Qumu Alternatives: Top 5 Enterprise Video Platforms

There are 100s of video platforms out there. Let us discover the top Qumu alternatives amongst all the competitors based on different corporate use cases.

Using Qumu Video Engagement Platform to resolve video content management challenges but not satisfied with the results? Well, you are at the right place to find a suitable Qumu alternative through a comparison of the top online video platforms.

Videos have taken over the world of communication (9 in 10 viewers have shared interest in businesses communicating through video). Organizations big and small are scrambling to find the most effective online video platform to perfectly cater to their particular video need.

Here are the main factors that you must consider foreseeing which video platform will be the right fit for your team:

  • Automated Video Management

  • Caters to Your Specific Use Case

  • Built on Security

  • Private Streaming Capabilities

  • Ease of Use

  • Built-In Integrations


Why Should You Look for Qumu Alternatives?

Are you looking to use the enterprise video platform for one or more of the following video use cases?

  • Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

  • Intelligent video management to free up employee time

  • Centralized video repository

  • Engaging video-based training or eLearning

  • Custom brandable site for video marketing

In these cases, unfortunately, Qumu’s platform will fall short.

Why? Here is why you might be looking for an alternative:

  • Qumu provides close to no AI capabilities – the only ones it does provide is captioning through a 3rd party integration with CaptionHub (which has its own security implications)

  • The absence of AI also weakens Qumu’s search capabilities – no in-video search based on on-screen text, objects or faces (searching for a specific video amongst will definitely be a struggle)

  • On-premise option of Qumu is even more limited in terms of the video management capabilities on offer with no AI options (even with integration)

  • Only basic branding capabilities – you will definitely not be able to revamp the entire video platform as your own with custom CSS

  • LMS integration and many other learning elements missing like SCORM support are missing, making it difficult to use Qumu as a video training platform

  • Many other out-of-the-box integrations with critical business apps like SharePoint and MS Teams are missing

  • The platform is not multilingual and does not have a built-in video transcription engine

  • With all the above lackings, it is difficult to use Qumu for many corporate video use cases – making it necessary to opt for other video platforms alongside it (more costly)

In 100 Words, How VIDIZMO is a Better Alternatives to Qumu?

VIDIZMO, one of the top Qumu alternatives, helps you create your own YouTube-style video portal for secure public and private video streaming.

On top of that, with its end-to-end video content management capabilities, it can turn into a one-stop shop for all your corporate video needs allowing your team to simply focus on creating content and using it for communication, training and collaboration.

Moreso, it is a white-label platform – easily change up its player and portal look, language, and navigation through custom branding features.

Use it to reach a global audience through this multilingual platform with AI-powered searchable transcription and translations.

VIDIZMO vs Qumu competitor comparison

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Comparison of Top 5 Qumu Alternatives


    Here is a Gartner-recognized enterprise video platform – one of the best Qumu alternatives – supporting:

    • Live and on-demand video streaming
    • Stream to the public or limit access to certain internal or external audiences
    • Create a YouTube-style video library
    • Categorize, auto-tag, and use smart search for fast & accurate content discovery
    • Enterprise-grade security
    • Extensive compliance coverage
    • Flexible deployment options – cloud, on-prem, hybrid or as a SaaS application
    • A broad range of integrations and video artificial intelligence capabilities

    Video Hosting Site - VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube end-to-end video portal

