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Train Your Referees, Umpires or Sports Officials Via Online Platform

By Huma Rajput
A referee raising hand during an online training video

Why have online training for referees? For basketball, soccer or any other sport? This blog focuses on the importance of sports officials' training and provides a solution of the best online live platform to cater to all the umpires, coaches, and referees globally.

Since COVID's onset, every country has been affected negatively and had been forced to close down operations in every field. As a result, people have been thinking out of the box to cope with the new environment. For instance, many stores have started supplying groceries online, businesses are being conducted under the "work from home" phenomena, schools have been teaching online, etc.

Thus, to keep the world going, people have accepted the new normal. However, to curtail the spread of this deadly virus, sports have also been severely affected as for the first time in the history, Olympics had been postponed indefinitely.

When a stop was put to all the recreational and athletic tournaments, training sessions of the critical sports staff such as umpires and referees were also suspended. To be a part of any sport, it is essential to constantly stay up to date with the newest regulations, policies, jargon, etc.

Therefore, as players have to stay in shape all the time, referees and umpires also need to have good reflexes and know the game inside out; one simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of continuity of such trainings.

As the world has taken up online media platforms to carry on their businesses, why not use the same for sports personnel's training?

Why Training Coaches or Referees is Important?

According to research, training for referees, coaches or officials is important because it ensures that they are fair, unbiased and confident in their decision-making. It is essential that the referees' decisions are not influenced by any of the surroundings, be it the home crowd, previous decision, or anything else that can influence them.

Here are 5 important areas for which referees need training and their importance:

Judgment and Decision Making:

Decision-making plays an essential role in any match, which is perhaps the most vital aspect of coaches' or referees' activities as an entire match relies on that one decision of umpires or referees, be it on-field or off-field.

Just imagine how important it is for umpires, coaches, or referees to make the right decision within a few minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the right training to them at what time, when, how, and why a certain decision is justifiable.

Review and Evaluate Players' Performances:

The effective decision involves two important aspects—the purpose for which it is intended and the environmental situation in which it is taken. Umpires, referees, and other sports officials must observe play, assess various situations, and often make split-second decisions.

The winning and losing of a team rely solely on the umpire's ability to evaluate and review all the players' performance. The criteria must be standard and strict in all the matches of one sport making it unbiased and unquestionable.

Performance Tracking and Monitoring Devices:

Training gadgets such as GPS, accelerometers, etc., can be appealing and tempting; for anyone working with referees. However, it is important that your referees get the relevant training for these devices, to ensure that they are able to use them effectively.

Fitness Training:

Like players, referees and umpires also have to stay on the field and be a part of the entire match; a referee stays close to the gaming field, constantly changes positions to have a better view and stay alert, and on their feet during the match.

Thus, requiring stamina and physical fitness to get the job done effectively. Therefore, it is important that all the coaches are deemed fit to coach, adhering to physical fitness and exercise.

Rules and Regulations:

Referees and umpires make sure that the rules of a game are followed. It is the rules (or laws) that make the sport what it is and help keep all players safe. Referees, players and coaches must keep up to date with rule changes in order to be effective.

Needless to say, each sport has a set of specific requirements for umpires, referees, and other sports officials. . Umpires and referees must have a thorough knowledge of their game and its rules and regulations as they play a crucial role in the tournaments' decision-making.

A referee enforcing football rules

VIDIZMO - An Enterprise Video Content Management System for Online Referee Training

VDIZMO offers an enterprise video content management system that allows you to stream live and on-demand videos internally and externally, and videos are accessible from anywhere, on any device, under any bandwidth condition.


Learn More

Through VIDIZMO, you can conduct internal training for your on-field or off-field referees, volunteers, staff boys, etc. To make these training effective and interactive, VIDIZMO enables its users to insert quizzes, Q&A, handouts, surveys, etc. You can also integrate VIDIZMO with LMS, CMS, and many more.

Within VIDIZMO, you can also add annotations and notes in these training videos, include links, short explanations, statements etc. This will help players and referees to actively engage, will promote focused learning, and support learners’ to understand better and critically think about the text.

Moreover, VIDIZMO also provides a frame by frame analysis feature, allowing you to have a focused view of minor details; where you can center on a single instance of a video. Also, you can pause the video at any specific instance and seek it forward or backward by a single frame.

Besides this, you can use the platform for much more. You can stream engaging content externally, and connect with your audience through recorded highlights, on-demand videos, etc., in a YouTube-like portal or embedded on your website.



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