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Why VIDIZMO is the Number One Kaltura Competitor in 2022

This blog compares two online video platforms: Kaltura and one of the Kaltura competitors: VIDIZMO. Check out why VIDIZMO wins the competition when compared with features and scalability.
by Saadiya Munir & Zohaib Khan Updated on May 13, 2022

Video content is attractively engaging and easy to watch. More importantly, videos can convey an incredible amount of information in a digestible format to a larger audience.

From corporate communications to training & learning, organizations increasingly recognize and adapt video for their operations. It makes choosing the right video content management system more critical.

This blog compares two online video platforms: Kaltura and one of the Kaltura competitors: VIDIZMO.

Before going into details of Kaltura alternatives, Kaltura pricing & platform overview, let’s start with how you can take advantage of the power of video content.

Empowering Video Content with Video Streaming Platforms

We all know the importance of video content in today’s digital world. Online video content demand is exploding. On average, 60% of the overall consumers consume video content online over TV.

According to Google's report, by 2025, half of the viewers under the age of 32 will not subscribe to a pay-TV service.

Video content can be live videos, vlogs, GIFs, employee training, customer testimonials, recorded work meetings, & webinars. To effectively integrate video into your life & work, you first need to figure out where you’ll be hosting, managing & publishing your video content.

For hosting video content, there are many third-party video streaming platforms available that are easy-to-use & provide you with many features as per your requirements.

If you’re looking for a free & least complex platform, you can opt for Facebook Live or YouTube to market your videos publicly.

If you’re a large organization looking for your own video portal to host & stream videos internally & externally, you can go for an enterprise solution like VIDIZMO.

Using platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, or YouTube have a few drawbacks for many organizations and broadcasters who want data security & more control over who can view. For example:

  • Agreeing to the licensing agreements & losing control of your content
  • Not able to control viewership
  • Not able to manage the record for recorded video meetings
  • Absence of technical support
  • Attachments to random advertising
  • Not-so-related related videos & suggestions
  • No interactive features

All these & more problems can be solved if you use a professional video hosting & streaming platform. Your content remains under your license. Only allowed users can access it. You can have your own dedicated YouTube-like video portal, which won’t have any ads.

Organizations can increase the watch-time of their work meeting videos, training sessions, & other video content as well.

Now, let’s look at Kaltura first, a video hosting service founded in 2006. Then, we’ll compare the two video management platforms, Kaltura & VIDIZMO (one of the Kaltura competitors), in more detail.

Kaltura vs. VIDIZMO - Platform Comparison

Kaltura – Platform Overview

One of the well-known names in video hosting services is Kaltura. This video platform offers a range of video-related products & services, including OTT video services for media companies, educational video platforms for educational institutions, and Kaltura Management Console (KMC) for ingesting, managing & publishing & distributing media.

Kaltura comes in two structures. The KMC facilitating backend itself is open-source, meaning broadcasters can deploy it to their own servers for nothing. This choice is great for heavy clients. Those with the specialized insight and equipment can deploy Kaltura at the expense of labor. They can also modify the platform themselves.

Kaltura also offers a completely facilitated cloud video option for the people who can’t stand to deploy their own solution. This KMC execution is significantly more expensive. For clients who need to work around video APIs and custom work processes, the VPaaS system is great. This approach stays away from technical debt issues and progressing regulatory expenses. It's one of the main reasons people look for Kaltura competitors. 

Kaltura Pricing:

Video hosting and streaming through Kaltura VPaaS is mostly sold involving a pay-more only as costs arise model. Kaltura KMC is generally focused on larger organizations and foundations. Plans start at $1000 each month, and they increment from that point. Most Kaltura pricing plans include custom pricing. This approach requires a discussion with its outreach group.

Kaltura Ideal Users:

Kaltura mainly targets the media industry & large educational institutions. It’s suitable for users who have technical backgrounds & have specific needs.

Not ideal for organizations who are looking for a simple-to-use video content management system with high-security concerns.

Kaltura’s Weak Points:

  • Fragmented platform,
  • Unpredictable pricing,
  • Weak customer support,
  • Lack of deployment flexibility.

