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How to Better Organize Video Content: 10 Best Practices for Organizing Your Corporate Video Library

Organizing your corporate video library should not be hard. Know the best practices to organize your video content.

by Rafey Iqbal Rahman Updated on March 22, 2024

Let’s just keep it straight – an organized corporate video library is a must-have. Your digital content mess holds the power to make your mind a mess. Don’t believe us? A publication by The New York Times reports that digital clutter can lead to stress and anxiety shooting up.

A study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) reported that data professionals spend as much as 30% of their time in a week searching for relevant content. Now, imagine the amount of productivity lost that can never be gained back. 

This should be stopped. But how? By efficiently organizing your video library. Various online video platforms offer users the capability to organize and manage their corporate video library.  

While a video library platform can help you store and efficiently organize your on-demand video content, unleashing the true potential of a VOD platform is only possible when you become aware of the best practices for organizing the video library.  

If you still think you can do away with a cluttered video content library, we recommend you read our article on why you need to organize your video library

Newsflash! This blog encapsulates the best practices for efficiently organizing your video library. In this blog, we present actionable tips for streamlining your corporate video library, complete with why they should be followed.

10 Tips for Organizing Your Corporate Video Library

Infographic showing 10 best practices for organizing corporate video library with VIDIZMO logo in the center

Organizing a corporate video library is an art, and you can become the Picasso of it. The following insightful tips relating to the efficient organization of an enterprise video library can help you master the art of organizing your video content library: 

  1. Store videos on a centralized platform.
  2. Create a structure for content categories.
  3. Add metadata to your content.
  4. Follow file naming conventions and add descriptions.
  5. Add visuals to categories.
  6. Assign granular user roles.
  7. Define who can see what.
  8. Limit access to highly confidential media.
  9. Ensure strict legal compliance.
  10. Showcase important videos.

Store Videos on a Centralized Platform

If you’re a content manager, you might feel the pain of content being scattered all over the place. There will be times when you will be faced with great difficulty in finding relevant content stored in online video platforms. You know what does this mean? Yes, you guessed it right – wasted time and lost revenue. 

Hence, a centralized video content library is essential for organizing a multitude of enterprise video content, thus ensuring convenient accessibility to all. With advanced video library software, precious time and file search costs can be saved big time. 

EnterpriseTube’s corporate video library allows you to host video content on a centralized VOD platform and ensures stringent compliance with accessibility standards, such as Section 508, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Create a Structure for Content Categories

It is a no-brainer to understand that a logical content structure results in your logical mind acting with greater potential, thereby enhancing your productivity. Online video platforms offer the ability to create a hierarchical content structure to minimize time and search costs. 

Creating a folder structure comprising folders and subfolders can help professionals organize their corporate video library. For instance, a typical folder structure for investor relations videos might look like the following:

Investor relations videos >> Sequoia Capital >> Series C round

Unlike many other online video platforms, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube’s category access rights management allows you to create as many folders (categories) and subfolders (subcategories) as you want, with no strings attached.

The following illustration highlights how information can be sorted into categories and subcategories:

A typlical folder structure under portals

Key takeaway: In VIDIZMO, you can create as many categories and subcategories as you want, unlike other platforms, which have limitations.

Also, IT administrators need not worry about manually removing global access from each subcategory, as our platform allows users to replicate access rights and permissions from the category to the subcategory with just a click.

Add Metadata to your Content

Imagine if someone told you about a concert happening this week. However, there are no additional details about who is performing, the venue, or how much it will cost to see the singer live. That would be frustrating, right? 

Similar is the case with video content stored in a video content library if the additional details, i.e., metadata, are not provided.  

If someone asked you to send them the recording of a particular webinar, you might not be able to locate the specific video recording among a stash of other recorded webinars since the file does not contain information regarding the speaker and the topic (or, in general, metadata). 

Don’t you worry as VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is one of those online video platforms that offers superior metadata management by allowing you to add metadata of your own using custom attributes. This might be anything, let’s say, author name, location information, unique ID, to name a few. Also, the platform automatically generates tags through AI for your videos and other digital media stored in your corporate video library.

Follow File Naming Conventions and Add Descriptions.

Consistency is key and following file naming conventions are one way to achieve it. Especially if you are a video producer or content creator, you’ll know how important it is to ensure that videos are named properly to streamline the post-production process.  

Moreover, adding video descriptions allows you to locate and find files more easily and can help search engines, like Google, index the content in your corporate video library, provided relevant keywords are used. 

What’s more to ask for when EnterpriseTube allows you not only to add video titles and descriptions but also make video retrieval easy by offering search through tags and metadata with its AI-powered search functionality in its video library software.

Add Visuals to Categories

With hundreds and thousands of folders stored in your corporate video library, it can be a tiring effort to look for the specific folder. It’s like walking inside your nearby Walmart, Target, or Costco store and not finding department names. You’ll be clueless, wandering here and there, right?  

This is why various content management systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint and Google Drive, allow you to color-code your folders to distinguish them from the rest. However, color coding does not suffice in most cases. 

For instance, using an extensive color palette for your numerous folders can overwhelm the user and would be counterproductive, causing you to lose more time finding the right color-coded folder. 

EnterpriseTube goes several steps further and addresses the limitations of color-coding folders by allowing you to add a folder thumbnail and background image, apply custom CSS, and more. This allows you to distinguish various file folders or categories fairly and effectively communicate your brand identity.

