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VIDIZMO & Kaltura: Which is The Right Video CMS for Your Organization?

By Zohaib Khan
VIDIZMO vs. Kaltura: Comparing enterprise video platform capabilities

Video content management systems like VIDIZMO and Kaltura have become a staple for organizations looking to take advantage of the power of video. From corporate communications to training & learning, organizations are increasingly recognizing and adapting video for their operations. This makes choosing the right video content management system (video CMS) all the more important.

At a glance, VIDIZMO and Kaltura might seem like they offer pretty similar capabilities for storing, managing and sharing video content. Both solutions are popular with enterprises and are recognized by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM). However, there are certain crucial differences between the two solutions that can affect your organization’s ability to effectively meet your goals, specifically in terms of solution completeness and readiness for business users, pricing and licensing costs, deployment flexibility, customer support and industry focus.


Why Distinction Matters

VIDIZMO was founded as an enterprise video streaming & content management system, designed to be flexible and reliable for a vast array of verticals and use cases, such as enterprise communications, education, training, marketing & sales, remote working, virtual events and knowledge management.

In comparison, Kaltura was founded as a video streaming solution for the media industry, aimed at broadcasting over-the-top (OTT) services. In addition to a heritage of dedication towards an industry with remarkably different needs, their excursion into the enterprise and other markets meant breaking down their basic platform to create different solutions. This has created a fragmented platform, unpredictable pricing, weak customer support, and a lack of deployment flexibility.

This means that with VIDIZMO, your organization will have a complete, robust and reliable video platform dedicated to your organizational functions & needs.


A Complete & Ready Video Streaming Solution

In addition to providing custom solutions, VIDIZMO also offers cookie-cutter products defined for use cases that allow organizations to instantly deploy and start using the platform, with minor customizations if necessary. With complete video streaming and content management products and solutions, even the newest or most casual user with little or no technical expertise can easily start using the platform within minutes.

Kaltura on the other hand provides heavily fragmented solutions; with more than 15 different products listed on their website, the entire process of deploying a complete video platform from Kaltura requires detailed technical and business coordination. Each customer needs to entail their requirements in detail and to craft the final solution from scratch by combining multiple products. Consequently, Kaltura’s pricing model is heavily fragmented as well. This makes the entire process much more complex, requires a greater time investment, and creates a lot of uncertainties and difficulties when it comes to pricing and cost management.

To put it simply, VIDIZMO provides the basic, most important of features without unnecessary complexities that help save time and resources, and make it easier to make reliable estimations for costs with fixed pricing, in contrast to the complexities and uncertainties when dealing with Kaltura’s many pricing options and fragmented solutions.


Greater Value at Minimal Pricing

Kaltura’s pricing plans for a basic video CMS for organizational use cases start at $1000 or more per month. In contrast, VIDIZMO provides a reliable video content management system with the most necessary features for different use cases with a pricing as low as $500 or less per month.  

Moreover, certain functionalities provided by VIDIZMO such as optical character recognition (OCR), facial recognition, voice recognition, and object recognition through artificial intelligence (AI) are simply not supported by Kaltura. VIDIZMO provides a more flexible video content management system that offers an extensive range of services and integrations that allow the platform to provide flexible solutions for a wide variety of specialized use cases and industries.

VIDIZMO not only provides a greater range of features and functionalities but also provides these comprehensive solutions at a much more reasonable pricing for each industry and their use cases compared to Kaltura's pricing.

The basic features provided in Kaltura’s video platform can be heavily lacking with a number of features such as video portals, search, mobile streaming, integrations, etc., requiring multiple Kaltura licenses with costs dependent on a complex pricing model. Moreover, customers have to rely on professional Kaltura service agents who are an expensive and ongoing necessity as Kaltura’s products and customer needs consistently evolve.



A Video Content Management System for All Users

VIDIZMO offers an integrated yet flexible video platform that is ideal for both technical and non-technical users. With all basic video platform capabilities built out of the box, anyone can start using VIDIZMO without any technical knowledge or expertise. However, if an enterprise IT team wanted to configure and customize VIDIZMO to suit their infrastructure or industry compliance needs, the platform is modular enough to enable that as well. VIDIZMO offers a robust set of APIs and HTML widgets that make it easy for a business’ IT to develop or customize the solution as per their needs or preferences.

Kaltura’s video platform on the other hand mainly serves the IT user as it requires technical expertise to set up, install, configure, update and manage the video platform. What this means is that not only is Kaltura not as user-friendly for non-technical teams, it also requires significant efforts on the part of the IT users – efforts that could be channeled towards other, core IT functions. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, Kaltura’s complex and fragmented video platform solutions typically demand customers to hire professional Kaltura service agents for properly implementing their products and establishing their custom solutions, which only add to Kaltura’s high pricing.


Flexibility and Scalability for Storage & Pricing

More and more organizations (especially the education sector) are looking for scalable solutions to deal with unexpected changes in the market (e.g., the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy) and to minimize their cost-to-investment ratio. As organizational needs and technology both continue to change and evolvethey need a flexible and scalable solution to keep up. 

Both Kaltura and VIDIZMO provide flexible deployment options in the cloud, on-premises and hybrid model. However, VIDIZMO offers the ultimate flexibility and scalability for control over pricing and storage deployment in a customer's choice of architecture. For cloud deployments, VIDIZMO offers deployment in any public or private cloud, be it Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM, or Google, among others.

