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Secure Your Online Video Platform with Temporary Video Share

Share videos with a specific audience for a brief period. Learn about online video platforms that allow for temporary video sharing with limited access sharing.

Once on the internet, always on the internet – something we all fear; a huge detriment for organizations wanting toshare videoswith their global teams for virtual communication and collaboration. 

There are a million ways to upload and share videos on the internet. But most platforms are focused on external, public-facing content that does not require security. 

Things get trickier if the video must be kept private; even tougher is onlysharing them for a limited time or to a restricted audience through an online video platform. 

Temporary video sharing might seem impossible to you but worry not! This article presents to you an air-tight solution to share videos online temporarily. 

Why Do You Need Temporary Sharing for Your Online Video Platform?

When your video content grows, not only does it become difficult to organize your videos but also to securely share videos to the relevant audience only. But what is this security risk that everyone keeps rambling on about? 

It is more severe than you might think. 

According to CISCO 2024 Data Privacy Benchmark Study, 94% of organizations say their consumers do not conduct buy from them if their data is not handled properly. 

Moreover, according to Apple there is a 20% increase in data breaches from 2022 to 2023. Indicating the need of a secure way to share content only to relevant individuals. 

With all this risk, security can no longer be ignored but sharing videos is just as important as a secure online video platform. Without that, videos lose all their value. These are information-rich assets that serve a variety of purposes:

  • Internal communications 
  • Corporate training 
  • Online learning 
  • Marketing and sales 
  • Live events
  • Video archival 
Considering the need for private video sharing, VIDIZMO EVCM offers temporary video sharing with various other video streaming and management capabilities. Let us know more about limited sharing and various other capabilities.


VIDIZMO | Secure Online Video Platform for Temporary Video Sharing 

When it comes to video limited sharing, VIDIZMO is considered as a key player in the industry. But what exactly is VIDIZMO? 

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a Gartner-recognized completeenterprise video platform for professional-grade live and on-demand video streaming and video asset management.

The platform is designed with a security-first approach and has various video access management and sharing capabilities to ensure limited playback without the chances of data leakage. 

VIDIZMO limited access sharing

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Temporary Video Share | Limited Sharing Options 

When uploading  videos on your VIDIZMO video library, you can restrictvideo portal to your portal users for internal viewing only with options to share videos with external viewers as well when needed. Here is how it can be done. 

  • Generate multiple expirable links to share temporary videos – password protect them for secure internal or external sharing within a limited time 
  • Or simply restrict a video for internal viewing to select users and groups in the video portal within a limited time duration (you can even limit the number of times a viewer may watch a video) 
  • Or just send an email invite of the video to external viewers – they would need to authenticate to watch the video (feel free to limit the number of views and time duration of video availability) 

VIDIZMO limited sharing feature demo

Limit Access Even Within Your Team 

Have a video you want to temporarily share online with only a few members of your team? Or restrict to one department? Or share with the entire organization? It is all possible to do on VIDIZMO's online video platform. 

You can simply choose to define who can view your video – the entire organization, certain groups (departmental group or special projects), select users, or even anonymous viewers. 

Videos shared within a group will not be accessible to anyone else in the organization (unless you share them with someone else). 

Online security of content

You can choose to password-protect these videos and can even set a time period for their availability.  

Decide if you want to block its download and disable sharing and embedding of these temporary videos. 

Or just go one step ahead and create a custom player template to pick the controls these temporary videos have. This will allow you to remove the options like seeking forward. 

Large or Small | Share Away Video of Any Size and Format 

Videos come in all shapes and forms. Some are micro-learning bites. Others are hour-long meeting recordings or recorded live events. 

Duration is not the only factor that plays a role in its size. The video quality also adds up to its size. 

Sharing large video files published in a variety of formats can prove to be a huge hassle. And sharing them temporarily is even more difficult. 

VIDIZMO’s video content management capabilities allow you to avoid all this worry. The video platform can easily handle the advanced processing of over 255 types of file formats. 


Learn More About Sharing Videos in VIDIZMO

You will benefit from automatic transcoding, metadata extraction, thumbnail generation, and much more. Automatically transcode your video to create multiple renditions in different resolution levels and format types. 

The different versions supportadaptive bitrate streaming catering to your employees streaming under varying bandwidth conditions from any part of the world (CDN support assists in smooth global content delivery). The multiple formats make your video readily playable on all devices and browsers. 

In-Video Interactivity and Collaboration 

Use your video assets in a variety of diverse ways to support collaboration and ensure active video participation. Add in-video interactive elements, including: 

  • Quizzes to test comprehension
  • Fun polls for engagements 
  • Surveys to collect feedback 
  • Downloadable handouts (like a document, ppt or another video) to provide additional information 
  • Forms (HubSpot or custom create a form) for lead generation 

Enable annotations to support collaboration by allowing viewers to leave a note at any particular timestamp. You can even encourage viewers to leave comments for further discussion. 


Air-Tight Security

Going through the effort of temporarily sharing video might all be a waste if your method has security loopholes. VIDIZMO ensures you face none. The platform has a ton of security features, some of which are:

  • SSO integration with various SSO and IAM systems along with SCIM support

  • End-to-end encryption for content protection in-transit and at-rest

  • DRM support is also available as an add on for additional support

  • Ability to store and host your videos in the region of your choice

  • Reliable SSL video streaming to force an HTTPS connection which prevents cyber attacks like the “man-in-the-middle” attack

  • Whitelist or blacklist IP addresses, domains and locations to restrict viewership

Ending Notes - Limited Video Sharing for Online Video Platform

In conclusion, VIDIZMO offers a secure and efficient solution for temporary video sharing, addressing the critical need for privacy and data security.  

With customizable controls and in-video interactivity, VIDIZMO empowers organizations to share videos confidently while safeguarding sensitive information. Leveraging VIDIZMO's advanced capabilities, businesses can streamline their video sharing workflows, enhance collaboration, and mitigate security risks effectively. 

Overall, VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube is an end-to-end enterprise video content management systemthat has made it so much simpler temporarily sharing videos online. Contact VIDIZMO team today to remove any doubts. You can even avail yourself of a free trial to experience the ease firsthand. 


1. What is an online video platform?

An online video platform is a digital library where users or businesses can store, organize, access, and share a collection of videos via the internet. It serves as a centralized hub for organizing and streaming several types of video content.

2. How to limit sharing a video?

Regular video sharing platforms whose content is publicly available makes it difficult to limit sharing a video. However, platforms like VIDIZMO EVCM allow users to limited sharing videos via limited access URLs and access management.

3. What is the best way to share videos online?

The best way to share videos online is to use a cloud-based online video platform like VIDIZMO EVCM. It allows you to stream live and on-demand videos to your audience. Moreover, it also enables limited sharing videos to external users for a limited time.

4. Can we send a video by e-mail?

Email is often used to send files. However, they are not capable of sending large video files. The best way to share such videos is to use Video CMS to generate limited share URLs and share them via emails.

5. Which is the best platform to share videos?

There are various platforms available in the market. However, considering the latest capabilities, technology, and security features VIDIZMO is considered one of the best platforms to share videos.

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