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    Main Features

    • Automatic transcription in around 40 languages, further translated into 50+ languages
    • Auto-transcribe multilingual content for videos containing up to 4 spoken languages
    • The platform itself is also multilingual, supporting 40+ languages
    • Smart in-video search using spoken words, on-screen text, faces, and objects
    • Limit access to videos within organizations or go one step ahead to limit them to certain users or groups
    • Segregate and secure content even further by creating multiple autonomous video portals with separate security policies, admin controls and unique branding for different departments or regions
    • Brand the white label video platform with your own flair while adhering to your corporate branding guidelines (use Custom CSS for complete control)
    • Make videos interactive by adding in-video trackable quizzes, downloadable handouts, and feedback surveys
    • Embed the interactive video assets on any site or app, bringing content right to your audience (these embeds can be SSO-enabled if authentication is required)
    • Air-tight security with features like SSO integration, end-to-end encryption, DRM support, IP and location restriction, and role-based access controls
    • All major regional and industrial compliances like GDPR are covered through video data governance features like audit logs, automated redaction, and custom security policies
    • Out-of-the-box integrations with all critical business communication and corporate training apps, including video conferencing platforms like Zoom and MS Teams, LMS like Blackboard, and CMS like SharePoint
    • Device-agnostic with mobile and desktop application supporting offline viewing
    • Minimal video monetization capabilities through 3rd party integration using professional services


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  2. Vimeo

    Vimeo is another Qumu competitor more focused on organizations using videos to cater to an external audience.

    Vimeo - Qumu Competitor

    It was initially known as a YouTube alternative for creative professionals, providing them space to publish and promote their work. It now caters to enterprises as well, mostly with minimal security and private streaming needs.

    Main Features

    • Supports live and on-demand video streaming
    • Basic video branding capabilities
    • Compatible with all devices
    • Supports video embedding on other sites
    • Content creation possible through the "Vimeo create" feature
    • Can monetize content
    • Lacks many AI-powered video management offerings like smart search
    • Limited video analytics
    • Can secure videos but limited compared to other options
    • No on-premise video streaming

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  3. Dacast

    Dacast promotes itself as the top live streaming platform but also supports on-demand video streaming.

    Dacast - Live Streaming Platform

    It is a good platform for basic video management needs, when you don’t require extensive security, customization and automation.

    Main Features

    • Live and on-demand video streaming
    • Video monetization possible
    • Integrated paywall payment security is available
    • Also has an OTT platform for entertainment content
    • In-video interactivity missing – can’t add quizzes with no possibility for live chat during live streams
    • Limited security offering with no SSO integration, no role-based access control, etc.
    • Video management is not supported through AI
    • No on-premise video streaming

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  4. Brightcove

    Well-known amongst the media, entertainment and sports industries, Brightcove is definitely a major contender in this list.

    Brightcove video platform comparison

    It is a media and OTT-focused Qumu alternative, best for publishing promotional and entertainment content, with a variety of methods to monetize videos and use them for marketing purposes.

    Main Features

    • Offers live and on-demand video streaming
    • YouTube-like video library
    • Basic search options
    • Video monetization feature supported with Google Ad Manager integration, ad insertions, etc.
    • Video sharing and embedding possible
    • Platform’s features are catered towards the media and entertainment industry
    • Corporate communication, internal training, and private collaboration is not aptly supported
    • Only a SaaS-based application
    • No on-premise video streaming

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  5. Wistia

Last but not the least, Wistia is the right fit for organizations with video marketing use cases.

Wistia - Qumu Alternative

The solution is designed with marketing-focused video needs. Most of its integrations and features cater to this use case.

Main Features

    • Supports on-demand video streaming
    • No live streaming capabilities
    • Have a video channel right on your site
    • Embed videos from Wistia on your site or app
    • Integrates with other relevant apps for video marketing like HubSpot, Marketo, Google Analytics, etc.
    • Content creation is also supported
    • Minimal security coverage with no SSO integration, very basic access controls, etc.
    • SaaS-based application only
    • No on-premise video streaming


Wrapping up

With video becoming mainstream throughout the business world, there are a ton of video streaming platforms out there – not all capable enough to fulfill your requirements.

It is critical that you know what use case you are looking to fulfill and then appropriately pick a platform after doing thorough research.

If VIDIZMO’s solution piques your interest, try it firsthand by opting for a free trial or contact us to request a demo!

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Posted by Sabika Tasneem

Sabika is the Associate Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO, an expert in video streaming technologies and solutions. You can email at websales@vidizmo.com for any queries.

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