On-premises and cloud deployment efficiency

For on-premises deployment, VIDIZMO offers the most flexible installation, storage, support, automatic software updates, AI features, and security with the best synchronization with active directory users, groups, forests and organizational units in the industry. In contrast, our closest competitors like Kaltura require that on-premises deployment is done by their teams only. Moreover, with our guided installation wizard and easily understandable how-to articles, VIDIZMO on-premise deployment can be completed in 4 hours, which is the fastest on-premise deployment time in the industry.  

For hybrid deployments, VIDIZMO allows the greatest flexibility to mix cloud and on-premises storage, CDN, encoding profiles, and even multiple SSO sources with different portals in any combination -- all while facilitating highly efficient hybrid deployments in terms of pricing, support, upgrades and updates.

In contrast, Kaltura’s data centers need a lot of hardware investments and provide only a limited amount of scalability. As such, a number of Kaltura’s customers have reported dissatisfaction with the platform for it’s unreliability in keeping up with the changing and evolving business environment. 


Reliable 24/7 Customer Support


Robust, 247 customer support vs. poor support

With a dedicated focus on delivering the best customer support, VIDIZMO implements a customer-first business policy to provide the highest level of customer orientation and support efficiency. We offer a tier-based support model with standard, premium, and premium plus support options. The enables our customers to avail of 24/7 support, low response time and a broad range of contact options, including support over the phone, email, online ticket submission, live chat as well as onsite training, depending on business-specific support needs. VIDIZMO also offers a comprehensive set of self-service documentation and help site, which further empowers our customers to resolve any operational issues efficiently while also enabling our on-premises customers to self-install VIDIZMO application in a matter of hours.

By comparison, Kaltura has a reputation for providing poor customer support. Most reviews list their lack of satisfactory customer support as the major con going for the platform, above technology adaptability and ease-of-use. Common issues include lack of responsiveness, lengthy response times, and overall fewer support options. Kaltura reportedly has major inefficiencies in its on-premises deployment and support; in addition to drawn-out on-premises deployment time frames, ranging from several weeks to even months, Kaltura video platform customers have also reported considerable backlogs for reinstallations, customizations and configurations, and long scheduling times for fixtures and upgrades. Additionally, as previously mentioned, customers often must consistently hire expensive and professional Kaltura service agents due to ongoing changes in Kaltura’s technology and their own needs, which only adds to the platform’s already high pricing.


OVP focus vs. OTT focus

A company’s market focus is a key indicator of where it chooses to direct its strategy, investment and innovation.

For more than a decade, VIDIZMO has maintained a dedicated focus on serving the online video platform (OVP) market for enterprise, education, insurance and healthcare customers. With this, we devote our business strategy, product innovation, and investments toward providing leading-edge video solutions for these markets.

Kaltura also targets customers in similar verticals. However, over the last couple of years, their focus has shifted away from the enterprise video to the over-the-top (OTT) television market. Naturally, this shift has directed their investments, innovation and business strategy towards developing their proposition for media companies in the OTT market instead of the enterprise video market. Moreover, the Kaltura was founded as a solution meant for the broadcast and media industry. As such, their focus and vision tilt more in the direction of OTT services and the media industry than enterprise video content management.


Final Thoughts

While both VIDIZMO and Kaltura may operate in similar video markets, they have fundamental differences that can mean a lot for a customer. Kaltura’s video platform requires a great deal of configuration to create basic and custom video solutions. Accordingly, Kaltura’s product licensing also reflects the same level of complexity. The platform’s incompleteness reduces its viability for complex enterprise video use cases without expensive add-ons for availing basic video CMS features that can amount to be greater than what organizations expect. This only adds to the cost uncertainty resulting from the complexities of Kaltura’s pricing and products.

In comparison, VIDIZMO focuses on providing easy-to-use, business-ready video solutions in an integrated video platform with easily calculable, yet flexible licensing model. VIDIZMO’s core video platform is a complete solution with a single yet flexible pricing and licensing costs that includes all necessary video platform capabilities, eliminating the need for expensive feature-by-feature add-on pricing like Kaltura’s. We do this to provide a business-friendly solution that does not require any technical expertise to set up and operate like Kaltura’s video platform, which requires more detailed and extensive IT and technical expertise, and is designed more for media companies and organizations with complex video requirements.

With an open and modular application architecture, VIDIZMO, much like Kaltura, also has the ability to provide easy platform configuration and decentralized control for those who would like to customize the product for their specific business needs without the added complexities of multiple components, complex pricing model, and support to scalability issues.

Unless your organization wants to build and develop a video platform with unpredictable costs and pricing, it makes far more business sense to invest in a platform that provides business-ready video solutions that specifically cater to enterprise video needs in a rapidly evolving market with increasing video use case complexities and challenges. With Kaltura shifting its focus towards the OTT television market, it makes even more sense for organizations such as businesses, educational institutions and insurance agencies to rely on a company like VIDIZMO that continues to innovate and invest in the enterprise video space.

If you have any questions about the VIDIZMO video platform or how we differentiate against Kaltura, take a 30-day free trial explore our platform or contact us to see how we can help provide a complete video content management solution for your enterprise.

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Posted by Zohaib Khan

Zohaib is a Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO - An expert in video streaming and digital evidence management technologies, actively researching and consolidating information regarding innovative features, customer challenges and emerging trends in these domain.

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