platforms?

Enterprise platforms enable efficiency, are cost-effective, and help in collaboration and communication regardless of the user location while providing top security. 

How does MS Teams help communicate?

MS Teams enables one-to-one and group communication using messages, video conferencing, real-time virtual meetings as well as audio calls.

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