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Enterprise Video Platform for Video Learning in Organizations

Here's how an enterprise video platform addresses comprehensive video learning needs of your L&D teams and employees across the organization.

Today’s ‘digital learning’ is not just about applying technological tools or an engaging medium like video to your learning content; in the words of Deloitte’s Josh Bersin, modern organizational learning means “bringing learning to where employees are,” i.e., to make your learning content more easily accessible to your employees, when and where they need it.

In other words, the new era of organizational learning is not just a shift in learning tools; it is a shift towards an employee-centric design and experience. Such a trend then necessitates a focus on an employee’s journey of learning at work, i.e., using tools that seamlessly incorporate learning in the everyday flow of work rather than a one-off approach to learning that does not take into account an employee’s holistic learning journey or experience.

For this, every organization using video for training, learning or development needs an enterprise video platform or a video learning content management system (LCMS) to capture, stream, store, manage and distribute your learning video content across different organizational units from a consolidated platform. An enterprise video platform provides your employees easy access to all learning video as well as non-video assets in a YouTube-like platform that is not only highly accessible but also seamlessly integrated with your learning management system and well as other line-of-business applications like your other CMS, CRM, video conferencing tools, etc.

An enterprise video platform helps you provide your employees a continuous, blended, interactive, and socially collaborative learning experience in a single platform that addresses all digital learning needs in a comprehensive manner. Not only this, an enterprise video platform enables you to provide a platform conducive to just-in-time learning and micro as well as macro learning, depending on what is required.

An enterprise video platform also facilitates scenarios such as highly engaged learning through live-streamed sessions disseminated to a wide audience in real time along with on-demand learning video content available to learners anywhere, anytime, through any device, browser or bandwidth conditions.

Additionally, an enterprise video platform provides powerful search capabilities, so your employees can locate any video in a matter of seconds. It does this by supporting search across the platform as well as an in-video search so you can search for specific portions or moments within the video based on the discussed topics or spoken words and on-screen text. While a poor search can render your learning content inaccessible, a powerful search can boost its usefulness and precision to fulfill any employee learning needs in a matter of seconds just like Google or YouTube.

VIDIZMO enterprise video platform and LCMS

VIDIZMO is a streaming video solution that provides a comprehensive enterprise video platform and learning content management system to fulfill end-to-end needs for video capture, streaming, indexing, search, processing, management, distribution, and more.

In a simple, easy-to-use YouTube-like interface, VIDIZMO provides a highly accessible, interactive, and engaging enterprise video learning platform that all your employees can use for video-based personal learning or even organizational training or development tasks. Your employees can access all video for learning from any device, browser, or player.Why video streaming is vital to engage your millennial workforce

For L&D teams, VIDIZMO allows you to:

  • Record or live stream videos for any organizational learning, including employee training and onboarding, product knowledge videos, how-to videos, educational webinars, sales and marketing presentations, industry best practice videos, etc.
  • Break down longer training videos in shorter micro learning content for people to return to quickly recap specific topics/ concepts, use them for specific problem solving or simply review video summaries to refresh their memory on prior learnings.
  • Document industrial knowledge from retiring/ outgoing employees or subject matter experts across the company to preserve employee knowledge and prevent brain drain from your organization.
  • Incorporate interactive learning elements like quizzes, surveys and polls within learning videos to increase user engagement and participation to promote active engagement instead of passive viewing.
  • Use detailed platform analytics to track user-level engagement, overall viewing trends, video completion rates/ drop-off rates, learning scores or quiz performance, and much more – all of which helps L&D teams gauge employee response to different types of videos and improve content based on prevailing trends.
  • Share and disseminate learning content via VIDIZMO through single sign-on access for all employees across the organization as well as secure external user access for partners or customers through secure platform access.
  • Facilitate users with unique and powerful search capabilities that allow search inside video content for any spoken words in the video or onscreen text appears during a video.
  • Provide automatic transcription and subtitles for all videos using artificially intelligent speech recognition technology so that each video is supported with onscreen closed captions as well as an editable transcription file. Additionally, VIDIZMO offers the capability to transcribe videos in a range of foreign languages, store and manage video in different languages, and show transcription in different languages.
  • Enable seamless integration with any existing business applications such as your learning management system, CMS or CRM.
  • Automatically capture and upload all video conferencing recordings from Skype, WebEx, Go-to-Meeting, etc. to VIDIZMO to help utilize any online meetings or presentation for learning purposes.
  • Grant completion certificates for completed courses by using sophisticated analytics to ensure that all required learning videos are watched from beginning to end or up to the required length.
  • Provide powerful integration between VIDIZMO and your LMS to enable a blended learning experience that leverages capabilities of both platforms to optimize learning outcomes for the learner (discussed in detail later).
  • Enable new and innovative video technologies like object recognition or character recognition to attain more insights from the video such as locating speaker faces in video or recognizing text displayed in videos or flagging videos with certain words.

For your employees, VIDIZMO allows them to:

  • Increase instances of collaborative learning by providing teams a platform to record and upload employee-generated content for peer learning and social learning.
  • Promote knowledge sharing among themselves to increase instances of peer learning, which is often preferred by millennials as opposed to top-down hierarchical training or learning scenarios.
  • Access the platform for any day-to-day or one-off learning needs in a simple and easy-to-use YouTube-like interface that your employees are already accustomed to using in their daily lives for various learning and knowledge sharing activities.
  • Search for videos across the library and as well as inside video content in a quick and efficient Google-like search.
  • Receive video suggestions based on related content, past activity, recommended videos, or video liked by peers. Additionally, a robust integration between VIDIZMO and your LMS can help provide suitable video suggestion based on user profile, interest, etc.
  • Gain quick, easy and convenient access to all learning video content in one platform using the same login credentials as all other business applications by using single sign-on to avoid a new set of usernames and passwords.
  • Use VIDIZMO’s video platform from any device, browser or player of their choice; VIDIZMO also promotes BYOD or ‘bring your own device’ culture across the organization, as all learning media is available for viewing from any user device.
  • Operate in a white-labeled video platform customized your organization’s branding guidelines, so it does not stick out from the corporate digital ecosystem.
  • Access all learning videos from VIDIZMO mobile application available for Android and iOS.
  • Watch both live and on-demand videos in any bandwidth or network conditions as VIDIZMO resolves all video delivery challenges using specialized streaming technologies.

For more on VIDIZMO’s enterprise video platform or how we can help you incorporate video in your organizational learning strategy, contact us today or read our whitepaper, a detailed guide to video for organizational learning and development in 2018.

To explore other video use cases for your organization, read our blog 51 Business Video Use Cases in the Modern Workplace.

Why video streaming is vital to engage your millennial workforce

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