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VIDIZMO vs Panopto: Comparing Video Platform Capabilities

By Rabeea Tahir
Panopto vs VIDIZMO

Gartner, world's leading research and advisory company, recognizes both VIDIZMO and Panopto in their Magic Quadrant report for Enterprise Video Content Management. Both platforms are designed to host, manage, and securely deliver enterprise video. However, a deeper look reveals fundamental differences in how the products are designed to address their target market's preferences.

Each product excels in its respective market. Panopto was built for e-learning and it continues to be a renowned online lecture capture technology provider. VIDIZMO, on the other hand, is an Enterprise Video Content Management System built to cater to business-specific requirements.

In 100 Words, How VIDIZMO is a Better Alternative?

While Panopto is highly focused on education industry, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube caters to all types of enterprises. It is a complete alternative to Panopto while offering so much more, especially in terms of security, privacy, branding, integrations, customizations, and flexible pricing.

Unlike Panopto, VIDIZMO is a highly moldable platform from being a white-label platform supporting customized branding to provision of multiple autonomous brandable portals with separate security policies and administrative permissions. Above all else, our professional services team tries to cater to unique requests and differentiated use cases, internal or external. Panopto, being education-focused, falls behind in its external streaming capabilities.


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Feature Comparison:

Let us now compare some specific features which distinguish VIDIZMO from Panopto:


Flexibility in Branding and Appearance

VIDIZMO offers control over the look and feel of your video portal and player, including the default user interface, languages and corporate color schemes that reflect your brand identity.

  • Tenant-level branding allows you to brand each portal uniquely. This means each department or business could be a unique tenant with its differentiated interface elements.
  • A white-label video platform that allows you to highlight your brand to its full potential from logo placement to color themes, custom domain, email template and much more.
    VIDIZMO brandable end-to-end enterprise video platform
  • Customizable UI allows you to modify or rearrange widgets based on your preference.
  • User journey customization can be requested. For instance, instead of displaying the homepage after authentication, the flow could be customized to display a disclaimer or consent form first, the login page second and the homepage third.
  • The video player template is entirely customizable to give you complete control over video and viewers' playback experience.
  • Multilingual functionality enables you to view the portal in one of over 40 languages.
  • Customize the thesaurus based on your brand's vocabulary.

Panopto, on the other hand, only offers limited branding capabilities without very basic customizations like color changes and logo placement available.

Whereas, VIDIZMO deploys its engineers to help customers rebrand their platform entirely through backend customizations. Plus, VIDIZMO allows customers to use custom CSS for further rebranding.


Portal-level Autonomy and Content Segregation

VIDIZMO has a unique multi-tenancy architecture that allows a business to manage multiple video portals, one for each business unit like department or geographical location. Each portal exists as a completely different instance, with individual configurations to allow autonomous portal management with separate:

  • content storage
  • deployments
  • custom security and compliance policies
  • branding
  • audit logs
  • identity management (Active Directory, single sign-in)
  • user roles and groups
  • Administrative policies

VIDIZMO Users & Groups management

Panopto does not allow the creation of multiple autonomous video portals with entirely separate SSO and security & administrative policies like VIDIZMO does. Panopto uses a multitenant architecture too, but it focuses on providing consistent upgrades across all instances, scaling infinitely with demand and providing cost-efficiency by allowing the instances to share computing and storage resources.

While these benefits are common in a multitenant architecture, flexibility is the key in enterprises. A business may want one VIDIZMO portal on the cloud and another portal behind the firewall when it contains sensitive content. This level of flexibility is usually redundant in e-learning environments and not provided by Panopto. Panopto also does not offer any professional services to help meet unique security or compliance requirements with no option for adding custom privacy policy in their application like a consent form required by GDPR compliance.

VIDIZMO also allows user and group management on a single tenancy deployment. Organizations can segregate content for certain users and groups without having to maintain separate portals. This is done through bulk permission managed for different groups as well as different user roles.


Video and Media Search Capabilities

VIDIZMO offers a comprehensive way to find content within the platform and inside videos using multifaceted search.

  • Metadata and keywords: titles, categories, tags, custom metadata fields and groups, etc.
  • Spoken words in a video: intelligent in-video search using machine-generated transcriptions and closed captions
    Search-inClosed Captions through Automatic Speech Recognition
  • AI-powered facial, object and voice search: revolutionary search based on brands, faces and objects in a video
  • Federated search: digital media content from an integrated platform like SharePoint for a seamless video experience

Panopto also offers in-video, OCR-based and multilingual search features relevant to the e-learning market. However, Panopto support the addition of custom metadata like unique ID, instructor name, etc., unlike VIDIZMO. These are important for enhanced searchability.


Deployment Options

Both VIDIZMO and Panopto offer on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment flexibilities:

VIDIZMO Deployment Models


In a 100% cloud deployment, VIDIZMO is deployed in a shared cloud.

Cloud deployments can be completed with the help of VIDIZMO support in less than 2 hours. Installation is as simple as it gets, and IT users can deploy the application themselves easily.


VIDIZMO's on-premise deployment model allows users to host the software behind their firewall. You can deploy VIDIZMO on a single server, across multiple servers for load balancing, or set up a High Availability (HA) environment with Disaster Recovery (DR).

VIDIZMO also support, amongst other things, the following critical capabilities that Panopto fails to deliver in its on-premise solution:

  • Video conferencing integration (Zoom and BlueJeans)
  • Transcription (the accuracy might be lower than the transcription service in our cloud version, but we offer you the ability to edit your transcripts)
  • Search capabilities
  • White-label brandable video platform

On-premise deployments are best suited for organizations with stringent security and compliance needs that require maximum control over their data on-site or those who wish to fully configure the application to suit specific organizational or industry requirements.


For customers who prefer a hybrid installation (a combination of cloud and on-premises), VIDIZMO's flexible deployment model allows this option in any geographical location. Organizations can maintain specific data storage, hosting and streaming functions on-premises while maintaining the rest in a public cloud, depending on their requirements.

Flexible Pricing Model

Both VIDIZMO and Panopto offer predictable pricing models with a single licensing fee based on the number of users. The pricing decreases as the number of users increases. However, VIDIMZO provides a unique active-user licensing option too.
With VIDIZMO's active-user licensing model, you are only charged for the number of users that log into the system in a given calendar cycle. This means you could register all 50,000 of your employees while paying only for the 20,000 users that actually log in to the system. This pricing model is valuable for large organizations where video consumption is unpredictable, providing significant savings.
With Panopto, customers are limited to purchasing a fixed number of licenses, whether their users sign in during a billing cycle or not.

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VIDIZMO and Panopto are just two types of enterprise video platforms, and these are only a few criteria to compare such platforms on. There is a wide variety of video platforms out there and extensive standards for comparison based on different use cases.

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You can also read on ensemble video platform, which was recently acquired by Panopto.

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