Assign Granular User Roles

Not keeping a check on the rights and privileges available with your employees in an organization might result in great harm to your company data, revenue, and reputation – essentially everything important for your business to survive and thrive.

Not so long ago, in 2022, a disgruntled employee at Cash App vented his feelings by exposing data of 8 million customers. There’s too much data privacy at stake if you ask us.

Hence, you need to assign appropriate user roles in your corporate video library to limit access and avoid the chances of potentially grave consequences.

EnterpriseTube offers a granular role-based access control mechanism, comprising the following roles:

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Moderator
  • Contributor
  • Viewer
  • Anonymous

Here is how role-based access control in EnterpriseTube can work for you:

Table showing different user roles available in VIDIZMO’s corporate video library applicable on multiple video-related use cases

Define Who Can See What

It might be a shocker, but an employee in your organization might have access to almost 11 million files. This is quite scary from a data privacy standpoint. What if a whistleblower leaks sensitive information about your company? Organizations as large as Apple have faced this situation. 

However, this can be prevented by choosing what files to make available for whom. For instance, internal meetings involving the C-suite discussing an upcoming product should not be made available to all employees in an organization and only to key stakeholders. 

EnterpriseTube allows you to define access to enterprise videos present in the video library software. You can choose whether to make a specific folder available for all, to users of a particular portal, users of the entire account, and more.

All of the above capabilities make EnterpriseTube a highly secure enterprise video platform.

Learn more about why a secure online video library is vital for your organization and try our secure online video platform today.

Limit Access to Highly Confidential Media

With companies storing a variety of sensitive content in their corporate video library, it is important to ensure data privacy and protection to avoid harsh consequences. 

For instance, a healthcare professional exposing a recorded video of patient’s surgery will bring bad name to the healthcare entity that employed them. Moreover, violating HIPAA compliance will result in the healthcare provider losing money – a lot of it. 

Similarly, an education service provider might be faced with various video-based education records of students posed at risk of unauthorized access to scattered videos. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) mandates it to protect student records.  

To avoid the above adversity, you need to share video content and digital media stored within folders securely. EnterpriseTube allows you to securely share temporary links to files with specific users or groups limited by time duration or the number of allowed views.

Ensure Strict Legal Compliance

As found in the PwC’s Risk Atlas database, more than 2,500 data protection laws govern organizations of all sizes. Navigating them can be quite challenging for your business regardless of the industry you’re in. 

Another PwC publication reports that 40% of global organizations burn more than $10 million to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) alone. Other common compliances include but are not limited to HIPAA, GLBA, CCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and PCI-DSS. 

Organizations like yours can leverage EnterpriseTube to effectively organize your content into categories and subcategories, thereby ensuring that it remains sorted and protected from prying eyes. Did we mention that VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a GDPR-compliant platform?

Showcase Important Videos.

Some videos are so important that they need to be seen by almost everyone in your organization. For example, a video showcasing your brand voice, a day-in-the-life video of an employee, a webinar recording, or a virtual video tour of your workplace. 

However, given the wealth of information, it is safe to say that this information will be difficult to find for others who are not familiar with the folder structure (if any) of the video content library. It is your job to highlight them.  

With EnterpriseTube, you can showcase important video content by making the folder available on the top of the VOD platform homepage for quick access. Simply select Mark as featured to display featured categories on the leading enterprise video platform.

Organize your Corporate Video Library with EnterpriseTube

Organizing your corporate video library is an unwieldy task if you do not have the right Video library software in your organization. VIDZMO EnterpriseTube allows you to pick up all 10 best practices and try them out to easily organize your video library. 

Key Takeaway: VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers robust category access rights management for efficiently organizing video content and digital media into categories inside your online video library. This allows you to save time and preserve your productivity from getting used up in dealing with cluttered content.

Read more on how you can simplify organizing your video library with category access rights with our platform. 

Start organizing your corporate video library by opting for VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube – an AI-powered enterprise video platform recognized by Gartner.

No cluttered video library from today onwards, right? 

Sign up for a 7-day free trial of VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube or book a demo session.

People Also Ask

1. How do I organize my corporate video library?

You can organize your corporate video library by storing videos centrally, creating a folder structure, adding metadata, following file naming conventions, adding file descriptions, defining access, and showcasing important videos.

2. What is the purpose of a video library?

A video library is used to store, host, and organize enterprise video content on a centralized platform, thus making the content accessible to all while keeping a check on security and access management.

3. What are the uses of media library?

A media library can be leveraged for a variety of use cases, for instance organizing marketing and sales enablement video collateral, patient surgery videos, surveillance footage, educational videos, recorded meetings and webinars, etc.

4. How do I make a video library?

Making a video library is easy with VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube. EnterpriseTube offers you a centralized, accessible corporate video library through its AI-powered enterprise video content and digital media management system.

5. What is the best video library?

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is one of those online video platforms that offers the best-in-class video library through its enterprise video content management system. With an AI-powered enterprise video platform like EnterpriseTube, users can streamline and expedite the organization and management of video content and digital media.

6. What are online video platforms so popular?

Online video platforms have gained immense popularity in recent years due to the unprecedented rise in the demand and consumption of video content and businesses realizing the importance of incorporating video into their organizational strategies.

Posted by Rafey Iqbal Rahman

Rafey is an Associate Product Marketing Analyst at VIDIZMO and holds expertise in enterprise video content management, digital evidence management, and redaction technologies. He actively researches tech industries to keep up with the trends. For any queries, feel free to reach out to websales@vidizmo.com

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