Kaltura Competitors: VIDIZMO

vidizmo vs kaltura-01

Explore All Features

VIDIZMO – Platform Overview:

VIDIZMO was founded in 2009 as an enterprise video streaming & content management system. It’s flexible and reliable for various verticals and use cases, such as enterprise communications, education, training, marketing & sales, remote working, virtual events and knowledge management.

VIDIZMO is currently offering two main categories of products. EVCM – an Enterprise Video Content Management System, DEMS – Digital Evidence Management System.

In this blog, we’ll be focusing more on VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, an EVCM, as one of the Kaltura competitors.

This secure YouTube-like video portal offers much ease in the user interface, security options like no one else, access management, artificial intelligence & fast delivery of video content.

VIDIZMO is a complete, robust and reliable video platform dedicated to your organizational functions & needs.

Why VIDIZMO is the Best Kaltura Alternatives

At a glance, VIDIZMO and Kaltura seem like they offer similar capabilities for storing, managing and sharing video content. Both solutions are popular with enterprises and are recognized by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM).


However, specific crucial differences between the two solutions can affect your organization’s ability to effectively meet your goals, specifically solution completeness and readiness for business users, pricing and licensing costs, deployment flexibility, customer support, and industry focus.

Kaltura vs. VIDIZMO

There are many reasons why VIDIZMO is considered one of the best Kaltura competitors. Here's a detailed comparison:

  1. A Complete & Ready Video Streaming Solution

    In addition to providing custom solutions, VIDIZMO also offers cookie-cutter products defined for use cases that allow organizations to instantly deploy and start using the platform, with minor customizations if necessary. With unlimited video streaming and content management products and solutions, even the newest or most casual user with little or no technical expertise can quickly start using the platform within minutes.

    On the other hand, Kaltura provides heavily fragmented solutions; with more than 15 different products listed on their website, deploying a complete video platform from Kaltura requires detailed technical and business coordination.

    Each customer needs to entail their requirements in detail and craft the final solution from scratch by combining multiple products.

  2. More excellent Value at Minimal Pricing

    Kaltura’s pricing plans for an introductory video CMS for organizational use cases start at $1000 or more per month.

    In contrast, VIDIZMO provides a reliable video content management system with the most necessary features for different use cases with pricing as low as $500 or less per month. Kaltura’s pricing model is heavily fragmented as well.

    View Pricing
  3. Features Supported

    Moreover, certain functionalities provided by VIDIZMO, such as optical character recognition (OCR), facial recognition, voice recognition, and object recognition through artificial intelligence (AI), are not supported by Kaltura.

    The basic capabilities provided in Kaltura’s video platform can be heavily lacking with several features such as video portals, search, mobile streaming, integrations, etc., requiring multiple Kaltura licenses with costs dependent on a complex pricing model.

    Moreover, customers have to rely on professional Kaltura service agents who are expensive and ongoing necessities as Kaltura’s products and customer needs evolve.

  4. A Video Content Management System for All Users

    VIDIZMO offers an integrated yet flexible video platform that is ideal for both technical and non-technical users. With all basic video platform capabilities built out of the box, anyone can start using VIDIZMO without any technical knowledge or expertise.

    However, suppose an enterprise IT team wants to configure and customize VIDIZMO to suit their infrastructure or industry compliance needs. In that case, the platform is also modular enough to enable VIDIZMO to offer a robust set of video APIs and HTML widgets that make it easy for a business’ IT to develop or customize the solution as per their needs or preferences.

    Kaltura’s video platform, on the other hand, mainly serves the IT user as it requires technical expertise to set up, install, configure, update and manage the video platform. 

  5. Flexibility and Scalability for Storage & Pricing

    Both Kaltura and VIDIZMO provide flexible deployment options in the cloud, on-premises and hybrid models.

    However, VIDIZMO offers the ultimate flexibility and scalability for control over pricing and storage deployment in a customer’s choice of architecture.

    VIDIZMO offers deployment in any public or private cloud for cloud deployments, be it Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM, or Google, among others.

    VIDIZMO offers the most flexible installation, storage, support, automatic software updates, AI features, and security with the best synchronization with active directory users, groups, forests, and organizational units for on-premise video streaming in the industry.

    In contrast, Kaltura's on-premises deployment is done by their teams only.

    VIDIZMO on-premise deployment can be completed in 4 hours, the fastest on-premise deployment time in the industry.VIDIZMO Cloud Deployment: Kaltura Competitors

    Learn More About VIDIZMO Cloud Video Platform

    For hybrid deployments, VIDIZMO allows the greatest flexibility to mix cloud and on-premises storage, CDN, encoding profiles, and even multiple SSO sources with different portals in any combination - all while facilitating highly efficient hybrid deployments in terms of pricing, support, upgrades and updates.

    In contrast, Kaltura’s data centers need many hardware investments and provide only a limited amount of scalability. Several of Kaltura’s customers have reported dissatisfaction with the platform for its unreliability in keeping up with the changing and evolving business environment. This is also one of the reasons customers shift to different Kaltura competitors. 

  6. Reliable 24/7 Customer Support

    VIDIZMO implements a customer-first business policy to provide the highest customer orientation and support efficiency. We offer a tier-based support model with standard, premium, and premium plus support options.

    It enables our customers to avail support with low response time and a broad range of contact options, including support over the phone, email, online ticket submission, live chat, and onsite training, depending on business-specific support needs.VIDIZMO Customer Support: Kaltura Competitors

    VIDIZMO also offers a comprehensive set of self-service documentation and a help site, which further empowers our customers to resolve any operational issues efficiently while also enabling our on-premises customers to self-install the VIDIZMO application in a matter of hours.

    By comparison, Kaltura has a reputation for providing poor customer support. Most reviews list their lack of adequate customer support. Common issues include lack of responsiveness, lengthy response times, and overall fewer support options.

    Kaltura reportedly has major inefficiencies in its on-premises deployment and support. A few customers have also reported considerable backlogs for reinstallations, customizations and configurations, and long scheduling times for fixtures and upgrades. 

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  7. OVP Focus vs. OTT Focus

    A company’s market focus is a key indicator of where it chooses to direct its strategy, investment and innovation. For over a decade, VIDIZMO has focused on serving the online video platform (OVP) market for enterprise, education, insurance, and healthcare customers. Kaltura also targets customers in similar verticals. However, their focus has shifted from enterprise video to the over-the-top (OTT) television market over the years.

    Naturally, this shift has directed their investments, innovation and business strategy towards developing their proposition for media companies in the OTT market instead of the enterprise video market.

    Moreover, the Kaltura was founded as a solution for the broadcast and media industry. Their focus and vision tilt more in the direction of OTT services and the media industry than enterprise video content management.

Another Kaltura competitor is Dacast. We have got a detailed blog on Dacast alternatives & comparisons to help you make the right decision. 

Final Thoughts

While both VIDIZMO and Kaltura may operate in similar video markets, they have fundamental differences that can mean a lot to a customer.

Kaltura’s video platform requires a great deal of configuration to create essential and custom video solutions. VIDIZMO focuses on providing easy-to-use, business-ready video solutions in an integrated video platform with an easily calculable yet flexible licensing model.

VIDIZMO’s core video platform is a complete solution with single yet flexible pricing and licensing costs that include all necessary video platform capabilities, eliminating the need for expensive feature-by-feature add-on pricing like Kaltura’s.

If you have any questions about the VIDIZMO video platform or how VIDIZMO takes the top position in Kaltura competitors, you can take a 7-day free trial to explore our platform.

Or you can contact us to see how we can help provide a complete video content management solution for your enterprise.

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Posted by Saadiya Munir & Zohaib Khan

This article has been written by Saadiya Munir & Zohaib Khan for VIDIZMO which provides a Gartner-recognized enterprise video content management system and an IDC MarketScape-recognized digital evidence management system to stream live/on-demand media to both internal and external audiences, on-premise, Azure or AWS cloud.

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